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The Linksys Wireless-G Internet Video Camera sends live video with sound through the Internet to a web browser anywhere in the world! This compact, self-contained unit lets you keep track of your home, your kids, your workplace - whatever's important to you. Unlike standard "web cams" that require an attached PC, the Internet Video Camera contains its own web server, so it can connect directly to a network, either over Wireless-G (802.11g) networking, or over 10/100 Ethernet cable. The advanced MPEG-4 video compression produces a high-quality, high-frame rate, up to 640x480 audio/video stream.The Internet Video Camera's unique form-factor and wireless connectivity allows you to mount it on a wall nearly anywhere, or slip it into its included stand for desktop use. Once it's connected to your home network, you can "see what it sees" from any PC in the house, while the audio/video stream is secured from the outside world, hidden behind your Router. If you want the video to be visible from outside your home network, you can open an appropriate port on the Router, and then create password protected accounts to manage access to the camera, or leave it wide open for the world to see. The SoloLink domain service (trial sign-up included) lets you access your camera using an easy-to-remember "name", even if your home Internet connection uses a dynamic IP address.You can also turn on Security Mode, which tells the camera to send a message with a short video attached to up to three email addresses whenever it detects motion in its field of view. You can then log onto the live video stream if the situation warrants. The included Viewer & Recorder utility lets you record the audio/video stream to your local hard drive, "live" or on a predetermined schedule.Let the Linksys Wireless-G Internet Video Camera help you keep tabs on your world.

  • Product Type - Internet Camera
  • Dimensions WxDxH - 3.54" x 1.46" x 4.02"
  • Weight - 0.29 lb.
  • Cabling Type - RJ-45
Customer Reviews:
    I purchased this thinking I could hook it up in less than an hour like most devices I have (and I have many) but nothing has gone right. I am now at MONTH TWO futzing with it - yes I tried support, yes I tried community forums, and still won't allow me to use the worthless subscription to Sololink.

    RUN RUN FAST away from buying this product....more info
  • Excellent
    I own two of these and they are easy to set up if you have some network knowledge and they work great; both video and audio. These deliver re much higher quality image than the Linksys Compact Internet Camera....more info
  • Great product!
    I have a 5-months-old baby and I needed a webcam to keep an eye on him and his nanny while I was out working at the office.
    This camera has good quality of video but to my surprise it also has great quality of sound, which was my priority since I wanted to hear the baby crying and what the nanny was doing or telling him.
    I really recommend it, it was also easy to install! ...more info
  • Works very well, but can be difficult to set up
    I have purchased and used several of these Internet cams both at home and at work. They work very well once set up, but they may require highly technical skills and knowledge to set up depending on your network environment. I like them because they have a window that shows the IP address they have picked up. This is a problem I encountered with the newer version. Without an IP address window on the device, I would have to search the network and hope the software is able to pick up the device. The software works well in very small networks, but on enterprise networks it can get confused and sometimes can not find the camera....more info
  • Good wireless camera under $100
    Bought one recently. For less than $100, don't expect too much. Easy to set up. Video quality is not good. I guess it is the same as those over $200 because of the small lens. Customer support is easy to reach online, but not very helpful if you get a not-easy problem. Wired camera at that price has much much better video....more info
  • Good for a fixed lens camera
    Camera is good for video and audio capture haven't played with it much...more info
  • Poor picture, useless
    I bought this item, then returned it.
    The picture is terrible. They must have used 10 year old camera technology and hooked it to an 802.11 wireless system.

    Also, something very important to note ... the view area is very narrow. Look through an empty papertowel roll. That is about the field of view through this camera. You can't even monitor a whole room with this.

    Useless. ...more info
  • Great camera
    After a little work setting it up, with special thanks to the helpfull linksys people, it works great. We use it to allow the grandparents to keep an eye on us, although it is a little strange to have someone watch you, the camera itself is great....more info
  • Very powerful tool
    If you don't know too much about computer network, it could be difficult. Been using little more than 3 month so far, no problem. Used D-Link, Hawking, Axis, and Panasonic, but based on my experience, linksys had more funtions that was availabe than any other camera, plus, image quality is good if set it as best quailty picture, with best pixel. (Default is not set as best). I was able to remotely access my camera from Korea, Camera was in U.S., had about 3 seconds of delay on still images, but 3 second is good enough with today's technology. I'm not using Sololink to remotely access my camera (since it requires membership). Currently using 6 cameras in my C-Store in U.S., and all are viewalble at the sametime remotely, without any chopping or losing frame actions. People could complain due to customer serivce issues, and installation issues, but if you check on Linksys Forum, other users are far knowlodgeble than customer service, and their response is faster than customer serivce. BTW, WPA is possible if you upgrade the factory firmware to european firmware version....more info
  • Won't connect over WPA
    I've had this camera replaced by Linksys 4 times. The first time, was due to the camera crashing on a weekly basis. The second replacement worked fine until I upgraded my router and switched from WEP to WPA. After the switch the camera would not connect to the router, switching back to WEP, of course worked. Linksys has replaced the camera 3 times for this issue, and with the last support call confirmed that there is a KNOWN problem with WPA encryption and this camera....more info
  • Does what it purports to do.
    Set up was straightforward, only glitch is that the instructions do not explicitly suggest that the set up needs to be done with a hard wired ethernet cable to your router.
    Cnet has a nice step by step tutorial on how to perform the set up (with movies nonetheless).

    I will probably get a couple more to monitor each floor of the house.

    ...more info
  • the worst product ever
    I am writing this while on hold with linksys customer support for the 10th hour. First of all, the product is IMPOSSIBLE to install without help from technical support even with my linksys WRT54G router (I am reasonably computer literate). When I finally installed it the first time, the power supply broke. I had to pay to send it back, even thought it was obviously not my fault. When I tried to install the replacement camera, the representative informed me that I needed to update my firmware on my wireless router. When I did this, my wireless router broke. So now I had to pay to send the router back. When I again tried to connect the replacement camera, I spent 3+ hours on the phone. It worked with the wire, but never wirelessly. Finally they were willing to authorize a return, but still will not simply give me my money back. Why would I want to waste another 4 hours trying to install a defective product? This is not yet a viable product. it is shoddily constructed (will definintely have more power supply problems) and the customer service is woefully inadequate.

    BUY BELKIN. Or be prepared to spend hours with tech support and going to the post office to return this product....more info
  • A disaster!!!
    I confirm what others wrote about customer support: in my case they needed three months to extend the complimentary "sololink" account which expired earlier than promised.
    Moreover, the quality of the picture is low and, most importantly, I was not able to configure it for internet access. I will probably sell it soon and never buy Linksys products again. ...more info
  • Stay Away From This!
    I have extensive experience with wireless system setup and operation. My whole system is all Linksys gear. After four hours on this camera, I give up.

    When you update the firmware, it erases everything you programmed into the camera so beware.

    I could get the camera to work in WiFi mode. Picture is decent, not great. The motion sensing function triggers quite well.

    The frustration comes from an inability to get the email function to work. Kept getting an error message with the system parameters setup so it should have worked.

    The FAQ section on Linksys website is almost non-existent. I did not bother to call because in my past experience that is of minimal help and very frustrating.

    Features sound great but could not get it to work right. I will find another unit.
    ...more info
  • Horrible Support, Tricky Set-Up
    Linksys products do not seem to work with other Linksys products.

    I am a reasonably intelligent college graduate who has some experience with computers. I own a brand new WRT54G Linksys router. I also own a Linksys WRE54G range extender and a WVC54G Linksys webcam, both less than one year old.

    I have spent several days and many, many frustrating hours on the phone with Linksys customer support. In short, nothing works. The products are incompatible. Here are details:

    First, the range expander: After an hour on the phone with Linksys customer service, I was told the range expander is compatible only up to version 4 of the router. I had purchased a brand new version 5, meaning I needed to DOWNGRADE the router in order to use the range expander. Customer service told me to return the new router, gave me a barcode number for the old version 4 router, told me to search local stores by reading barcodes on each box I could find, and good luck...I might, just might, get lucky.
    (Note: I have version 1 of the range extender, which does NOT have an Ethernet jack. Version 2 apparently does, located right below the antenna on the front panel. Good luck trying to figure this out on your own...the box claims compatability with the router)

    Second, the webcam. Here is the letter I just sent to Linksys:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I want to formally complain about my customer service/technical support experience with Linksys.

    I bought a WRT54G Linksys router and a WVC54G Linksys Internet Video Camera with SoloLink DDNS service. The SoloLink domain name fails to show the webcam image. Instead, it brings up my router's web utility.

    Yesterday, I spent close to three hours on the phone with various technical support and customer service people. The last step: a 2PM follow-up support call was scheduled for today, in which I was promised the problem would be addressed. No one has called me.

    I just called Linksys support again. After another 30 minutes on hold, I was given another promise that someone will call me "at some indeterminate point in the future."

    This "service" is unacceptable.

    This has been the single worst customer service/technical support experience I have ever had. I have wasted many hours, most of it on hold listening to the same annoying song. I have been accidentally disconnected TWICE, once yesterday and once today, forcing me to call back and wait on hold until another support person became available. Worst of all, the appointment for 2PM today was not kept, and I had to reschedule business appointments to accomodate Linksys.

    I have been very polite with all of the support people. I understand that this is not their fault. This is Linksys's fault for building a support service that is unequipped to handle seemingly simple problems like mine.

    I will be sharing my experiences with Linksys support with my friends and with online customer review sites like Unless my problem is resolved quickly, I will return these products and get my money back. Perhaps Netgear, D-Link, or Belkin will offer better service and support.

    BUYER BEWARE!!!...more info
  • Another great product by Linksys
    The set up literally took less than 5 minutes, as long as you can follow simple instructions, set up is a breeze. Image quality is good for VGA, can't expect too much there. If this camera had portable power too then it would be perfect!...more info
  • works great
    Only additional feature that I would look for if buying a similar product again is a rechargeable battery so you can take the item from one place to another without turning it off....more info
  • Video Quality is poor but it serves the purpose
    I found the camera to be easy to set up and get working both wired and wirelessly contrary to some of the reviews. The only complaint is the video quality which is commonly outlined in the reviews. If all you are doing is setting up a security camera for periodic check in's like I am doing with our second home, this camera works great.

    If your goal is high quality video from a remote location, then you will hate this camera. It washes out in bright light, has low color seperation and is worthless in low light. If the location you are placing the camera has normal sunlight coming into the room or lights are on, you are fine. I check in on the camera once a day to make sure all is fine, it fits the bill....more info
  • Some pointers for ppl having configuration issues
    Hi, I noticed that a lot of people are having difficulty setting this product up. I just wanted to offer 4 pointers.

    1: Configuring your router: In your router's configuration, you should assign this device a fixed IP outside of the range of DHCP addresses. This is so that, the next time you reboot your router or cable modem, DHCP doesn't assign the camera a different IP. Remember, DHCP hands out IPs on a first-come, first-serve basis unless you tell it otherwise. So, if you defined your router's DHCP to start with, let's say, 100, when you set up the camera, you can give it a fixed IP of (or whatever) and know that it will persist.

    2. Opening your port: Be sure to choose a port number greater than 1024. Also, check your port forwarding page before deciding so that you don't conflict with other applications/services you have installed. When you pick your port, enable it to forward TCP requests to the IP you've specified, in my example

    3. Accessing from outside: You will need the external IP address, which you can get from your router's status page. DON'T FORGET TO APPEND THE PORT NUMBER TO THE URL! That's a common mistake. If your public IP is, then your camera's URL would be http :// NOTE: If, when you look at your router's status page, you're confused because your WAN (external) IP begins with 192.168, then the next step probably applies to you...

    4. IF YOU USE VONAGE or some other VoIP, there's an EXTRA STEP! Don't forget that the Vonage box sits between your cable modem and your router, acting as its own little firewall. Not only do you need to open the port here too, but also this is where you'd go to obtain your external IP! For Vonage subscribers, the configuration tool is accessible via > Advanced Configuration. In this menu, forward TCP requests to the desired port number at your ROUTER's IP address (Vonage customers:, NOT your camera's. Your router will then proxy the request to the camera, so it's like this: -> Internet -> your VoIP -> your ROUTER -> your camera

    alright, that's all I got. Good luck to you all, happy WebCamming!...more info
  • A Good Product
    It does what it says and does it well. Setup was pretty easy. The only issue I've had is that after continuous operation for over several hours it will sometimes hang, forcing you to cycle the power to get it up again....more info
  • wvc54g
    Poor reliability, firmware obsolete,motion detection doesnot work. Have had to return 2 of 4 cameras ans still have one that lost its RF connection with the router....more info
  • Not easy to get the wireless working
    As a software engineer, I have installed and configured numerous wireless routers and adaptors. Not so easy with this camera...
    Actually, I gave up on it.
    Setting these carmeras up as wired was straightforward - they work out of the box. If you want to monitor multiple cameras simultaneously, you need to install the Linksys software that does that. Linksys technician gave me the ftp site URL to download it.
    All in all, sufficient for non-commercial use, but not for business use....more info
  • HARD to GET to WORK
    If you are NOT a Computer GURU, as most of these reviews are from- Forget about it! You cannot just Plug in , follow instructions and BAM! you have security wireless camera. I Have been trying for 3 days to get Mine working. I Have a BRAND NEW router Wirless G with speed booster, and I Have been on PHONE for 3 days with LYNKYS for MANY HOURS, trying to Get it to Work.
    Nothing wrong with Camera, just has to Be configured correctly and if you dont have 3 days and MANY HOURS< to deal with this- DONT BUY IT! Lyskys now says My NEw router is Broken, not allowing the PORT to OPEN to View Camera from remote Location. I Can see it fine at the LOCATION but not Remotely. Today Im going to attempt to SWAP out my Routers Exchange one from home with One at Office) to see if will Work!, If it DOES NOT - Then Im returning the Camera for a REFUND... Lyksys told me to hook it up "wired" and it will work Fine. BUT I BOUGHT It to BE WIRELESS. Where My Cable/router is in my office is NOT where I Need the CAMERA... Deafeats Whole Purpose! So Far NOT IMPRESSED... You may want to BUY ONE that is Not so COMPLICATED
    UPDATE: I Swapped the router's STIll would not work to allow me to veiw remotely. So it was NOT the routers PROBLEM, and the camera did WORK,Although not remotely, so It is a PROGRAMING ISSUE. I WARN you dont buy this product unless You Know IP's , and port Numbers and all that other stuff you HAVE to KNOW to get this to work. I SENT IT BACK for a REFUND
    ...more info
  • Linksys is a winner with full motion and sound
    A couple of inaccuracies in other reviews:

    This camera presents a standard mpeg4 stream on a standard web interface - and if you have the codecs (they are around and common) you can watch the video from any system - Windows Media Player, or Linux using mplayer, or your Macintosh. Please see my comments on security of the Hawking below - if you have to have Java viewing, I strongly suggest the D-Link over the Hawking - Hawkings have no security.

    If the data stream really was only viewable with the Active-X control, that would be a reason to find this camera unacceptable. If there was a jpeg available via the built-in web server at a certain url (as the mpeg data is available, and as is the case with the D-Link, the camera would be a real home run).

    These are a new generation of "webcams". These cameras have a built in web server. They connect to your home net via ethernet, either wired or wireless. Management programs can display the images from the cameras on your computer screen.

    I recently examined a Hawking camera, and have also looked at a Linksys and a D-Link. Superficially, the Hawking seemed to have security, but there were only two official ways to get an image from the camera. One was by using a facility where the camera e-mailed you an image. This image was tagged as spam by my provider because it used the big5 character set, even though it contained no text. But the other way was to use a java applet which was automatically downloaded from the camera, the same way any applet would be loaded.

    This was the only image data displayed on the camera's web interface.

    I wanted to get a still image, so I traced the applet's data stream. The applet simply connected to a port on the camera and then presented four characters and a newline. The camera responded with a four byte header and a jpeg. I was able to use echo, sleep and netcat to pull jpegs out of the camera - but I did not have to present the password to pull jpegs out of the camera.

    The instructions that come with the camera tell you to open this port to the Internet via port forwarding from your firewall. You also open the camera's web port.

    If you do this, then a hacker can see that you have this camera and then they can look for other open ports, and if they find the camera port, they can easily pull jpegs out of it with no password.

    This is OK, though, since the camera is so incredibly bad that all that anyone will see is sort of a flesh shaped amorphous mass. I took this camera back to the store.

    There are two other products on the market. One is the D-Link DCS-900W, and the other is the Linksys Wireless G. Both are comparable to the Hawking and way better.

    The Linksys presents both sound and video as an MPEG4 stream. I know of no way to get still images from this camera (other than by having the camera e-mail you one). There is an active X control that allows you to view the video on a windows system, or, with the right codecs, you can use Media Player or Mplayer to view the stream. However, only a Windows user using Internet Explorer can access the camera through the web interfacr and see full motion video. Everyone else can go through multiple layers of frames to determe what the url is for the mpeg4 stream - then, that URL can be fed to a regular media player that can play (or record) an mpeg4 stream.

    The Linksys can be connected to a 10 or 100 wired ethernet, or to an 802.11b or 802.11g wireless net. It supports WEP. By default it is configured to run at a fixed address - but it can run on WEP. A unique feature is that it has a small LCD panel and the LCD panel displays the IP address that it uses. It can look for motion within the camera and send out alerts by e-mail if motion is detected (that is, no external program is required to deal with automated motion detection from this camera). All data is presented on the web interface, and basic authentication (userid and password) is demanded if the camera is set up to require it before the video stream, or any data other than the base screen is presented. There are two levels of users - those who can display the video stream and one user who can administer the box.

    I have not installed the Linksys management software - it seems to be unneeded. If I could find an open source solution that would allow me to convert mpeg4 to a still jpeg, then this would be the winning solution. But the conversion stacks I have found garble the images horribly. I believe that there is conversion available in the support software.

    The D-Link has a URL where a jpeg can be accessed. All interaction is via web - and all interaction requires basic security. There are two levels of users - One user who can configure the camera and those who can just display pics.

    The D-Link has a Java applet and an active-X control - take your pick - that allows you to view motion pictures - and it also has full motion video - so you can view full motion video from any browser that supports Java applets, or, if you are an IE user who has not installed Java, you can use the Active-X control to look at the video. Thus, the full motion video should work for almost everyone - I know it works in Linux and Windows. The D-Link has the best low light capability. It also has the clearest picture, by far. It does not have 802.11g and it does not have sound. It does support WEP. Internally, (to the applet) the motion data is presented as a series of jpegs, using a standard http stream format. All video or jpeg data is presented only after successful basic authentication.

    The management software for the D-Link camera works reasonably well, but there is no reason to use it other than, perhaps, for upgrading the flash - although the "lite" software can present a very high quality full screen full motion video. All motion detection recording on the D-Link is done in an application on a connected windows PC.

    These cameras cost a few dollars more than the Hawking, but they actually have a modicum of security.

    The Linksys is a winner if you need sound, or if you want to get the extra performance of an 802.11g device - if you do not have any 802.11b devices, you might well not want to introduce the first one.

    If you need motion detection in the camera, the Linksys devices also win. Linksys cameras and a wireless router would obivate the need for a computer onsite, and, with a DSL connection, say, would allow for the accumulation, at a central site, of images where motion was detected.

    If you do not need sound - say, for a manned security setup, the D-Link cameras would allow you to put 16 cameras on a single screen - no wiring cost, and you could have motion detection and recording. That would be expensive, but probably much cheaper than any other solution. Considering that you could avoid wiring, it would be a winner....more info
  • Not bad, but room for improvement.
    I purchased the Linksys WVC54G as a second camera to work in conjunction with a personal weather station system I operate. I had this camera up and running in under an hour with a static IP address on my non-Linksys wireless G network. Video quality is acceptable but bleaches out with bright sunlight. The image also gets grainy in low light but is still usable. Overall, I'm pleased with the image quality though I did feel the focus ring on the camera was a bit over sensitive. The slightest adjustment dramatically changed the focus of the camera and it was hard to fine-tune the focus. I was able to set up the free 90-day SoloLink DDNS service rather easily, including configuring it to work with my non-Lynksys router. No complaints there though I'm not sure I will stay with it. I may switch to one of the free DDNS services out there and save the $20 a year. The email/motion detection function simply doesn't work. While I don't require such a function, it would have been nice to have.
    My main goal was to add it as a second camera for my personal weather station that already has a USB camera connected. The weather station software has supporting imaging software that overlays weather sensor data over the camera image. I ran into problems getting this camera to work with that. Partly due to the camera and partly due to the weather station imaging software. The first problem is with the camera being a network camera, it doesn't show as a local device on the PC so I can't select it as a capture device in the weather software. And while this camera's software is capable of capturing still images, it can only be done manually. There are no provisions for automatic still capture like with my USB camera which is configured to capture a sequentially numbered frame every 1 second. If it had that functionality, I could have made it work with my weather station software. However, the Linksys strictly streams a video.asf file and still capture and recording functions are controlled by the very limited software included with the camera. My second issue was while I wanted to share camera video via the Internet, I didn't want visitors to my webpage to directly access the camera's web interface, only the video feed itself. I used an ActiveX control within my own html to stream the video directly on my own webpage. While I was able to code that into my own html documents and everything looked fine to me, I later discovered visitors to my page were not able to view the streaming video. As it turns out, the embedded ActiveX control would generate a TAG 45 Windows media player error on many systems when visiting my site. With a bit of research I discovered this was due to a codec error. The video.asf file the camera generates utilizes an audio codec that is not installed by default on most Windows systems with MediaPlayer 9. To resolve this, I had to provide a link on my webpage for visitors to download the required codec as well as an additional link for users to connect directly to the camera's web interface (as an option for those who do not want to download the codec). My third issue was discovered when I used the camera software's own record function to record some video. The resulting 58-second .asf file was over 10MB in size at 320x240 resolution at only normal quality. Typically, I am able to encode .wmv/.asf files at that resolution and quality at about 3MB per minute with my video editing software. Also as noted in another review, the video is a bit choppy with the sound enabled. While I was able to view the video files generated by the camera software's capture function with Windows Media Player, when I attempted to open them with standard video editing software, I received an error that stated the file was not properly indexed. I was unable to open the files none of the 3 video editing packages I have. Ideally, I wanted to be able to open the files and resave them with better compression to reduce the file sizes and then make them available for viewing on my website.
    While I couldn't get the camera to do exactly what I wanted to do with it (I've given up on getting it to work with my weather station software), I am happy with the camera and will probably keep it. With some minor work, visitors to my West Hartland, CT weather website can view the streaming video from the camera. ...more info
  • Very dissapointed !!!
    I've been on hold for over an hour on the live web queue; I started at #77 in line. While waiting, I searched searched the web for answers it appears that it's impossible for the device to recognize my internal 10.0.0.x addresses.

    I'm sending mine back....more info
  • Works fine if you are careful and methodical!
    Ok, 3 weeks after setting these cameras up, I do have a few negative comments. The cameras will sometimes spontaneously stop working. I haven't been able to figure out why. I'm on the other side of the country from them now so I can't physically see them. Eventually they come back online. All 3 are just sitting there plugged in, in an empty house.

    The video is fairly choppy if sound is enabled, even at 320x240.

    The lighting plays a huge role in the quality of the image - bright sunlight in a window makes the image almost unusable. The image is very poor in dim lighting as well.

    The field of view is pretty narrow and there's nothing you can do about it - I wish there was a wide-angle option.

    I wish the interface to the camera was editable, and that you could show multiple cameras on the same page.

    Other than that, they cameras basically work as advertised, but I couldn't recommend them for anything other than a novelty because of the image quality concerns and the reliability issues. It's fairly cheap and is good for casual monitoring.

    I just set up 3 of these for my father-in-law (all the kids gave them to him) in his vacation home. He wants to be able to check on the house when he's not there. They worked fine, as advertised, as long as I was careful and made sure I had the right firmware. This is how I did it, without using the setup CD (which is confusing and was unnecessary for my setup).

    If you've got a Linksys router and you haven't messed with the IP ranges like someone else who posted has, it's really easy to do - the most important thing to do is set it up WIRED first! I plugged the included ethernet cable into the router and into the camera. Then I powered on the camera. It booted up and showed or something as the IP address in the little LCD window. I opened up an Internet Explorer window on my PC. Went to The configuration utility for the camera came up. Clicked on "View Video", installed the ActiveX Control I was prompted for, and up it came - the camera worked. Clicked on "Setup". Default username and password are admin and admin. Under "LAN Settings" I chose "Fixed IP Address", and assigned it the value I wanted. For my 3 cameras, the IP address I chose were,, Subnet mask was always Gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS were all always (the router's IP). Tested each of those by opening Internet Explorer and going to the IP address for the camera (i.e. - and made sure they worked under the fixed IP address.

    If you have a non-Linksys router, or have messed with your routers' IP range, it's more complicated. D-Link and Netgear use the range (0 instead of 1), and I presume to get these working you'll have to plug the ethernet cable from your pc into the camera, use IE to go to the address it shows in the LCD window of the camera. The you should be able to change the IP address of the camera to an acceptable value (like Gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS would be the router's IP address (i.e. - Then you plug the camera into the router and you should be able to access it through IE on your PC at that new address.

    Once I was sure that worked, I set up the wireless settings. Typed in the SSID the router uses, chose Infrastructure, clicked "Enable", and hit "Apply". If you forget to hit Apply it won't take. Then I hit "Edit Security Settings" and in the popup window chose the Default Transmit key from the router, and the key from the router. Kept it on "Open System". Then hit Apply and exit.

    Now I unplug the power from the camera. Then unplug the ethernet cable from the camera. Then plug the camera power back in. The lights will flash and the indicator for wireless should come up, along with the IP address I chose. Open up Internet Explorer again, type in the address again (, and it works.

    Did this with all 3, then placed them in the house where I wanted them, and tested them again. All worked.

    Then I went into their configuration utilities and set up the Email Alert feature. This is the only part that gave me trouble. Basically what I figured out is that the 2 cameras that had Firmware version 2.07 worked fine, and the one that had 2.11 never worked. I downloaded the 2.07 bios at (the file is called and flashed the 2.11 camera back to 2.07. Then the email notification worked fine.

    Oh and another confusing part was the "Outgoing Mail SMTP Server". Turns out you pretty much have to use your internet provider's mail server, which I was able to find on their website. He uses Charter Cable, and I found out on that the server is I also just set up a new GMail account specifically for these cameras.

    To make it easy to view the cameras from the internet, Linksys included this SoloLink DDNS thing which they charge for. I opted for a free option, and made a new dynamic DNS account at I set up port forwarding on the router to forward alternate ports (I chose 2000 and 3000 - and set up the cameras "Alternate Port" to these values) to two of the cameras. So now he can get to the three cameras by going to

    That's it - works great and I'm happy with them. I give it a 4 because the fact that I had to flash backward to an older bios in order to used an advertised feature is stupid. Other than that, it's great - and no more difficult to set up than most other wireless networking devices....more info
  • Does not work - not worth $40 much less $170 !
    If you want a hard-wired network camera, this one is OK for that only, but not at $170!

    E-mail notification does not work, period -- it just doesn't do anything! I have experience as a network administrator, and have done everything Linksys support told me to do -- They have basically told me that I'm on my own. They even said to try European and older versions of the firmware -- but you lose the WAN security features with older firmware, so what's the point?

    I got the camera working wirelessly, but it drops off the network after a while, and does not re-connect. Also note that it takes a few times of plugging and unplugging the unit to get it to power on again. It seems to get hot -- I saw a post from another user that had to drill holes in the unit to keep it cool.
    Don't pay the $19 for the Sololink service until you get it working properly (if you do, let me know what you did!)

    Just do a few internet searches and see other people complaining about this product.
    ...more info
  • I returned it
    When I went to buy a webcam I wanted the following features the two major features: Wireless and Sound. I wanted to find a camera so that my family in other parts of the country could see and hear our Christmas celebration. I am a computer geek so when I saw this camera and thought the idea of a wireless device with its own web server would be cool, and I have a LinkSys 54G wireless router running my network at home so I thought it would be a snap to get this working at home. The first thing that really annoying thing was that when the setup software tried to scan for a wireless camera it couldn't find it. It turned out that I had to turn WEP security off, set the wireless to a different channel, and change the IP address range back to the 192.168.1.X(I changed mine to the 10.X.X.X when I first got the router). In short the instructions said I need to configure my router back to a basic out of the box router to get it to detect the camera. It never did detect it and I ended up having to use a network cable to configure the device. Once I got it setup and running I was not very pleased with the quality of the output that my family could see. The manual stated that this was due to network bandwidth problems but I have a fast DSL connection and my parents have a fast cable connection. So the band with problems had to come from the speed of the camera wireless connection, and I could not change that. To get a decent frame rate I had to turn the video quality to Very Low at 320x240 and the sound quality resembled that of a skipping record. There is a setting for a tiny 160x120 video image but there was no way I was going to do that given how much I paid for the camera. I bought it Christmas Eve and returned it the day after Christmas. I was very disappointed with this device given that I paid as much as I did but if I purchased the camera for a third of the price I MAY kept it thinking "You get what you pay for". ...more info
  • Bad Really Bad
    Ok, I am not an expert on Webcams and neither are most of the folks buying these devices. Therefore, here is my two penny's worth and I do hope that it helps a few make the right decision.

    Focus: This is manual. Hence, you have to fiddle with the lense all the time to get your subjects in focus. And since, it is wireless, I am forced to carry a laptop or something around to do that.

    Internet Explorer: Only works on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Since, I use Firefox for most of my work, I am forced to switch to Explorer. Not good.

    Messenger Integration: It does not support any messengers. So in essence not good if you are planning to use it with MSN, Yahoo or AOL. Forget it.

    Quality: It needs good light to produce good pictures.

    Sound: This is actually quite good and it picks up minor sounds from the room as well.....

    Configuration: It was a bit of a pain if you follow the proper procedure. I just threw that out and followed my instincts... and it worked..... Primarily, the web interface is much better in configuring it then its automatic wizard. Try that.

    Linux Support: Since it requires Internet Explorer, it wont support linux platform. So be careful ..... ...more info
  • Exactly What I Needed!
    I saw a how-to piece on [...] on how to set up this product, and decided to try it. For anyone looking at this product, I strongly urge you to look at that piece.

    Following the instructions, I got it to work in a few hours. The tricky part is forwarding the wireless port, which took a bit of trial and error. Otherwise, all very easy to do. Given that I have very shallow understanding of computers, I would think that if I can do it, most people can as well.

    I agree with many people here that the support at Linksys is ineffective. The help desk person tried, but in retrospect, he did not ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the problem.

    Now that the camera is working, I realize that this is exactly what I was looking for. It allows me to get on the web at work to see and hear my baby at home. That is priceless!
    ...more info
  • awful product made in usa.
    this is truly the product that makes you hate made in usa products.
    i bouht it for $180 because i thought it was cool but if you look at the design closely you will notice it is awkward, bulky and easily breakable. it came in the mail, hooked it up and never connected on the internet. dns did not work. called cust. service and they send me second product on warranty. second one was shuting off by itself. i tried to exchange again but linksys got nasty at me. i threatened to sue them for wasting 2 months and $200 for this product and countless hours to set it up but finally i threw it away this product from hell.
    true story...more info
  • Horrible product and even worse support!!
    This camera would not connect to my wireless network unless I first connected directly with a cable...then powered down, disconnected the network cable, and powered up. If any settings are changed the camera would not power up without a subsequent reconnect with a cable.

    The linksys ddns servce would not function correctly (would not refresh a non-static IP address). Cancelling it was a nightmare of phone calls. The customer service number they give is only a starting point .. you then go through 2 or 3 layers of folks who ask a lot of questions they should not need to ask to cancel an order (like your account password) and then tell you it will be "reviewed by the supervisor" before it is cancelled. Very uncool customer service.

    The send email function on motion detection would not work at all. I wasted about 5 hours talking to folks (in another country) who only repeated back to me what I said without offering any actual solutions. While my experience with the physical product was horrible, it was the poor tech support that was the clincher that made me pack it up and return it.

    The 'send email/video' on motion detection function (when you read the manual about what it will actually do) is not actually useful at all, (even if it had worked). What I expected was that there would be software that would be able to start recording video when motion is detected for a period of time (e.g,. 2 to 10 minutes, or perhaps until no further motion is detected). All this thing is even SUPPOSED to do is send 2 to 5 seconds of video as an email attachment and then you are supposed to connect to the camera from wherever you are in the world and tell the camera to start recording! Completely useless as a security device unless you are in a postion to monitor the camera 24/7. I'm not sure who is able to do that.

    Bottom line: look harder for a better product and avoid LinkSys like the plague if you even think you'll need tech support.
    ...more info
  • Quirky and Unreliable
    This is an amusing toy when you have excellent line of sight connectivity but it is not practical for any sort of serious use. Even in ideal circumstances the screen often just goes blank.

    The configuration utility did not run properly on my computer (new) so I had to configure it manually which would have been unpleasant for someone not knowledgable about computers....more info
  • This works
    I purchased the Linksys IP camera to use as a baby monitor. My concerns with purchasing this IP camera was whether it will work well(since I could not find any major in-store retailers that are carrying such product) and if I could set it up with my home network. To my delight, the IP camera works good. I cannot say great because afterall video streaming over IP is still fairly new. Do not expect DVD quality with any IP camera on a home network for another few years. And for installation, I found it simple and very straightforward.

    * Easy to install
    * Easy to administer (even from outside of the LAN)
    * Password protection to access IP camera
    * Builtin Microphone that can be remotely turned on and off.
    * Good video/audio while accessed from LAN
    * Once configured, it automatically jumps back on your network with no re-configuration, after unplugging and replugging it into an electrical socket.

    * Poor video caputure of movement when accessed from the web, but the picture is good.
    * Cannot remotely control camera to focus or pan around a room
    ...more info
  • Configuration Nightmare and unreliable.
    I tried several days for this device to connect to wireless home net using wep. I have a linksys adsl gateway modem. Linksys support cannot not resolve the issue. Firmware upgrade did not work.
    Eventually I discovored the following behaivor:
    %90 percent of time if the cam is power of or losses wireless connectivity you must plug network cable make it run with the cable and power off then unplug network cable then power on! Same issue If I reboot the modem!

    I have high speed ADSL at home and my office has a very high speed internet connection.

    if it works Video is acceptable. But my wife cannot see video from her office (2 Mbit Connection)

    audio is very very bad from internet.
    poor management. I cannot reboot or
    see usernames in the log.
    If power of you may loose wireless connectivity.
    large in size.
    poor support.
    for european user no 240 V switch in power adapter.

    I think the price is very high for this unreliable device. (hey I paid for voice but it did not work from internet!) I did not test the other cams but I think this device is at the begining of the the road. should be developed. pls test the other cams.

    ...more info
  • Great product
    I've been using this product for one month and the results are very good. It is a nice wireless camera with an interesting mail capability. Even though I live in a rainy country (Costa Rica), I installed it outdoors (but well protected) I get the mails that I need. Probably it won't last for many years, but for the amount of money I paid, the product is great. Probably I will buy a couple of cameras more to get all the views that I want. My wireless router is W54GS linksys and I use an ADSL local internet service. It its necesary to upgrade the firmware to 2.07. I do not recomment to go to 2.11 because I found some bugs....more info
  • Not worth it
    I bought this so I could keep an eye on my home while I travel for long periods of time. Right now I am completely frustrated as this is Day #2 away from home and the camera suddenly does not work anymore.

    It was a pain to set up, tech support call center is located somewhere outside the US (I should have known then that this camera would be a problem) and it was really difficult to understand accents both times I called...and I work with people with accents all day long as an ESL teacher!!!

    Don't buy it...wait until they make a better camera as this one is not worth the price.

    ...more info
  • cool
    bought recently in the UK and did find it a bit troublesome at first, but the latest firmware upgrade sorted out all the niggles. i have it running on a slow (64k up) broadand connection and it works a treat, good image quality. Had to use port 1024 and forward it on my wirelss router as i already have another web server running on the same WLAN.. the only pain is that work blocks all ports except 80 (HTTP), so i can't watch on my work pc, but can on my work dev pc which is on broadband....more info
  • Microphone works only for 2 weeks.
    I have had this camera for the last 4 months (well in reality 3 different cameras). The camera has its positives and negatives

    I can view my baby from work, which by itself makes it priceless.
    The picture quality is better than I expected.
    The Viewer utility lets me record images and take snapshot.

    The microphone stops working within few weeks. I have gone and exchanged 3 times. The camera's microphone works great for 2 weeks and then after that just hear a constant buzzing sound. I have sent Linksys multiple emails regarding the matter, but no answer. I would appreciate if anybody out there has a resolution for this.
    I also did subsrcibe to the Sololink service. The website is extremely slow. Luckily I was able to configure the viewer utility on my work computer.
    Setup directions and Linksys helpdesk could be a lot bette
    ...more info
  • Network Nightmare
    The camera is plagued by frequent lock-ups. It is unable to renew IP addresses when in DHCP mode and does not acknowlege static IP address changes. I had to reset the camera 3 times to default. After reset it is accessible by the .115 address. I was able to get the device working on a couple of occasions, including port forwarding features through a linux firewall. However, if you do get this camera up and running, I don't recommend shutting it off. Technical support was very helpful in telling me how to open the box....more info
  • Unable to connect wirelessly
    I was unable to connect the wireless camera to my wireless network. I was on the phone with tech. support for almost an hour and tried many things but it wouldn't connect. It did connect through a wire but that's not what I bought it for.

    I also found the setup process difficult and would not have been able to complete it without tech support. I had hoped it would be as easy to connect as connecting a laptop to a wireless network. But that was not the case....more info
  • Good Hardware, Terrible Software
    Was able to install and get the camera up and running on my wireless network, without any WEP (encryption)
    It took a call to tech support, and about 40 minutes to get it connected WITH encryption.
    The Viewer Utility that comes with the camera works fine when you're in network (LAN), forget about using WAN.
    Even though the literature boasts the connectivity and features over the internet- the software doesn't work!
    After spending about 2 hours on the phone with various tech support- most of it on hold- the tech comes back and says "this software doesn't work over the internet"
    to which i reply "that's not what your bragging rights on the box says... there's a tab within the program for LAN, and a tab for INTERNET.. why does it ask me for the IP address and PORT if it doesn't support AN INTERNET CONNECTION?"
    ...dead silence...
    to which the heavily accented tech support gentleman responds "well, thats what they're telling me"
    thanks for wasting my time.
    At any rate, that's not to say you can't connect to the camera over the internet- you can- you simply can't use the included viewer utility over the internet. (taking snapshots, video, scheduling pixs and vid)

    great picture quality
    high frame rate capability
    adjustable arm and stand

    viewer/recorder utility doesn't work over internet
    expensive...more info
  • now it always works
    I left my baby at home with nanny. Amount thousands $ we spent on electronics, nothing worth more than this web cam, simply because it let me see my child while I am working. I wanted something that i don't need to turn on my PC all the time. The wireless feature and microphone is definitely a must. I am happy with the video image quality eventhough it's not impressive at all. All I need is knowing what's happening around my baby. Although the problem I have is some time I can connect to this camera at work, some time I simply can't. I say I usally get 10% of success rate. It's truely frastrating when I need to connect but can't. I guess it might have something to do with firewall of my company. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Called linksys help. They seams know nothing more than a regular customer does and they can't tell more than what menu says already.
    Another problem is the microphone stops working after two weeks. I had to replace it with another unit with my own shipping expense. I just want to have this product working because I can't find another product had the same feature (wireless and microphone).

    After talking with linksys a few times, and asking technical advice from my friend. The problems I had might been two: I use a router to get access to DSL. This router was set up a while ago, and apparently it'll only stay idle for 30minutes. So I need to set it to be "always active". 2nd issue might been this cam needs to use channel 1024. After these two things were done, I can connect to the web cam without any more failures. Hope this help in case you had the similar issue I had.
    ...more info
  • Good, but not good enough for surveillance
    Let me begin by offering my overall experience with this camera. I had no difficulty at all setting it up for either wired or wireless operation. The included software worked flawlessly allowing me to record sessions.

    For my purposes, my intention was to supplement a surveillance system I currently have in operation using two high resolution Toshiba network cameras. I was hoping to be able to get half-decent quality from a camera costing 1/3 of the cost of the Toshibas. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

    In general 640x480 does not provide sufficient resolution for surveillance as you cannot make out features in any detail. For example, you may be able to see someone entering your home, but you'll never be able to identify that person, especially with this Linksys. Overall clarity was so poor that I still can't really determine whether or not this is a color camera (and if it's B&W, I guess that's why). Also, this camera is fairly useless in low light situations. For example, if you had only a single 40W lamp on in a room, this camera displays mostly noise (white static).

    Finally, this camera is not supported by the surveillance software that I use. The camera does ship with software, however, for surveillance use I need the software to not simply fill up the harddrive, but to make room by deleting old files and continuing to record. The included software does not include any such functionality.

    All in all, for the price, it does what it advertises. However, I've found no camera in this price range to be able to work as a true surveillance camera....more info
  • All the wrong technology and bad networking
    This webcam ONLY works on PCs with IE. Remote viewers must download and install an active X plugin. When it emails you video, the format is .asf. Heard of that? It's so old school, you have to tell Windows Media Player that it knows how to play it. The quality of the emailed video is terrible. If you set it to record 5 seconds and you get about 1 second at 2 frames per second.

    And then it gets bad. I gave the camera my networks SSID. Then I moved the camera to the back of the appartment and it jumped onto my neighboors network. That renders the camera completely useless. ...more info
  • Learning Your Mother Falls - Priceless
    Update: 28 March 2005: Comparing two web cameras. I originally bought the Linksys WVC54G and now have the Hawkings NC320W. Both are very good for senior monitoring purposes. I now prefer web cameras which use Java applets (NC320W) instead of ActiveX (WVC54G). There are situations and browsers that simply can't use ActiveX and thus can't display images. The quality of both web cams is suitable for senior monitoring. Expect image quality to fall off in low light. The WVC54G has a wider field of view. This can be important in situations where you'll have to buy two NC320W to see everything whereas only one WVC54G is needed. I am now using three NC320W and viewing using Firefox browser. Warning: setting up a router to handle multiple web cameras needs a near router expert. The NC320W may soon become obsoleted by the newer and cheaper HNC230G (not released as of this date). I recommend setting up the cameras using static IP addresses so power outages won't cause new addresses to be reassigned.

    True Story. Everyday I check on mom to make sure she's ok. While on vacation in Australia, I tuned in at the very moment she fell off the couch in Chicago. Using Skype, I called the senior home to have someone help her get up. Although she could have slid over to the phone and called for assistance, the important thing is that I learned she falls and can't get up by herself, and she hasn't been telling us. The WVC54G works well for this application. I can even see which DVD she's watching. I had to open port 1024 to get it working so it's not plug and play. Once running, it has never gone down, very important. My only complaint is that the auto white balance isn't true. Colors and lighting are somewhat off....more info
  • Not Impressed with the new version.
    I've had the older version (11B) for over a year and have never had a problem. I bought the new one (54G) a month ago and have been unable to connect via the Internet. I've emailed Linksys support multiple times and they don't even respond. And just this week the built in mic stopped working. All I hear is static. I love the linksys wireless products and have spent a lot of money with them. I can only hope this is just a fluke and that Linksys will pony up to not only replacing mine, but fixing this problem for everyone. ...more info
  • Great and simple
    I have found this camera to be easy to use, setup, etc. The quality of the picture is not superb, but it is an internet cam-- you can only expect so much. Works extremely well for security purposes. ...more info
  • No stars really
    Camera cannot color balance, Linksys support blows, three hours on the phone with them they are clueless on how to really make the sololink DDNS srvice work, this item is a Bad choice for web cams, it also does not support regular codecs for usage on web cam fourms, systems etc.. its mainly point to point and only allows 4 users at a time to view.. I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS ITEM AND ITS BEING RETURNED TO AMAZON...more info
  • Best Video Game in Town for your money!
    Unlike the other reviewers comments, I have a positive experience with this camera. Linksys did their homework on this one. The 54g is ahead of the pack with it's technology and the price is affordable. I have been able to compare the two leading suppliers and for sure Linksys takes the cake. With their SoloLink partnership, this is a turn key operation and makes it easy for the user to view anywhere without the security hastles that one may encounter behind a firewall. Other suppliers display the video via an Applet that is looking for a video port to transfer the video information and this may be a security issue with some administrators. With Linksys, you do not have to worry about that since SoloLink will display the video stream at their secure site. This camera was easy to set up, of course I have a Linksys router too, but it was not complicated at all when compared to the competition....more info
  • Qucik and easy.
    From the time I got my camera home and out of the box till I had it up and running was about an hour. This included the SoloLink DDNS service that came with the camera. The image is better than I expected for a wireless camera and the range is also far better than I had thought it would be....more info
  • Couldn't connect to the camera from outside my local network
    I already have the previous version of this camera (model WVC11B) up and running on my network and like it a great deal. This model refused to allow me to connect unless I was on my network. From outside using my WAN address and port assigned to the camera the camera rejected the connection. I know I had everything set up correctly because I was replacing the WVC11B and knew what I was doing. I contacted LinkSys and they told me to return the unit. I have read that this issue has happened to others so I suspect there is a bug in the Firmware. There is a new firmware version available now (version 2.07) however LinkSys Support can't tell me what issues were resolved with this version and the release notes are too low level to be able to tell if my problem was resolved. Since I already returned the device I couldn't just install the new firmware and find out. ...more info
  • Major problems with the unit
    I have had nothing but problems with this wireless camera. I purchased the unit from Amazon (great service and delivery within 1 day) and tried to set it up to connect to my Linksys Router (WRT54G) and have never been able to have it work through the wireless connection. The wireless camera connection to the router never was able to communicate, I spent over 4 hours with the Linksys technical support and went through 3 levels of support before they requested I return the unit to Amazon and get a replacement. I returned the unit to Amazon (once again, excellent service, an apology for the problem and a prompt replacement) and tried to set up the second unit. Once again the same problem on the connection through the wireless portion--after spending another 4 hours with Linksys (very helpful and good tech support center), they asked me to once again send back the unit--they were going to test with a similar setup to my system and figure out the problem. They were not sure if the units sent to Amazon might all be defective, certainly the two I recieved from Amazon have had problems. Amazon informed me they could not replace the unit once again --" As it seems that the problem with this item is more widespread than we originally thought, we are not able to send another replacement.
    We will investigate and remedy the situation with the item" (Amazon Customer Service)

    I am waiting Linksys to contact me once again and provide a solution as I really want this wireless camera.

    Pramesh...more info
  • It actually works and that's a surprise
    With a long history of many failed attempts at IP wireless cams, Linksys creates what others could not; one that works.

    Configuration with WEP was pretty easy. It's a little temperamental with distance compared to the tolerances of other G devices, but it works. It does not react well to low light levels and tries to compensate via its own gain. If you are using this in a home without AMPLE light, expect a grainy picture.

    Frame rate is about 20FPS and is annoying. The security feature works. It senses movement and mails a captured video file. With only 4 seconds at the medium setting, the video images were over 500Kb. This is not for a dial-up AOL user.

    There is a remote viewing option that lets you use their web servers to hit your cam from anywhere. Of course expect to pay about $40 for two years access....more info