Code Encryptor II RF Kit
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ACCESS TO HOME, GARAGE DOOR AND POLICE WITH ONE KEYCHAIN REMOTE! CODE ENCRYPTOR II RF KIT This wireless remote receiver system uses NO ZONES! It hooks up directly to the data bus of your Napco Gemini System or Caddx system, and other systems too! All you do is connect the red, black, yellow and green wires to the panel (just like hooking up a keypad), enter the user code, and you are finished! Your security is ensured because the transmitter sends out one of 4 billion possible codes, randomly changing the code every time you press the button. Also, every time you open or close the garage door, the Code Encryptor II provides a 3 minute timed output signal that can illuminate porch lighting or some type of entry and exit lighting (requires XPPSC01 PowerFlash module). Each Code Encryptor II Kit contains the wireless receiver, 2 3-button remotes, and the LED Status Light Indicator