Ramsey RXD433A RF Wireless Link Receiver Module
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Product Description

Now you can build those special remote control projects in a flash, and have the ultimate in reliability...and security! Unlike other units on the market, these units are crystal controlled for no frequency drift, yet are ultra small and very low power. These wireless RF link boards are perfect for any wireless application- sending data, car alarms, door openers, home security, electronic monitoring...you name it. Monitor a test point or an alarm point on a circuit, and have it alert you remotely, the applications are endless! Encoder/decoder models allow you to program each unit so that they only respond to your set code. Great for encoding sensors or controlling various functions wirelessly - no other processor or computing required! All modules are pre-assembled and tested so you can start your project today! The modules include a programmable dip switch for encoder/decoder settings, and common dual row pin-outs for easy integration into your equipment! Operates at 433 MHz for a reliable signal under all conditions. This is the Receiver/Decoder board. To transmit/encode the signal, you will need our TXE433A transmitter/encoder board. Ramsey Mini-Kits are handy, easy-to-build, easy-to-use functional kits that can be used alone or as building blocks in larger, more complex designs. Mini-kits have been used in projects as simple as blinking name badges or as complex as Radio Astronomy Telescopes. Consider these capable little kits the next time you build.

  • Wireless control receiver with decoder!
  • Ultra small, slightly larger than a quarter
  • Reliable RF control at 433 MHz!
  • Signal is encoded and decoded for security!
  • Factory assembled & tested