X10 Pro 2000 Wireless Security System, 7 Piece Kit
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Product Description

The X10 Pro 20000 Monitored Security System is built around a Security Console with a digital communicator that connects to a professional digital monitoring station in the event of a break in. Battery powered RF Door/Window Sensors and Motion Detectors are used to trigger the alarm, with RF handheld and keychain remote controls for arming and disarming. All sensors and remotes incorporate random digital security coding. COMFORT, CONVENIENCE AND SECURITY, WITH X10: Security. Nothing is more important than the security of you and your family. X10 Pro manufactures home automation products using X10 powerline carrier and wireless technologies. Now you can have complete automated control of lights and appliances from anywhere in your home with X10 Pro.

  • Includes: Main Console, 2 door/window sensors, PIR motion sensor, handheld remote, keychain remote and lamp module
  • Fully supervised
  • Open 4+2 data format
  • Line seizure
  • Up to 16 Wireless sensors; plus up to 16 Wireless remotes