Shure VP64AL Omnidirectional Handheld Microphone
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Product Description

The VP64AL is the extended handle length version of the VP64A,a high-output omnidirectional handheld dynamic microphone designed for professional audio and video production. It combines exceptional performance and comfortable feel with a handsome on-camera appearance. The VP64AL is well-suited to location interviews, sports broadcasting, and other situations where the 244 mm (9-5/8 inch) length is an advantage. The omnidirectional pickup pattern provides uniform pickup on or off axis, eliminating the need for critical microphone positioning. The VP64AL also features a tailored frequency response with an upper midrange presence rise that adds crispness and clarity to speech. The cartridge utilizes a neodymium magnet for higher output and increased signal-to-noise ratio.An internal rubber isolation mount protects the microphone cartridge and minimizes handling noise. A water-resistant mesh grille allows the microphone to be used during the most challenging weather conditions. The supplied windscreen further reduces "pop" and wind noise.

  • Neodymium magnet for increased output and maximized signal-to-noise ratio
  • Tailored frequency response with mid-range presence rise for optimum speech clarity
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern eliminates need for critical microphone positioning
  • Internal isolation mount for low handling noise
  • Water-resistant mesh grille repels water under challenging weather conditions
Customer Reviews:
  • vp 64 al

    yes, got mine From for testing...
    it passes.

    actual freq response on this thing
    is about 50 to 14 k or so... in
    3 db band..

    even this mic, as with most XLR type mics
    you need to get something like the A85 F
    with appropriate cable ( xlr Male to xlr Female
    needed ) to boost output to useable levels.

    it is CLEAR.
    intended really for vocals.. ( interview mic , they say)
    even ifyou shout into it, doesnt seem to break up.
    can be used for vocals or backup vocals also.

    its OMNIdirectional.. well.. a good part of it anyway.

    about 300-600 ohms type..

    if you can get it for about usd 60 or so.. landed
    into your home, TAKE it.

    oh as with most all mics,,,
    Proximity effect on this thing is severe.

    even ifyou use it without a85f,
    do keep at least 8-10 inches AWAY from mic.

    if you use a 85f, then one can use it
    at 12-18 inches away even..
    its more clear that way, less booming
    and other stuff.

    for home studio.. can be used to record vocals too.

    will re test on other
    instruments to check useability
    and report back, one fine day.

    in meantime, enjoying this very decent

    take care and go for it.


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