Ramsey WTS1C Wireless Trip Sensor Kit
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Product Description

With the popularity of our Laser Trip Sensor we designed the Wireless Trip Sensor for 2003! We combined a very low power sensor along with a powerful UHF transmitter that can send from over 300 feet away. Each transmitter and receiver can be set for their individual code, allowing you to protect various 'zones' and tell you which zone was violated! The source is generally placed near a continuous power source and the remote transmitter can be placed anywhere without running any wires. The transmitter is typically effective for up to 600 feet. The WTS1 will constantly look at the ambient light in the room or area you wish to protect, and sense any blockage of the light. Once that happens, it sends its wireless signal to the matching receiver to alert you! No definitive trip paths and no wires! The sensor/transmitter mounts in a standard piece of 1? PVC pipe (included) for easy and inconspicuous mounting. Being battery powered, there are no wires or plugs attached. The receiver includes a visible LED alarm as well as a built in audible alarm. Once tripped, the alarm remains on until it is reset by the front panel reset switch. Transmitter and receiver work at 433MHz and are designed around our proven RF modules. Receiver includes a built in wire whip antenna and the attractive black custom case set shown. The transmitter operates on four AA batteries (not included) and the receiver runs on 9-15 Volts DC, or our AC125 power adapter (optional). Case size 5 W x 1? H x 5? D.

  • Remotely detect motion!
  • Our popular Trip Sensor...NOW WIRELESS!
  • Remote sensing up to 300' away
  • Provides both audible and visual alarms
  • Electronic kit, assembly required