Mace DVR-1600RW 16-channel Digital Audio/Video Recorder with CD-RW
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Product Description

  • Internet accessible, with built-in web server
  • MPEG-4 high-resolution recording
  • CD Writer for easy backup of video/audio (optional DVD writer available)
  • 80 GB hard disk drive (expandable to 2 terabytes)
  • 4, 8 or 16 camera inputs, 4 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs
  • Simultaneous real-time audio and video recording; 30 fps per channel
  • Video motion detection with programmable settings
  • Includes remote control

    The Mace DVR-1600RW 16-channel Digital Audio/Video Recorder with CD-RW combines a 16-channel multiplexer with a DVR (digital video recorder). The DVR-1600RW is a cost effective DVR that can store hours of video on a HDD (hard disk drive) without image degradation or tape-swapping, making it an ideal replacement for aging time-lapse VCRs. This Mace DVR includes a wide range of features, from an Ethernet connection that allows computer functionality to robust security both in terms of password protection and data backup systems, ensuring that this unit can meet your most demanding surveillance needs. Easy to set-up and operate, the DVR-1600RW allows full-screen or simultaneous viewing of up to 16 channels, and is especially suited to large-scale surveillance systems involving round-the-clock security applications.

    The Mace DVR-1600RW utilizes MPEG4 CBR (fixed frame rate) and MPEG4 VBR (variable frame rate) compression modes with 16-channel audio/video real-time compression. Using independent hardware compression for each channel and stable synchronization of sound and image, this unit achieves a maximum of 704 by 576 effective pixels with a resolution of up to 60 fps (frames per second) and up to 625 TVL (TV lines). This compression system and six levels of selectable image quality allow audio recording ranging from 3.6 to 28.8 MB-per-hour, and video recording ranging from 40 to 460 MB-per-hour. The DVR-1600RW comes with a pre-installed 80 GB HDD (hard disk drive) with the capacity to install up to eight total IDE-compatible HDDs internally.

    The Mace DVR-1600RW includes 16-channel video and audio BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) inputs, with one-channel NTSC/PAL compatible video and audio BNC outputs for a TV-type monitor and one VGA port for output to a PC-type monitor. This system allows you to view up to 16 separate cameras, either as full-screen images, or four-window (quad), nine-window (3x3) or 16-window (4x4) monitor displays. The DVR-1600RW also includes a RS485 connection for support of PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera functions, a RJ45 10/100 MB Ethernet connection that allows you to connect to a computer for remote system access via the network or Internet and added PC functionality, as well as 16-channel alarm inputs and six-channel alarm outputs with circuit protection. Alarm inputs/outputs provide this DVR with features such as a video-loss alarm and motion detection alarm, and activation of an alarm relay and on-site light control.

    The Mace DVR-1600RW uses an embedded TCP/IP protocol and RTOS (real-time operating system) that supports a Web-server direct connection, allowing you to control and operate all its various functions. The administration mode is password protected at each of three user levels for logging in remotely, allowing you to securely utilize features, perform system upgrades and run diagnostics. Besides allowing remote viewing with multiple quick-search options and remote control, the DVR-1600RW features seven multiple playback modes, four recording modes, date and time display, and support for multiplexed operation that allows live monitor viewing, recording, download searching, one-channel playback and remote transmission, all simultaneously.

    Technical Features:

    • Compression format: MPEG4 CBR and VBR
    • Video inputs/outputs: 16-channel video/audio BNC inputs, 1-channel video/audio BNC outputs
    • Resolution: up to 525 TVL and 30 fps via NTSC, up to 625 TVL and 50 fps via PAL
    • HDD space: one 80-GB drive (removable for upgrading), capacity for up to 8 HDDs total
    • Power supply: 110-volt to 220-volt AC
    • Operating temperatures: -10 to 55 degrees Celsius
    • Dimensions: 44 x 43 x 9 centimeters (W x D x H)
    For ongoing surveillance or monitoring, the Mace DVR-1600RW is an excellent solution. Already offering large amounts of storage, this unit allows easy data back-up via a built-in CD-RW (upgradeable to DVD-RW), and USB port and Ethernet connection for backup to external storage device or PC, so you won't lose any critical video segments. With an incredibly rich feature set, the DVR-1600RW adds valuable functionality across your surveillance system, and with the ability to add or upgrade firmware and hardware, this DVR will last you a very long time.

    About Digital Video Recorders
    A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) takes video signals from security cameras and converts the video stream into a digital format for storage on an internal hard drive. A DVR also provides a user interface to remotely manage many functions of the video files and cameras, including motion detection and pan/tilt/zoom features. At a minimum, a DVR should allow multiple users to view multiple cameras remotely. Effective video compression is one of the most important considerations when looking at DVRs. The most common video compression formats used in video surveillance are M-JPEG and MPEG-4. While proprietary compression technologies may provide superior quality, their lack of compatibility with Windows-based operating systems may become an issue for archival purposes. Issues of frame rate, resolution, disk size, motion detection, compression ratio, and camera noise all affect the storage capacity of a video surveillance system. High resolution is ideal to capture details, while high frame rates are needed to capture events. Frame rates of less than 20 fps tend to be jerky, while rates of 20 - 30 fps can be adequate for most surveillance needs.

    Customer Reviews:

    • Good value, awsome features
      First let me say I never endorse a product, I do not like to put my name on the line but As an owner of two of these systems I believe I can say with certainty that its one of the easies systems to setup and use. Both home user and business interest would be covered. The DVR has may of the features that more expensive models have, The motion tracking works well, You can mask out what you don t want monitored. This is good for areas that have objects that move , Be it a fan blowing the leaves on a plant etc.. The sensitivity can be adjusted as well. Recording capacity is easy to upgrade, Standard off the shelf drives form any computer store will work. The ability to make a archive copy of the video is a plus as it saves space in the long run. If your buying this for the home it allows you to login and view the cameras remotely over the Internet. this is good to keep an eye on the kids or nanny. With 16 inputs you can setup conventional cameras as well as the small spy cams for more non intrusive monitoring. The ability to patch video triggers into the alarm system is a favorite. you specify the output and the zone, If anything triggers the recorder it can open a relay and set off an alarm or trigger any automation you might wish. automation requires additional components I would recommend this system to my mother. Price is reasonable features are top notch. (P...more info
  • Features:
    • 80 GB IDE-type removable hard drive included with system-capacity for up to 8 total hard drives
    • Combines 16-channel multiplexer and DVR for system-wide digital video-recording applications
    • MPEG4 fixed-frame-rate and variable-frame-rate compression modes
    • Ethernet connection for remote configuration, storage, monitoring and alarm notification
    • Built-in Sony CD-RW for easy data back-up is upgradeable to DVD-RW