HAI Omni PC Access Programming Software, for End Users
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Product Description

Convenient way to program the automation system. Make setting up, programming and monitoring your OmniLT, Omni II or OmniPro II automation controllers easier than ever with HAI PC Access software. Designed for Windows-based computers, PC Access can be connected to the controller directly via RS-232 or remotely, using the PC's modem. Once set it up, it allows fast and convenient setup of all names, voice, automation program, security codes and many other configuration items. Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software. This version is optional for system end users, offering a convenient way to program the automation system and most other features. It has all capabilities of the professional model, except for certain system items that should only be changed by qualified installers. The professional version of PC Access for Professional Installers is also available. Through its comprehensive status pages, PC Access shows the present status of all system components, including door and window sensors, lights, appliances, thermostats, expanders and more. Plus a command section allows complete remote control using the computer. You'll even be able to display an event log. And thanks to HAI's Advanced Control Programming, setting up your system is easier than ever. It even offers new features to cut/copy/paste groups of programs between files, as well as a new search feature to find a particular group of programs in the program list. Additionally, PC Access stores the complete setup of the controller on the computer's hard drive for backup purposes, so you won't lose your programming. Please note: Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software.

  • PC Access allows you to set up, program, and monitor a home control system over a modem or by a serial or network connection.
  • PC Access is the only software product HAI offers that has the ability to program an HAI home control system.
  • Registered users receive free updates.
  • Completely redesigned with a contemporary look and feel.
  • This software package will run under the Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista (Version 2.14+) operating systems.