Canon PIXMA iP90 Photo Inkjet Printer (9466A001)
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Product Description

Rugged, powerful and portable, the Canon Pixma iP90 Photo Printer delivers exceptional performance at home or on the road. This compact printer can produce up to 16 ppm in black and up to 12 ppm in color, while achieving a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 color dpi. Canon Full-photo lithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) uses a high-performance 1,088-nozzle print head that ejects precise and consistent droplets as small as 2 picoliters with remarkable accuracy. Your results: impressive resolution and dramatic detail on graphics and photos, wherever you're printing from. In a hotel room or a home office, the iP90 printer goes practically anywhere, yielding superb output on all your projects. Reports and memos will look clean and professional with bold, crisp text. Using the included Canon Easy-WebPrint3 software, Web pages are automatically formatted, so they'll print properly with full color and without trimming off the right-hand margin. You can also produce 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 8.5 x 11 in. borderless prints, with stunning edge-to-edge quality and razor-sharp detail. In only about 51 seconds1 you can print a 4" x 6" photo with the look and feel of a traditional photograph. And for convenience, you can connect any PictBridge compatible digital camera or DV camcorder directly to the iP90 printer and print photos - No PC required! Wireless printing capable from select devices Long lasting edge-to-edge borderless photos (4 x 6, 5 x 7 & 8.5 x 11 in.)

  • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 optimized dpi color, 600 x 600 dpi black
  • Up to 12 ppm color print speed, 16 ppm black
  • PictBridge support for direct-from-camera photo printing
  • Wireless printing with IrDA and optional Bluetooth
  • USB interface, PC and Mac compatible
Customer Reviews:
  • Completely Unreliable
    This is the worst piece of junk I've ever had. The first printer failed right out of the box. I've had the second one for about 6 months, and it has now failed - some obscure error message about updating the firmware that I can't find a solution for. I don't have time to fiddle with equipment - I need to turn it on and have it work. Never Again!!...more info
  • Works great, until it dies early!
    Worked great for about a month - now the cyan print head has died. Ive run the cleaning commands, replaced ink tanks, even tried manually inspecting and cleaning the head itself as a last resort - no good, Cyan is completely dead.

    I hope it at least lasts as a B&W printer.

    Funny, the number of 5-star reviews for this product (one of the reasons I bought it!) when I see every single recent review is a 1-star horror story now. Makes me wonder how many of those 5-star reviews were early fakes by Canon reps when the product was first released.

    Buy something else - and not from Canon, companies need to suffer for their mistakes if we expect them to ever start caring....more info
  • Excellent Printer
    I bought this printer two years ago in Iraq. If that environment and travel didn't hurt this printer, than nothing can. It has worked great ever since, and is really compact and prints wonderful pictures on photo paper. I would highly recommend this printer, and thanks go out to Amazon for shipping this to Iraq for me. Yeah Amazon :-)...more info
  • Great little printer
    My son travel a lot and uses the heck out of this little gem. Small and compact enough not to be a bother but large enough to do a great job....more info
  • Canon iP90 Printer
    This printer is perfect for traveling, easy to use, good quality print.
    Downside is that ink cartridges are not as easily available as I would like....more info
  • Great for portability, that's it
    it's great for on the go printing, but that's it. The photo quality is poor (especially if you're using PhotoShop, Windows, or other non-Canon printing). My print head just died after 6 months. Not at all impressed with it except the size (it works perfectly with my laptop and I was able to pack it in an attache case to travel). I am very disappointed with this product....more info
  • Road Warrior's Opinion
    I travel 40 to 45 weeks a year and of the six portable printers that I have carried with me over the past 20+ years, this is my favorite. It is the fastest and has the sharpest print. The drivers loaded effortlessly. I have the bluetooth adapter and the battery pack. I use this printer with a Toshiba Satelite laptop and everything worked perfectly from the start. Unlike numerous comments that I have read, I am quite pleased with the amount of printing that can get from the small ink cartridtes. I refill my own printer cartridges, which makes my cost about $.50 per black cartridge reill. I have only refilled my color cartridge once and estimate the cost to refill it at about $1.00. It only takes about a five minutes to have the cartridge refilled and back in the printer and have my ink back in my audit bag. I do not print photos but the color on my reports and schedules is very sharp and crisp and adds significantly to their impact. I highly recommend this printer for anyone who wants to carry a printer when they travel....more info
  • PIXMA Printer
    The printer works fine a s a truly portable device. I had difficulty loading the drivers on my laptop. The printer does not come with USB cables. You need tha cable unless you plan on using infared. I use the printer for letters and memos not photoes. The print quality is good....more info
  • I Like it
    Image is sharp and color is good. I like this model because in addition to 4x6 photos, I can print 8x11 documents. The printer fits in my laptop bag and goes with me whenever I travel. It's only been a couple of weeks, but so far so good. I give the PIXMA iP90 an excellent review....more info
  • Canon iP90 portable printer
    As a person who travels considerable for both work and pleasure there are often times when I need a small light weight printer and the Canon iP90 more than fills the bill. Easy to setup and run it is also easy to load both cartiedges and gives EXCELLENT color and black print display. Also for pictures, both received and those downloaded from a camera this is an excellent printer. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great little printer!
    This printer is so cool! I have the external battery and bluetooth adapter hooked up to it. My HP laptop recognizes the printer every time. Data transmission via the bluetooth is fast, and printing is suprisingly fast for a printer of this size.

    I purchased it mainly for printing out invoices and other documents on location, so I haven't had a chance to do any color printing.

    The printer's a bit pricey, especially when you add the extras, but for the compact size, I think it's worth it!...more info
  • Nice little portable
    Compact, fast and portable. The optional Bluetooth is a nice feature. Could benefit greatly from being USB powered like their LiDE scanners....more info
  • Pixma i90 Photo Inkjet Printer is great!!
    I really enjoy how convenient this product is. Literally plug in your camera, and push the print button on the camera, and you have pictures. Easy to work with the computer too....more info
  • Love it!
    I am in love with the size of this printer. Not to mention it moves a lot faster than my outdated hp photosmart printer. The only problem is the ink tank is so small, you might have to replace often. I haven't replaced mine yet, I've printed about 40 pages but others have said they have had to replace at 50 pages. Other than that, this little printer is a marvel and offers lots of options....more info
  • Canon Pixma Photo Inkjet Printer iP90
    I use for documents. Excellent. Looks like quality of laser printer. Compact and fits in my briefcase along with my laptop. Initially, I recommend extra Canon BCI 15 (black), and Canon BCI 16 (color) print cartridges as they are very small as well as expensive. Costco may have a variety of this cartridge that is cheaper. I have used for several weeks so I won't comment on the long term performance of this printer....more info
  • Fabulous little travel printer
    I purchased this for a 19-day business trip so I could print boarding passes and maps and other business docs, and it has been a champ. It's VERY fast and even in "draft" mode it prints very well. It was easy to set up for my PC -- even easier than the instructions indicated (I didn't follow those, as they seemed out of date, and instead I simply plugged it in and the PC went through it's plug and play steps and found the right driver).
    I have not printed any photos with it.
    I would say the only drawback is that as small as it is, it does weigh several pounds and I had to bring my larger suitcase. And, carrying paper also adds weight, so my suitcase regularly hit or slightly exceeded the 50# limit. But I should have packed lighter :), and will next time.
    This little printer does a better job than my HP deskjet 952C (which I should replace anyhow)....more info
  • Goes through ink cartridges like there's no tomorrow
    The ink cartridges are very small. As a result, they run out very very quickly, and need almost constant replacement. I've had to replace the b&w and color cartridges practically every month, and I don't even do that much printing.

    Anyway, just something to keep in mind. It's tiny. It works great. But it's pricey, and you'll be buying tiny (and expensive) replacement ink cartridges often.

    ...more info
  • "Looks Count"
    I wanted a small, good-looking printer for my glass desk in my kitchen. The Canon PIXMA iP90 Photo Inkjet Printer looks great and works perfectly....more info
    Oh yes! This is one fast and fit printer to have when you are on a trip. I traveled to several states this summer and used it in every hotel/motel I was in. It took up virtually little space and was as compact as can be, with the top opening to accommodate sheets of paper and a snap-open bottom (front of printer) that lets them spew out when printed to. Colors were quite good. Price is competitive. This is exactly what I've been looking for!...more info
  • Canon Portable Printer
    Prints well. Prints fast. Very impressive. It does what it is advertised to do....more info
  • iP90 makes old lady happy
    CANON Pixma iP90 Photo Printer for 4 x 6 to Legal Size Am a senior citizen and have wanted a portable printer for a long time as we motor home and have a small camp. This suit me to a T. It is a great little printer, has small ink cartridges which are economical for me as my old printer cartridges were large and dried up long before they could be used up. My "computer geek" son is very impressed with it, also. Thank you Canon. You did a great job with this one. ...more info
  • Review for the Canon PIXMA iP90 injet printer
    We love this printer. It has great quality and is very light. It is portible so it can fit right into your lap top bag. The ink is also very affordable to replace or have filled....more info
  • Excellent portable business printer
    I have not been disappointed with this printer. All of the other reviews help to make an informed decision. I just wish for bigger ink supplies but that is what makes it so small. I am able to get both my laptop and printer into my travel briefcase (a "standard" size) but the weight (or I am getting weaker) is starting to GROW! Too much "stuff"...more info
  • Good stuff
    Print out very nice result. Totally portable, easy to set up, & reasonal price. Recommend to buy....more info
  • Another nice Canon portable printer
    I've owned 3 Canon portable printers over a span of about 17 years, a BJ-10e, a BJC-85, and now the iP90. I've always found the Canon printers to produce better quality prints and to be easier to haul about than the models from the competition. The iP90 doesn't disappoint in these 2 criteria. The iP90 does continue, however, the trend of ever-decreasing ink tank size. The BJ-10e had a monstrous black tank. The BJC-85 had an OK sized black only tank and a ridiculously tiny black tank paired with a small color tank (2 print heads that you swapped). The iP90 has the black/color combo setup but does not seem to have a black-only option. I swear that the ink tanks on the iP90 are smaller than on the BJC-85. I do not understand why we cannot have portable printers with really useful sized ink tanks ... that you can find. I live in a large city and I have found only one chain office supply store where I can get the Canon 15 (black) and 16 (color) tanks. Regardless, the iP90 is a nice printer -- but carry spare ink tanks....more info
  • Canon Pixma Printer
    I was looking for something small, sleek, portable and high quality and this is the perfect printer for that. Its very light weight and very simple and easy to use. Fold up the top cover and just put the paper/photos in. The picture quality is excellent and the photos turn out beautiful. The only complaint is some pricey extras. Print anywhere with this one, cell phone, airplane, on the go. Its very easy to use and perfect for the person who wants a small portable printer to take on the road/travel. Highly Recommended....more info
  • A sturdy, compact terrific little performer!
    I spent nearly a year and a half traveling weekly in my last job and after many frustrations trying to use hotel business centers for printing, found and purchased this printer. I have been thrilled with its convenience, performance and quality output. Because it folds up into a compact package and is sturdy, it travels well. Now that I'm on to a different adventure, I'm purchasing another iP90 for my personal use. It was a bonus for me to discover how well it prints photos - a feature I had no use for in the business applications I was previously using. Word of advice: because the ink cartridges are so small I'd advise keeping spares on hand. ...more info
  • Great portable printer
    I love the size of this printer, it is very portable and it works great....more info
  • Perfect for my needs
    Uses ink quicker than I'd prefer, but fits my needs to the T! Light weight, completely portable and quick printing....more info
  • Great Little Printer
    I purchased this printer based on the positive reviews. It does a great job. I print mainly photos and every once and awhile a web page. It doesn't seem to format to web pages very well. But will continue trying. I really wanted it for photos which print great for my uses. It is small enough to fit in most cases when on the road or vacation. That way printing can be done right there instead of waiting to get home to see those great shots!! ...more info
  • No USB cables included
    Frustrating if you're setting it up only to find that it is missing the needed cables!...more info
  • Pixma IP90
    Great portable printer, to take anywhere, or just use on the kitchen table. We bought it to take camping with us. It's small and light, and prints beautifully....more info
  • Not as good as my BJ85
    For a portable printer it is great, but not as good as my BJ85 which finally gave out after 8 years. This one, which in my opinion is constructed of lesser quality plastic, doesn't appear as hardy as the BJ85 was and shakes my desk when it is printing. Appears to be slower too. I haven't had it long enough to give it a rating of 5 and am not sure whether I'd ever do so. I think, however, that it was well worth its price....more info
  • ctpm
    This is a great little printer for my laptop computer. I can take anywhere and I am able to print off my laptop....more info
  • Great at home and travel
    This printer gives excellent b&w and color print-outs. It fits easily in a regular-size computer bag or suitcase, thus taking less space at my desk than a pack of paper . There are infrequent mechanical problems and outstanding tech support. ...more info
  • Words of praise
    This printer is what I've been looking for. I use it at my office, and its perfect for the amount of paperwork I do in a days time....more info
  • Great Printer
    I bought this printer to travel with. It could easily be your main printer. It closes up and fits nicely into a briefcase with your computer and isn't too heavy. It prints fast and I am impressed with the quality. I have had no problems with paper jams. The ink tanks don't seem to last too long but they are only about $7-8 each so it won't break you to replace them. I would HIGHLY recommend this printer if you are looking for something to travel with or if space on your desk is an issue....more info
  • pleasantly surprised
    I had doubts about a portable printer, but am very satisfied with the
    performance of this Cannon photo printer....more info
  • Very handy, but how is reliability?
    Hats off to Canon for creating a truly portable printing system. As a real estate agent, I was looking for an absolute "cordless" set-up at my open houses. No power cords, no printer cords, no network cords. The bluetooth adapter and battery pack are obviously required to make this happen. But I have been able to achieve this setup quite nicely with a Mac PowerBook and the iP90.

    So far, the iP90 has worked pretty well. Print speed over bluetooth is all over the map -- sometimes fast, other times slow. Print quality is decent, adequate for what I need. It certainly won't scare away any 6-tank photo printers, but it's passable.

    Software installs fine, but with previous Canon products some of their decisions mystify me. Let's just suffice it so say they should leave the printer s/w to the PC makers, and just focus on printer hardware.

    My only real concern is how well this printer will hold up under constant transportation. From other posts I have read, it doesn't take much to dislodge a part and render this printer useless. However, that hasn't happened...yet (knock on wood.)

    All in all, if you are looking for a true "cordless" set-up, this will definitely fill the bill. I hope this helps!...more info
  • Canon Pixma iP90 Printer
    This is a great little printer. It is easily carried with you and is truly portable. The printing is excellent. I am very satisfied with this printer....more info
  • beware canon excahnge policy
    I ordered this printer from Adorama through Amazon. The printer did not work and was pronounced defective by Canon tech support. Canon advertises a 30-day exchange policy, but when I asked for an exchange (24 hours after the printer arrived), I was told variously by different customer service reps (including a manager): 1) that Canon has a "new-for-new" exchange policy but I would only be getting a re-manufactured printer because the company stopped making it in 2005: 2) that the policy is "re-manufactured for new" only; and 3) yes, the company still had new printers available, but the returns dept could not pull new printers from the sales division.

    I ended up returning the printer to Adorama, which did refund my purchase (but I had to pay for the return)....more info
  • Excellent Service!!
    The product was shipped and arrived as promised. No problems in ordering, following the order, or delivery. Printer is very versatile and I use it as a travelling printer and it performs well. Photo prints are excellent. ...more info
  • Works great, when it works. Don't expect more than 6 months...
    ... out of this printer. I kept thinking it wouldn't happen again, it's so compact and handy, but I've now been through three of these (one IP80, two IP90s) and I've had enough. They just stop printing one day. No funny noises, no hints that they are getting worn out. And I really don't print that much, either. Today, two pieces of paper went through (very thin, standard paper, not even the thickness of photopaper) and it jammed... a tiny wheel and spring had come loose inside... and that's it. Total of over $700 spent on these printers in the last 2.5 years. Bah. ...more info
  • Thrilled but not fully tested
    So far so good. I love the fact that it is compact and portable, to the extent that the bag I bought will carry the printer, paper, laptop, files, etc. I am hopeful....more info
  • Great item to travel with..
    If you are looking for a compact printer to go with your laptop...then this is it. The only suggestion I would have to improve this printer is to have a LARGE Black and White ink supply instead of the color option.
    I don't need color when I travel and I am just trying to get a hard copy for someone else usually. Otherwise, it is just dandy. ...more info
  • Only lasts 3 months
    I cannot begin to express how frustrated I am with this product. I am now on my 4th, yes 4th, Canon Pixma IP90. Each one has lasted an average of 3 months at the most, and now my 4th printer, which has been operating for about 2 weeks, is starting to act up as well. Unfortunately, this is the only printer that is compatible with the pocket PC we use for outside sales, forcing me to buy this printer time and time again. It looks like I will now be upgrading my PPC's so I can stop wasting my money on this printer. ...more info
  • Great Travel Mate!
    I've used my Canon PIXMA iP90 several times while TDY. It works great, it's small/light and gets the job done. It does use ink up, but for travel it's perfect....more info
  • Works Like a Charm
    Although very slightly larger than I had hoped for, I am more than pleased with my new portable printer. Installation of the software was very easy, and its performance is EXCELLENT. Quality of the printing exceeds expectations....more info
  • pixma
    Handy for our laptops. Prints well. Have it on a separate part of house which it makes it easy to use....more info
  • Great travel printer
    This printer is small, lightweight and easy to take on trips. Helps me plan travel when on the road by using Mapquest and then printing out the route. Also great for checking in early for flights when traveling and printing out boarding passes. People send e-mails and drawings to me when on the road, and I can print them out immediately. Print quality is unbelievable for such a compact unit. Canon support when I had a problem was outstanding....more info
  • Love This Printer
    The Pixsma iP90 fits my travel needs perfectly and it does a great job. It is so compact that it fits in easily with my laptop into my carry-on. The only down side is the small ink-jet cartridges, but you can find them fairly cheap online..otherwise I have no complaints, prints great, reasonable speed, fits my needs to a tee!...more info
  • Canon PIXMA iP90 Photo Inkjet Printer
    Item is just as advertised...very compact for traveling, and the quality is fabulous. Be aware it does not come with the cable....more info
  • Great little item
    We are on vacation in Hawaii although I still need to be able to work. That meant finding a small, light printer that I could take along. This fits the bill perfectly.

    Works great. Nothing fancy but it is great for just printing out pages....more info
  • Nice Printer
    This is the third Pixma iP90 we have bought for our ogranization. We all love it. It is easy to install and use. It's lightwieght portability is a great plus. I have put mine through some marathon printing sessions without a pause and it has held up well. The cartridges are small, but inexpensive. ...more info
  • Nice printer if you want to blow chunks of money...
    I don't usually write reviews, but this printer has made me so mad... I really must say something here. I bought this printer back in November 2006. It died last week.

    Good points: Print quality is excellent. Photos come out nice. Word documents come out clean and professional. This is why I gave it 3 stars--I have to be honest: Your photos will come out looking awesome.

    Bad points: Printer died inexplicably after only 3 months of use. This printer also eats ink like super super fast. My family started giving this printer a nickname: Mr. Pusherman. We had to buy an expensive ink tank cartridge every two weeks. It was absolutely ridiculous, like a crack habit. Canon should have advertised this printer as the printer only rich folks can afford to keep.

    Conclusion: If you have money to burn, buy this printer for the excellent photo print quality. If not, save your money for gas....more info
  • Just what I needed
    This small printer has to be the best investment I have made in years. Portable/easily stored/ dependable/ well built and prints perfect forms and pictures every time. I do not use the battery in that I have a 110V hook-up in my truck which is a mobile office at the job site. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting quality and performance!...more info
  • Great size, but a bit fragile
    I got this nice little printer because I needed to squeeze it into a tight place. It is really tiny--only a few inches thick when closed, and it prints clearly and quickly.

    It is a bit fragile, however. It stopped working suddenly about a month after I got it. The company sent a replacement immediately, and that one's been working fine for months. Customer service was good, and shipping back was pre-paid and easy....more info
  • so far so good!
    ordered it from amazon... came nicely packed... easy to install on my laptop...the only concern is that the ink cartridges are the smallest thing i have ever seen. i have only printed out 1 thing so far, but it was crisp and clean and the color was exactly right. the whole reason i purchased it was for an upcoming trip to florida. I need to work while being there on pleasure and needed something that would travel well. i am a little concerned about the weight. i expected it to be a bit lighter....more info
  • Canon printer
    I've owned a similar printer by Canon and it lasted 10 yrs (BJ-10). The next one lasted about 2 years, but I travel extensively and exposed it to a dusty harsh industrial environment.

    I currently have owned the iP-90 for a year and it performs well without any problems other that when I forget to fluff the paper in the feeder and two sheets are fed thru.

    Several of my clients have seen me use this printer and have purchased one too. It is more expensive than other printers, but the size and quality beat the rest hands down. It easily fits into my computer bag so I always have a good printer on the road....more info
  • Good Printer
    The Canon PIXMA iP90 printer we bought through Amazon was easy to connect, easy to use and does good quality printing. We mostly use it for black and white printing, but the color reproduction is excellent....more info
  • My Printer
    So far I am finding my printer to be great, I haven't had any problems....more info
  • Small Portable Printer
    You won't find another printer this small and portable. At least I couldn't. It works fine but durability is an issue. Mine is well protected in checked luggage yet I am on my third one in four years. I don't use it for photos so can't comment on photo quality but inkjet print quality is fine. Its reasonably fast too....more info
  • Mobile Printer
    The printer has exceded my expectations. It does just what I wanted it to do. Print fine quality pictures and have a mobile footprint....more info
  • Great little printer
    Nice compact printer for one on the road. Optional battery lasts forever between charges. Actually, have only needed to charge it once in over a month now! Unlike the junk HP printers, this one works great. It is a little heavy with the battery attached but small enough to easily carry in laptop bag. This sharp looking printer won't let you down....more info
  • Canon PIXMA iP90 Photo Inkjet Printer
    This is a great printer for someone who wants a very small compact printer that will print good pictures. It is very portable and quiet. I really like this one. The only two problems or negatives are the fact that the battery does not come with it which may disappoint someone who will use this as a strictly portable printer. Secondly, the ink cartridges, which need to be small, really don't last that long so it would be a good idea to have a couple of spares.
    ...more info
  • Great little printer
    This printer is all it claims to be. It is light, portable, fast and produces great printing. I love it and take it with me on trips frequently.
    ...more info
  • Classy little printer
    We are very satisfied with this classy little printer. As a homeschooling family with many opportunities to use a portable, user-friendly printer that prints with quality and speed, this one is just right. I happily recommend it....more info
  • Great compact printer
    This is an excellent, very compact printer. We use it in our motorhome and it takes very little space....more info
  • Failed right out of the box
    OK, so let me start by saying that I am a Canon fan, I shoot with EOS D60 and Pro-1 cameras and ZR10 video, love their stuff. This seems a little different though. Well delivered quickly and looked great when I unpacked it, but first sheet faded quickly towards the bottom and then wouldn't make any mark on the paper at all. On-line help managed to get the black and white working, but they told me I had to take it to my Canon authorized local repair center to get it fixed. They tell me it will be at least 3-4 business days before I'll see it again.

    Shame - it looked cool and the bluetooth worked well.

    Oh and don't buy an extra USB unless you need one, because there is one in the box.

    Very disappointed.

    UPDATE: OK, so got the printer back from the service place this morning and it works fine - great quality printing a color spreadsheet as the first successful page out. They said it was the print head which they cleaned and now works fine ("probably just got dirty on the shelf at Canon"). Either way, it now is doing what I wanted it for, seems to do it well and the Bluetooth is faultless and hidden away inside (nothing to break off or get lost).

    So disappointing start, but redemption through performance and good service network....more info
  • Printer weighs less during shipping
    According to the Product Details on Amazon's Web site at the time I write this, the weight of this product is 9.0 pounds. However, the shipping weight is only 8.0 pounds!!! I guess the printer weighs less when it's being shipped....more info
  • The Great Little Pixma
    This printer was purchased so we could have a portable printer for our laptop. The Pixma has done beautifully; it's great to travel with and is easy to set up and use. The color reproduction seems to be good as well. We are very happy with it....more info
  • Canon PIXMA iP90 Review
    I purchased this product approximately three months ago and have nothing but praise for the quality of it. It is everything that it is advertised to but has one notable exception. The ink runs out fairly quickly. I only use it when doing jobs requiring external (to my office) printing and I've already replaced two black ink cartridges. That is a minor problem, however, given the first rate quality of the print and the product. Highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Superb value
    This little printer is one of the best investments I've ever made. It is light, fast, and does a superb job. Even printing high resolution photographs is first-rate. If I have one criticism it is that the ink cartrridges do not have a larger capacity. But, they are so inexpensive that it is no effort to have many of them in reserve. Great product....more info
    Even though I have used my printer (a Pixma 5000) very lightly, it jams regularly on Canon photo paper and then spills ink everywhere. Today it went into "service error 5700" and it doesn't work any more, even after rebooting it five times.
    I will not buy a Canon printer ever again....more info
  • great portable printer
    I absolutely love this printer. The size is great, portable to use with a laptop while on the go, quick and just an overall great printer. ...more info
  • Canon garbage printer


    I have recently bought a Canon ip90 printer and have NEVER had a worse experience with a priner. This piece of trash makes Epson printers look good.

    Anyone who buys this is wasting their time, money and paper.

    Never again will I buy Canon after this horrible experience....more info
  • Well Pleased
    It appears to be all I expected and will fill my need for a portable printer very well....more info
  • very pleaased
    The unit is compact. reasonably fast and very reliable. I was pleasently surprised to see how well it printed high resolution photos with excellent color. I just bought a second unit...more info
  • Great!
    Photos come out great! And they are fast. It was easy to set up and register. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Bottom Line: It's the BEST
    1. Works like a dream
    2. Software installs quick and easy
    3. Print quality excellent for documents and great for photos
    4. Ink cartridge usage with low level notice is nice one for B/W one for color
    5. Small size is perfect for travel and small workplaces
    6. Speed of printing is surprising
    7. General Comments on Comments:
    It seems that many expect the moon with a small, compact printer like this one. USB cable is a sure connection and no problem when on the move. Too much is said about how it doesn't work with unnecessary bells and whistles like Bluetooth. Why worry...just use the USB. Saftware installed easily and the icons on the desktop pop up just fine. As does the user's manual and set-up guide. Ink cartridges have to be small so printer can be compact. If ink $ is a problem use the cheap compatables. No printer provides all things for all users so you just have to decide what is most important to you in a compact portable printer. If it is fast, great looking color as well as B/W documents from a printer that can fit in your laptop bag then look no further, this is the one for you. For good, fast, clear printing from a neat, compact little printer there is nothing in the market that is better than this one. Though I do not consider this a reason to downgrade my rating, for full portability the battery pack would be a good investment. For me, I just make sure there is someplace where I can plug it in and I am on my way with whatever print job I need done. Buy it, you will like it!...more info
  • printer portiable mobil ip90
    Works hard, pretty quiet, get print quality. We got a deal of $190 incdg shipping. I could not be happier. Thank you!...more info
  • Excellent compact desk printer
    I bought this printer as a compact desk printer. I most frequently print 2-4 page items in color. Mostly mapping/directions, short legal documents, faxes, and forms. I've printed a couple digital photos, but they were taken from compact digital cameras where expectations are moderate. The output on all these items has been great.

    The printer works well and takes up very little space. I use it with a few different laptops, and I used to plug it directly into each one. When plugged directly into a computer the desktop software has a nice ink and paper management tool which alerts you to any important conditions and the ink-level.

    I recently attached it to a Netgear wireless 4-port switch and usb print server. This is a nice way to get remote printing from a bunch of computers without leaving any of them on. However, I've yet to get the nice Canon ink/paper status monitor to work with the netgear print server. I turned on bi-directional support on the netgear LPT device, and that's not enough. If you decide to use a device like this, keep in mind you might loose this printer-status feature in the process.

    I highly recommend the Canon iP90. Just like big brother printers, only smaller....more info
  • Great printer, great price
    Nice, small footprint, even with optional external battery. Good color photos, quick B&W printing. I got it for portability, but it's got full Canon quality....more info
  • umm wow.. Love the printer
    Excellent little printer, fits the bill for a contractor on the road who needs to print his invoices and hand them to customers. very fast, very sleek, price is made up by the convenience...more info
  • Canon Compact photo printer
    Great work Canon. We purchased three of these for our office. We carry them on worksites in the same bag as our laptops. They are small, compact, lightweight and easy to use. Printing of pictures and regualr text comes out perfect!
    We have had no problems!
    We highly recommend to all!!...more info
  • Handy Portable Printer
    I bought this printer as a portable to use with my laptop for real estate transactions "in the field". I find myself using it frequently at home when I need a quick color print.

    I don't use it for photos, so I can't comment on that. For business graphics it is great. Fast, quiet and portable. The only negative I've found is the paper handling is marginal. It often will feed more than one sheet of paper at a time, so it needs attention to get a satisfactory multi-page print job.

    I'm using "compatible" ink cartridges. This saves tons of $$$ and so far seems to work fine. I'd buy this printer again!...more info
  • Canon ip90
    I purchased this printer for it's portability and bluetooth capability to use when I travel by RV. This is the second Canon printer I own, the other an i9900. Both are fast and produce outstaniding results with little or no problems. In brief, I am extremely happy with my new ip90. The only drawback is that when you purchase the battery pack and bluetooth adapter, both being optional, the cost is pretty high (around $400), which is about what my i9900 cost new two years ago. However, I am glad I purchased it because it fits exactly what I bought it for....more info
  • Love my new printer.
    This little printer is simply amazing. It prints very clear and very fast. It is great for traveling so that you can print boarding passes and photos. Shipping by seller was also fast. No complaints from us....more info
  • Great Printer
    I foung the Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer to be very easy to use. Easy to set up and very convenient to carry with my laptop.
    I bought it to go on a weekend where I would need a printer.
    I was very impressed. It worked so good and held up to the amount of printing that I had to do. Very happy with this purchase....more info
  • Great Little Printer
    Recently purchased this small Canon Photo Printer, and it goes well with my Laptop. Fast and a delight to use. However, a USB Cable should be provided, considering Initial Cost....more info
    It is a great little printer compact to fit into a small case, perfect for someone like me that travels often and wants to print photos....more info
  • Excellent travel printer
    I have wanted a small, lightweight travel printer for some time and after reading a number of reviews and researching a number of options I decided to buy the Canon PIXMAiP90 Photo Inkjet Printer. I travel weekly and often need the use of a printer and so the purchase of the Canon seemed timely and has proven to be a wonderful printer. I admit I also purchased the Bluetooth option and the extended batter as well so the total cost of this bundle was right around 400.00. This is a bit pricy but after using the printer dozens of times I have no regrets for purchasing the printer or the wireless and extended battery options. The printer is easy to use, quiet and prints both color and b&w documents quickly and with very very good quality. I printed an 8x11" photo on old color paper from a small image and got very impressive results. B&W documents are crisp and of an excellent quality. What else do you want from a printer. Easy, quiet, quick and sharp quality prints!
    The bluetooth and extended battery options are by no means necessary but I have bluetooth and love that I don't have to carry a bunch of cables and battery charger every time I travel. The extended battery lasts a long long time. I wish I could say exactly how many hours but I have printed at least 300 pages and never had to recharge, even when the printer was not in use for more than a week.
    I carry my laptop and printer in a laptop backpack and even with magazines, ipods, files and the other stuff we carry around the printer feel lightweight and doesn't add a trmendous extra weight to the pack.
    Cartridge use seems adequate and I have yet to replace a cartridge. Installation of them is easy as is the installation of the software.
    I give this printer a 5 star because if has exceeded my expectations of a small, lightweight travel printer, that I also use at home. I would dfeinitely purchase this printer again....more info
  • Handy, little printer
    Very convenient little machine for traveling or emergencies. Probably too expensive (ink cartridge) for everyday use but very simple to use and good printing. I have had no problems at all....more info
  • Little Powerhouse!
    This little printer fits in great with my family's nomadic lifestyle! I was primarily looking for a portable photo-printer, and this just slips into a shoulder bag alongside my camera and 12" laptop. I'm blown away by the quality of prints I can get so quickly and easily at this price, and the text quality is excellent, too. I would have liked to have some accessories included (especially a USB cable!) but the price is right and I can always get the battery and bluetooth-adapter later. I really like everything about this printer, and the fact I can have it with my laptop wherever I go is a huge bonus for me. Oh, and it's quiet! ...more info
  • What others haven't mentioned...
    Although I have become a faithful Canon supporter since buying a CanoScan LIDE60 & Powershot A620 this year, I am a somewhat disappointed that Canon hasn't figured out many of us now prefer wireless connectivity. If you don't mind cables, and you need a traveling printer companion, then fine, buy this printer. From what I gather, there are mixed results from using the additional $70.00+ bluetooth adapter. Don't forget to shop Amazon for another suitcase or backpack for the much needed ink cartridges you will blow through using this portable. Yes this is expected however, if Canon will enter the 21st century and include wifi (built-in, as HP has in many of their inkjets), this would be a awesome printer. Are you listening Canon? So if your looking for wireless (wifi), this is not the printer for you....more info
  • A good printer-
    I have owned several of these canon porable printers and have been happy with them-
    They are easly porable(fits in my laptop case w/ease)
    This new does a bang up job of printing even photos
    Works well right out of the box
    The blue tooth doesn't work so well and was extra
    It could hold more paper, as i often have to reload mid printing
    ...more info
  • Excellent Canon Product
    Very pleased with the features of this Canon mobile printer. Set-up instructions very easy to follow and total time from carton to printing about half hour. An amazing printer for its size. Comprehensive manual included. Light weight compared to laptop. Very satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • Cannon Pixma
    For a portable printer, this one is pretty good. It's faster than I thought it would be.
    I'v had it for a month and only used it twice. The first one I'd received from Amazon was broken, but they sent out a second one pretty quickly.
    All in all, I like it's convenient size for traveling. I had also looked at the HP one which is comprable, but thought this one was better on the whole. It doesn't fit very well in my laptop bag...why can't they just build a printer into the laptops, but that's just wishfull thinking....for now....more info
  • Satisfied customer
    I bought the ip90 to use while traveling, and I've been quite satisfied with the performance. So far I've only used it via IRDA and a USB connection -- I don't have the battery kit, car adapter, nor the Bluetooth adapter, so I can't comment on those. As to the printer itself:

    +++ Prints surprisingly fast; I was really stunned by how quickly it spits out pages.
    +++ Photos look quite good; also better than I expected. I tried out printing directly from a Windows Mobile phone (over IRDA) with one the 10 sheets of photo paper Canon includes with the printer; worked like a charm!
    +++ Great compact size with a reasonable weight... I found one of those "zipper three ring binders" -- where the actual binder rings were removable -- and it makes a great carrying case (since it includes folders for paper!), all for $9.99.
    +++ The printer driver natively supports (manual) duplexing, 2-up/4-up/etc. printing, and otherwise is quite full-featured (these days almost everything I print is 2-up/duplexed -- I just don't want the bulk of all that extra paper); not at all 'crippled' like, say, HP printer drivers are for their super-cheap, kinda-compact printers (e.g., the 35xx family). Granted, for the price you pay for the ip90, this should be the case.

    --- Text printouts aren't really as black as I'd like; closer to a dark gray.
    --- Lines are a little more 'jagged' that what most printers produce these days.
    --- True, the price is expensive, although if you think about it, it's still dirt cheap to what printers cost even just 5 years ago. The pricing of printers in general has become warped since then, with the marketing shifting to selling the mass-market printers for little more than cost and making all the profit on the ink... I suppose that Canon figures that with a portable printer like this, you probably won't really be doing THAT much printing, so they'd better get their profit up front?

    Overall, I'm quite satisfied. This is a solid product, and -- at least from what I've read in reviews -- seems noticeably better than HP's portable entries.
    ...more info
  • Little work horse
    I've owned many Canon machines, all to my delight and this guy is no different. It just works--and has traveled with me to many places, with no problems at all.

    It prints amazingly well for a small guy, easy on the ink (they're also fairly cheap cost wise) and most importantly, it's light and small so it goes everywhere I need to be. A bit expensive, but it's neat--and a life saver at times. ...more info
  • portable printer
    The printer is everything I expected. It prints fast and the quality is very good. It is easy to take down and set up. ...more info
  • Many pros and cons to this printer see below! Tech support is horrible
    Ok where do I begin with this one...


    Price - Very expensive if you want to be mobile with it.

    Printer ($250 plus shipping) along with the optional bluetooth adapter (an additional $80 or so plus shipping), and also the optional battery pack kit (an additional $140 plus shipping). I paid a total of over $500 plus shipping costs for this printer and the accessories to be able to use it wireless.

    Included Software - Didnt auto install and doesnt always work

    I had to call tech support to find out if the disk was bad or what and we ended up going into the disk and manually installing each program which ended up not installing the icons or other little special things.

    Printer/Bluetooth Installation/Setup -

    If you are using a usb connection then you are ok but be warned of the "work arounds" needed and other problems when using the printer strictly with the bluetooth adapter.

    The printer would not install via the bluetooth connection right out of the box. There is no documentation with the printer or bluetooth manual as to where the adapter should be installed either. I had to call tech support to find out where to install the adapter. I had to call twice to tech support in order for someone who would actually take the time out to help with the situation.

    Cannon has a very weird way of a work around to get the bluetooth adapter to work with the printer and computer. First of all you have to figure out which way you want to connect the printer on your computer. Your computer's bluetooth hardware has to be configured to work with Microsofts drivers for the printer to work properly such as giving you ink status and other functions. You only have one way communication under Windows XP SP2 and that is to only print to the machine and nothing else. The other draw back to this configuration is that other devices such as my wireless headset wouldnt work anymore using the microsoft drivers. So, if I wanted both devices to work I had to use the device drivers that came with my computer's bluetooth adapter and I was back to square one with only one way communication to the printer but at least all other wireless devices would work again.

    When I called tech support about this problem they tried to help but didnt know about any such problems even though its all over the internet about people having problems getting the bluetooth to work properly or even at all with their bluetooth adapters that are installed in their pc. One tech even had me uninstall the printers software and upon reboot the computer would not boot up at all. I spent a month trying to reinstall everything back into the pc.

    Setup also requires you to install the printer using a usb connection first and then installing the printer again but with the bluetooth connection therefore installing two different printers. Anytime you need to do something to this printer it has to be connected via usb to do any maintenance on it.

    This printer was a major pain to get up and running.

    Print speed/Quality -

    The printer takes a lot longer to print the same page of text compared to my lexmark x6170 all in one. Also, in between each page there is a default drying time which can be changed to go longer but not turned off completely.


    Mobility - No need for wires or power adapters
    Small - fits in a briefcase or laptop bag easily
    Print Quality - is better than most small compact printers
    Cartridges - are cheap but dont really last that long since they are so small

    Do I recommend the printer you ask...yes i recommend it if you are a mobile person and need to print things on the spot anytime anywhere and are willing to shell out over $500 to do so.

    Once you do get it up and running properly you will not be dissapointed with it.

    ...more info
  • canon i80...
    i have a canon i80 which i think is the previous version of the pixma ip90...a word of warning...i replaced a black ink cartridge that had run out, as black would not print....i use it irregularly, but am in academia so not that any rate, the printer prints NOTHING....and i have had it just over a year....had to pay for a $50 replacement print head which canon is now sending me...with any luck this will fix the problem, but they admitted it could also be a hardware problem...i am very disappointed, as i shelled out $250 for this printer...i, too, was enraptured with this product, but i expected it to last longer than just over a guess is that because the parts of this printer are so small, it should be cleaned via printer utility each week to 2 weeks or it will clog up....which means more ink will be used....why are printers made so shoddily that they constantly clog up and become so useless they have to be about waste both in environment, time and money......more info
  • Highly unreliable and prone to problems.
    This printer is one that Apple features in its retail stores, so I thought it would be nice to put on my wireless network. I should have gotten something better. This printer has the following problems:

    1. Awkward driver installation that requires a restart and includes utilities that don't work.

    2. Default colour profile is really weak on greens and blues. I'm still having trouble getting colours to look right.

    3. Worst of all: three out of four photo printing jobs simply halt halfway through. I've wasted a pile of expensive photo paper on this printer.

    Don't buy this printer. Find something more reliable....more info
  • Have printer will travel
    I needed a light-weight printer to take on-site, along with my laptop. Based upon the reviews I read, I decided to purchase the Canon PIXMA iP90 inkjet printer. I am very pleased with the ease of operation, size and quality of this machine. The ink tends to be a bit pricey, but it is still worth the expense....more info
  • Excelent but LIMITED...
    At first after doing a little research i found that the this printer had the best capabilities to be a wireless printer and that i'll be able to print what i wanted in any situation. And it has surpassed many of what i spected for it.

    Good printing quality, rather fast for such a small printer, very light in weight and has a very slick design (it looks much better than the HP competition), the software that comes with it works fine, i bought the bluetooth add-on with the battery for complete wireless capabilities,overall a very good COMPUTER printer.

    In the previous paragraph you must have noticed i capitalized the word "COMPUTER", and that's were it's short in its capabilities there's no support, printing system or driver for PDA's, yes it is capable of printing via bluetooth and infrared, but personally i had problems through infrared that the printing came with miscellaneou characters, i had to get a third party printing software for my pda which i was able to print but the software that i could get can only print Word documents, Excel and typed notes but no hand writing, so no support for PDF or photos, or whatever other thing.

    I contacted Canon regarding this problem, asking is there a way that i'll be able to print on this equipment from my PDA?, and it seems that Canon has decided that the only way to support this devices is through some protocols called OPP or BIP, but this protocols mostly come in cellphones not in PDA's.

    So the conclusion is if you are not going to print from a PDA and your going to use your computer instead it's a great buy. If your a looking for a PDA printer better stick to the HP models eventhough you have a Palm PDA or any other brand. ...more info
  • Canon PIXMA iP90 Photo Inkjet Printer
    I needed a printer for document and letter production while traveling with my laptop computer. I have not tried the photo option yet. The printer is compact, produces clear and clean printing, is easy to use and easy to transport. I had an initial problem installing the ink cartridge and called the company for help. The company responded promptly and the problem was quickly resolved. ...more info
  • Canon portable printer
    This 4 pound printer is great. It's a bit pricy, but then most portables are. There are two things about this printer that I really like. First of all, it's fast. Second, the text looks pretty good and the color graphics are very good. Don't buy any other printer that's slower. You will be frustrated! I've only had this printer a short time but so far am very pleased. Fast output and no paper jamming!!! One thing, the extra-cost battery is expensive, but if you need it, it's a wonderful add-on and its charge last quite a long time. I recently used this printer and it's battery all weekend for printing invoices at a show I was doing. Not a problem and at the end of the weekend the battery still had plenty of charge. It was great not having to plug in the printer to electricity. The Canon iP 90 is highly recommended. One other thing: some say the ink cartridges are small and don't last very long. Well, perhaps, but they're not very expensive either....more info
  • Best printer I've owned - portable and high quality!
    I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRINTER. Ok, as much as a person can appropriately be in love with a printer...
    But this thing has seriously been great. It doesn't seem to use much ink, the cartridges are affordable (a nice change!), and it prints really beautiful, vivid 4"x6" color prints - with or without borders. It prints edge-to-edge flawlessly.

    I've been using it for about 6-8 months now and it's a little workhorse. I've recommended it to many people and in my line of work, it's extremely handy to have along in order to print info on the go. I've printed in my car before - just plugging it into a converter in the cig lighter and beamed (via infrared) the info to my laptop. I've never connected it with a cable to my computer - just used infrared.

    It does occasionally pull in more than one piece of paper, but not half as much as the HP printers I've owned in the past. Also, it DOES NOT come with a printer cable, which I think is pretty crappy. Lucky for me, I only use infrared. But for the average person, it may be an unpleasant surprise.

    Overall, this is the best printer I've ever owned - it's worth the price for the quality. And if you have a Canon digital camera, you just plug it right in and can print photos without needing to use a computer or laptop at all!

    GREAT PRINTER! Can't beat it!...more info
  • canon PIXMA iP90
    Compact& lightweight. Fits easily into the laptop carry case. Excellent quality-even using plain paper. Performs as advertised....more info
  • Portable Printer - iP60
    I purchased this portable printer to replace another canon protable that fell from a height and broke into bits. The new printer works even better, is faster and was very easy to install and use. (XP home) ...more info
  • convenient and portable printer
    The Canon Pixma iP90 is appealing mainly for its size and portability. It is easily included in travel with a laptop. It does a fairly good job in color photograph printing but the colors don't match the screen as well as my non-portable color printer, the Canon i950. The ink cartridges are quite small so any significant amount of printing means the expense and inconvenience of buying and carrying extra cartridges. Setup was easy and with no glitches. There really was no other portable printer options worth considering so I am fairly pleased. It does a decent job in "monochrome" for printing black and white text such as emails and Word documents....more info
  • A great little printer
    It performs like a full size inkjet, but travels in a bag....more info
  • Dang good portable printer, but pricey
    I read the previous reviews and I did some research on the net about this printer. I was skeptical when I received it in the mail from Amazon about how it would be. Let me start off by saying that I am happy with it! But it is not perfect! It fits easily in my Targus backpack laptop bag with all the other gadgets I carry around with me. I saw one review that stated that the text printing was fuzzy but it seems very crisp to me and very fast for such a small printer. The photos are good quality but of course could be better from a 6 or 7-color printer, but since I have this in my bag along with a box of 4x6 photo paper I can print off a picture at any time if someone wanted a copy (and that happens a lot and sometimes I get paid for it! LOL). Convenience is King.

    Here are a few specs that I figured out.

    Number of photos from a single color cartridge: ~30
    Approx price per photo: $.52 (With Epson glossy photo paper which I found for $16.99 for a 100 sheet box)

    So, here is the deal, you are definitely paying for the convenience of printing your photos any where AND having the ability to print to letter or legal size paper. My fiancé and I have a lot of hobbies and we tend to be on the go a LOT. When we need to print out a map to somewhere or print out instructions for some kind of project while we are in the parking lot of Lowe's we count on this printer big time!

    Bottom line... Is it the best and cheapest printer out there? Nope! Is the best printer for my on the go lifestyle and convenience? Totally!
    ...more info