Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
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Product Description

Say goodbye to password hassles. Now you can log on to your computer and your favorite Web sites with the touch of your finger, without having to remember all those passwords - simply place your finger on the receiver whenever a password or username is required.

  • Fingerprint reader for accessing websites and other features
  • Smoothly integrates with Microsoft and other software
  • Very simple to install and use
  • Eliminates sign-in hassles
  • Durable and reliable
Customer Reviews:
  • Hard to customize
    I dont know what is going with this hardware, but in the CD there are not drivers to use. You have to purchase the drivers in another place. Why sell a device without driver?...more info
  • Works as advertised, nothing spectacular.
    Easy install, easy calibration and setup, works as advertised, and for a reasonable price.

    Can't complain.

    I was hoping I'd be able to use it to log in to windows but so far that hasn't been possible since the device is totally useless without Internet Explorer being involved. (or firefox with a plug in)...more info
  • As good as the best.
    I market professional and industrial security devices for computer, network and building access. This is as good as the top of the line security devices costing more than $200 more. I will agree that this is not for commercial use, i.e. programable interface, high level of lockout security.... but it is a great device for home and personal use.

    It will respond and assist with login for all types of programmed access. In my browser, I can open my bank's web page and touch my finger to the reader and boom dada boom I am in. Even works for elderly people who tend to have less definition in their finger prints. ...more info
  • Good Device, Some Shortcomings, can backup up passwords
    Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

    The little device works, but as it says only on IE and windows login.
    The windows login screen does change, it defaults to the fingerprint reader, but has a button for "other credentials"

    Installation went without a problem, I would change the installation so the message that says "plug in the fingerprint reader" goes away when you plug it in.

    I had a problem registering my thumbprints, so I just used all my other 8 digits (in case I cut or scratch a finger).

    The bright red LEDs stay on all the time, it would be a lot better if they didn't come on until a finger was near or on the device.

    There is a way to backup and move the password files around - it is in
    the import and export menu options.

    I like the wasy you can select certain fields of the login screen, and what button to use to "submit" when you create the login info. I am also using roboform, and am running both. Once again, the limitation of the fingerprint reader only works on IE. (And nothing works on Chrome!).

    This is a good way to have your spouse have access to all your files etc if something hap...more info
  • Microsoft is terrible
    It astonishes me that Microsoft has become such a huge conglomerate that they can not even support their OWN PRODUCTS. If you read through the many reviews of this product on Amazon, it comes to light that this product is supported on Vista, but not on 64bit Vista. GO FIGURE.
    My question, then, is this: Why make a second version of an operating system, if almost NOTHING works with it? Why offer it to consumers, knowing damn well that what you're selling them won't work with the OTHER things youre selling them? WHY?!?!? To make more money from us middle-class idiots, that's why.
    I didn't buy this item from Amazon, but another large retailer, and now I have to return it, because I spent 2 hours trying to track down a way to make this work on my new HP laptop with Vista 64bit. Needless to say, it doesn't work. I guess I could blame myself for buying a computer with 64bit, but still. I shouldn't have to.
    This product would be amazing if it actually worked. But, unfortunately for myself, and many others like me, it doesn't, and Microsoft obviously doesn't care one way or the other. Because, after all, they got my money for Vista being on this laptop I'm using right now, and they got my money for a Fingerprint Reader that is made by Microsoft, but not supported by Microsoft.
    Thanks a lot, Bill Gates and company, you made even more money than you already need....more info
  • good hardware, bad software
    I tested it in windows vista.
    It seems to be a good hardware but the software is terribly bad.
    only Internet explorer is supported, and I can oppen my computer with it quickly.

    Need to bee updated by microsoft...more info
  • Excellent FINGER READER accuracy
    This is an excellent product. I use it within a IN/OUT employee aplication.


    ...more info
  • Not so Good
    This product need more focus in quality. Just bought a month ago and work for a day only. Its just simply doesn't turn on after a day used. The only good things is this product was bought through Amazon and they have a great return policy. Have it return and get credit back. Will try another product....more info
  • great for convience
    it has made the job of signing in to site and computer an easy task now, just put your finger on it and you logged in....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Very simple to set up, and easy to learn. It took about fifteen minutes to get the unit up and running. The software seems to work pretty well--I intentionally added a bad password, then tried to figure out how to fix it without the documentation. It took about five minutes. It works well in Vista 32--the logon is integrated into the Windows logon, rather than being overlaid, as some other readers (such as OmniPass) are. And it allows me to bypass the fingerprint reader at the Vista logon screen, so that I can still logon with a password if the reader is broken. I am pleased with this unit....more info
  • MS Fingerprint reader
    Nice item, I used it in my Yahoomail,Messenger,Online BAnk Account,Amazon ,almost all Log-IN, /Cons: Scanner Light always lit...more info
  • reaky you are # 1
    you have nice product

    thanks for help me and answer about all emails

    :)...more info
  • Fingerprint reader
    Works beautifully, every time.

    BUT, can be quite confusing to set up.

    I am generally satisfied with its use....more info
  • Doesn't work well with Firefox
    The Microsoft fingerprint reader works just great as a convenience with Internet Explorer. The problem is that I rarely use IE. It does not work well with Firefox. There is add on software to let it work with Firefox but it's not well integrated and doesn't always work as it should.
    If you are using Internet Explorer it is great, if not then it's not really worth the effort to install it....more info
  • not 64bit vista compatible
    I bought one of these only to discover it is NOT vista 64bit compatble. It will only work on vista plans for 64bit support ever. Mine sits in a file cabinet with the useless software. I don't plan to buy any more microsoft branded hardware. They don't stand behind their products....more info
  • does not work at all on vista all versons and bits
    horrible, doesn't work at all on 32 bit or 64 bit it's a waste of money ;(...more info
  • This ROCKS!!!!
    I was doubting this product's reliability and usefulness after reading some reviews about it, but, as soon as I took it out of the box and installed the software, it worked beautifully. First of all, I have Windows Vista 32-bit (it doesnt work with WV 64-bit) and it works. It comes with instructions right out of the box along with software. The software installs quickly afterwhich it asks you to plug in the fingerprint reader and restart. After you restart and log in it automatically asks you to select a finger on a diagram and then scan it four times successfully (basically you scan your finger facing down). After that you can log into Windows or a website simply by scanning a registered finger, typing in your username and password, and then scanning a registered finger again. The fingerprint reader is very small, but not flimsy and it is inexpensive. It scans your finger quickly when you touch your finger on the fingerprint reader. You can also unplug and replug it and still be able to log on to websites and Windows. The backlight being on all the time doesnt bother me at all. Overall : GREAT BUY...more info
  • Not compatible with Vista 64!!
    It is amazing that Ms products are not compatible with their own MS operating system.

    It works good enough. I have an integrated fingerprint reader in my laptop and this is so far much better, because you just put your finger on top of it, instead of swiping it.

    Get an updated version 2.0 of the software in the site, because the CD included has v1....more info
  • Won't read my finger
    I guess my hands are too dry? I tried 2 different readers & neither one would work. The reader also wouldn't recognise some of the websites I needed it for....more info
  • Limited usefulness
    For years I used a U.are.U fingerprint reader and it worked well. A couple of months ago I decided to upgrade, primarily because the old U.are.U software (no longer supported) integrated so closely with the OS. The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader (MFR) is inexpensive, so I bought one. It installed easily, and I was pleased that it did not take over my logon. That is, unfortunately, when the fun ended.

    The biggest annoyance for me is that the MFR doesn't work with Firefox. (It is possible to get it to work on some Firefox screens using roundabout methods.) My old U.are.U worked very well in Firefox, so it is apparent that Microsoft purposely disabled that capability - hardly atypical behavior for Microsoft. I use Roboform for many webpages, anyway, so I managed by using the MFR to enter my Roboform password for sensitive sites.

    A couple of other drawbacks are that the MFR doesn't work for initial PC logons, a problem I researched and found no solution for (a lot of complaints, though). And Microsoft doesn't encrypt your fingerprint (U.are.U does), so there are security issues.

    I was scraping by with the MFR when it decided it would no longer fill in Quicken, Roboform, or other passwords. The bottom line is that the MFR can be a convenience if you use Internet Explorer and don't care much about security or reliability. Otherwise, spend a little more and get a lot more. (NOTE: I ordered and tried the U.are.U 4000B and it is no better than the Microsoft reader, except that it encrypts the fingerprint between the reader and the PC - not likely a security concern in most applications.)...more info
  • Highly not reccommended
    Microsoft Fingerprint Readerya so all you have to do to get pass this thing is lift a print from some surface with clear tape, scan it, print it, highlight the finger ridges and put it on the reader and your in, you can do it in like 15 minutes....more info
  • Nice idea, but falls short from ideal

    I must admit when I first saw the advertisement for the Microsoft fingerprint reader, I was intrigued by the idea that I could forget about having to remember all my passwords for the various websites as I could just press my finger against the reader and have it logon for me. That is a fantastic idea!! As long as my fingerprint doesn't change I would have access to the websites and it would be as easy as swiping my finger against the reader.

    The reader is very easy to install and it is fairly compact so it does not take up too much space. I put some Velcro on the back of the reader and stuck it on my keyboard next to the keypad. The software for the reader is very workable and self-explanatory. It doesn't interfere with my other software and it doesn't cause my system to crash so that is a bonus that is more than I can say about some of Microsoft's other software attempts. But after working with the reader for just a couple of days I realized that it is not a simple as Microsoft would have you believe. First of all, the reader can only associate one account per website. Meaning that if you have two checking accounts at let's say Citibank, you can only logon to one account with the reader and you still have to remember your logon and password for the other account. That is one major drawback of the reader since we have multiple accounts at various sites. Secondly, the reader only works with Internet Explorer. It doesn't work with Firefox, and it doesn't work with Opera. I've searched online to see if there are other browsers that are compatible with the reader, but it seems like that if you want to use the reader you will have to use Internet explorer 6.0. That is really infuriating since I don't really like Internet Explorer. I would much rather use Firefox or Opera as they happen to have functions that fit my needs. Furthermore, I don't like the fact that Microsoft pushes the use of their software by limiting the compatibility of their hardware and forcing the consumer to switch over to one of their products especially when there are superior software products out there. I think that is just another example of big business trying to monopolize the industry.

    The customer service at Microsoft absolutely stinks. I don't like the fact that they have outsourced all of their customer service calls over to India so when you have to troubleshoot you have to talk to Mike whom you can't understand because of the thick accent. So again I had to turn to the Internet for answers to my questions.

    In summary, the fingerprint reader is good when you can use it, and if you are using compatible Microsoft products. If I were to make the choice again, I would definitely purchase a fingerprint reader, but I would probably get a different brand.
    ...more info
  • Not for use in network environments
    This product is very good for personal PCs, specially when multiple passwords are required at different logging steps (I have already used up the fingers in one hand, each finger for a specified sign-in process). Managing and updating the logons is also very easy.
    Unfortunately, the sign-in profiles do not operate all the time in systems heavily protected like network systems or terminal servers, and they work erratically for remote email access with Verizon. In all these cases, the old fashioned sing-in process through typing and clicking still needs to be used.
    Overall, this is a very good product for home-based uses....more info
  • This works really well!!
    Got this for the kids computer so its easy to switch users. THis works very well and the software that comes with it makes logging into window or any website a snap. My only wish is that it doesnt work with the ComptureTime Software that we use to control how long each child is on the computer but thats because of ComputerTime's software.
    I was really surprised how well this works compared to the finger print swipe devices I have on the hp laptops. This works ALL the time while you may have to swipe 2 or 3 times on the finger print swipe type devices.
    If you are looking at biometric usb devices for Windows, would recommend this highly....more info
  • MS will not support this for Vista 64 Dont get ripped off!! by MS
    I have been using Vista 64 for over a year now and had purchased the fingerprint reader 1 year ago as well. The original FP site showed "vista support" but as of today, MS will still not produce 64 bit drivers for this. Don't waste your money on this with Microsoft. They lied about the software compatibility and have no intent on supporting their own products under their own OS. ...more info
  • Vista 64 Bit users Beware

    The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is not compatible with the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista(tm).

    From the Microsoft website. It appears Microsoft doesnt support....Microsoft?
    ...more info
  • Great product...Fun to use
    I like the fact that you just put your finger (any finger) and boom! it logs in automatically for you. You just register any of your fingers and there you go. Easy as 1,2,3!...more info
  • A really great reader
    This reader is all that was promised and more. I have been getting a little more forgetful as I get older and now I no longer have to worry about not being able to get into my sites. This has taken the worry about getting into to my web sites because I can't or didn't write down my name and password for the site....more info
  • Beware of Firefox
    I was disappointed to find out, if you want to use this with Firefox, the needed software costs as much as the fingerprint reader.
    (You can get it to remember just 1 url without software)

    It seems to work just fine with Internet Explorer using the included software.
    ...more info
  • WoW
    Just got this a few days ago and love it. Installation took less than 5 mins and was very simple.

    It is meant to be used with Microsoft software which is why it does not work with firefox. But no need to memorize all of your passwords any more. The software responds very fast and have not had any issues to complain about. Only reason I am giving it five stars is becuase it will not work with Firefox.

    ...more info
  • Nice product
    Works great with all websites and the general logon....

    Avoid any cuts on the finger contact surface and it wont let you down. ...more info
  • Fingerprint Reader - great product
    Love how easy this is to use, great for security and advancing age :>(, don't have to remember passwords, love it!!...more info
  • Doesn't work with IE7, Firefox, or Linux
    I have had it for more than a year now. It worked well initially with IE6 and I thought it was the best password manager yet. After upgrading to IE7, it only worked intermittently. I did some research and found that many many others are having similiar issue with the reader in IE7. First of all, I lost all passwords when I upgraded to IE7. Then the reader apparently doesn't work well with IE7's new tabbed browsing. Right now I have to swpie my finger 10-30 times for the reader to recognize my print. Again, sometime it works and sometimes it absolutely would not work. I have the most up to date MS driver. Not sure what the problem is or how to solve it....more info
  • Works pretty well!
    My office purchased this as a gift for one of our VPs. So far, she loves it!

    I haven't personally used it/interacted with it, but our resident tech-savvy guy says it works pretty well and was easy to set up....more info
  • Great little gadget!
    I just got this as a birthday gift from my daughter who knows she has an old techo/geek/nerd mom. Its fabulous! I have so many accounts and get tired of typing stuff in, and now with this, its soooo fast! I love it, managed to get it set up presto fast. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Pretty cool, but limited to Internet Explorer & Windows XP
    This is a very cool little gadget that stores your passwords and retrieves them with your fingerprint. It seems to only work with Internet Explorer, and there were a few sites that I had problems with entering. It does also integrate into the windows operating system, so that you can use it instead of a password when logging onto your computer, if you have it setup that way. The best thing I have found about it is that if you have multiple users on a computer, it associates a fingerprint with that user, and knows who is logging on and will load that profile. So it is pretty good, but it cannot handle all of my passwords for everything, and I still usae KeePass for that....more info
  • If you use XP x64 or Vista x64, DO NOT BUY!!!
    Just like good old Windows Live One Care, no where on the packaging does it say that 64 bit operating systems are unsupported. No, you get to figure that out after you get home and try to install it. Of course, no refunds on opened computer or electronic merchandise.... Nothing but nonexistent support from Microsoft as well. Tell Microsoft to kiss off and buy the superior Upek reader instead. They support 64 bit and everything else....more info
  • Works great, if you don't use Firefox.
    The fingerprint reader took about 5 minutes to install and set up my fingerprint scan. As long as you are using IE it works great. It does not seem to work with Firefox at all. Of course being a Microsoft branded item, getting any support is nearly impossible....more info
  • Great
    A lot of other reviewers gave rated this product low due to it not working. I have had no trouble installing or using this fingerprint reader. It does everything it says it will log website passwords, unlock your computer, and log it to your computer....more info
  • No VIsta x64 Support, claims Vista support on package
    False advertising, package claims Vista compatible but they have no drivers for x64 and if you read the replies people have gotten from reps at Microsoft they don't plan any. Good job supporting your own hardware and OS MS....more info
  • For convenience, not security
    This product is designed for convenience, not security. I was hoping it would replace the windows logon with a fingerprint logon to increase security but instead of replacing the logon, it just lets you have the option of logging on with your fingerprint (you can still just type in the password).

    Does not seem to work with Opera....more info
  • Great for Vista UAC, but no 64 bit drivers
    This device is ideal for Vista; it makes UAC login screens much less of a hassle. If you have the 32 bit edition of Vista, I recommend it. Unbelievably, more than a year after the release of this product, no 64 bit drivers are available.

    I have mine set up so that my index finger accesses my standard account and my middle finger is administrator. Logging in and installing programs has never been easier....more info
  • This didn't work for me
    Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
    This barely works on XP but not at all on Vista. I had high hopes and am amazed by the people who can use it....more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    I'm quite pleased that Amazon allowed me to return this product. It may work for some PC installations, but did not work for any of my 4 computers.

    1) No software support for Windows Vista, neither 32-bit nor 64-bit. No promise of when or even if it might be available.

    2) Pretended to work under Windows XP SP2, but I never could register my fingerprints with success. I have used other fingerprint scanners successfully.

    3) The software supplied does not treat the scanner as a standard security authentication device, useful for securing all sorts of things; instead, it mostly claims to work for logging into Web sites with IE, although some people say it can be used with Firefox if you get an add-in. I couldn't tell about this, as I could not get it to work at all with 2 XP machines.

    4) I would have rated it as zero stars, not even one, but the Amazon review software would not let me do this.

    But 5 stars to Amazon for taking it back!...more info
  • password

    item works as expected easy to install software needed to run this device...more info
  • Decent buy
    I bought this for my husband for his birthday, as he easily forgets passwords, but he was never able to get it to work. He was stubborn enough not to look online at the tips to scan your fingerprint, and I think he was also impatient. However it happened to be, though, it sits plugged in but not used. A waste of the money for us....more info
  • Welcome to the Future!
    This is an amazing fingerprint reader. I have owned this product for two years and it has proven to be a very helpful tool to me. It can log onto many password protected pages. It is extremly to easy to setup and to add a new entry. It only works with Internet Explorer which is not so bad because of Internet Explorer 7! It can unlock your Windows Vista computer which is a handy tool. You can also use the fingerprint reader to log onto an account in windows. (It is not compatible with Mac.) If you like fun tech stuff and a useful tool, this is the product for you....more info
  • Feeling more secure!
    I bought 2 of the Microsoft Fingerprint Readers & have not been disappointed. I use one on my laptop running Vista & the other on my desktop using XP. Set up was easy & straight forward. The only minor problem was that the readers were both slow to recognize my fingerprints early on - almost as if it was still learning my prints - but after 2 days of using it to log on to both Windows & websites & secured programs - they finally settled down. Now both work quickly & accurately. I really like the Quick Links feature that opens the browser to a website & logs you on. Very nice. I can highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great product
    This product is great! I Have windows Vista and there has never been an issue. I use it with Windows mail and i still have never had an issue. ALSO WORKS VERY WELL WITH AOL 9.0 NEVER HAD AN ISSUE. Great product!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Works Fantastic
    The MS fingerprint reader works very well and so far after a few months have had no problems......more info
  • Excellent Security Hardware
    Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
    I found this item very helpful in keeping my passwords confidential. I use it for quite a few programs that you have to log in to....more info
  • IE 6.0 Restricted Product - Crash IE 7.0
    Buyer Beware:
    Used for over the past year and it workED great with IE 6.0. Now with IE 7.0 and even with new driver from Microsoft, this MFR will crash IE 7.0 and slow down IE 7.0 whether you used WinXP or Vista. Best test site is to use eBay, crash very very often! P.S. It will NOT work with any other Internet browsers. As of today 9/4/07, this product is strictly for used with IE 6.0 period....more info
  • Fingerprint reader works everytime
    Fingerprint reader works everytime. The only thing is making sure your hands are clean prior to using. If not, you'll be cleaning the lense frequently. ...more info
  • Didn't get to use it long
    No need to re-state what others have said. The only problem I had is that,unlike some of the other brands, Microsoft uses a soft plastic window to place your finger on. When it gets smudged it won't recognize your fingerprint, and when I tried to clean it with ordinary window cleaner it got soft and sticky and now won't work at all....more info
  • Average
    Everything was great with the shipping; however, the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader just isn't for me. I used it mainly for Logon in Windows Vista. One of the biggest problems I have is that before I can log on, I have to wait two minutes for the device to turn on. I can't log on since the screen will say "Please Wait". Maybe it works better with a faster computer. I ditched it after about two weeks of use....more info
  • Streamlines online logins
    This is a wonderful accessory for a PC. It makes logging on to websites a breeze. It keeps track of your passwords and is easy to set up....more info
  • Easy access
    It's well worth the price. I been using for a month or so and has worked wonders. It has such a broad range that you can even include what color your Fav 1st pet was. The way it actually functions is that it runs in background till you show a screen that requires you to fill out many different blanks. If you 1st remember to put a finger on it... it will then remember ALL the blanks that you then type in as compared to Windows only remembering log-in and password. Once through filling blanks out, simply stick finger to again and it's saved. Once any info is saved it can also be put into auto-type for it's particular kind of blank on any webpage. The only real drawback is that it can't transfer already saved logins to itself, you must retype the info one more time for it to save. But with all the options available under what can be saved... yes.. It's a must have :)...more info
  • Works OK but not great
    I would probably be considered an expert computer user and I also have previously owned a different brand of fingerprint reader. My old reader, a BioPodMP4, sold by APC, and its OmniPass software worked GREAT with Windows XP and most web sites, but is not supported under Microsoft Vista, and never will be according to APC as the reader is considered to be an obsolete product. So, I bought the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader that is advertised as being Vista compatible. Well, first the DigitalPersona software that comes with the reader was NOT Vista compatible. You have to download version 2.0 from Microsoft (DigitalPersona doesn't support the MS Fingerprint Reader directly). That new download allowed me to at least get Vista to install the driver. However, after several weeks of use, I still can't get the reader to work to log in to Vista (Business Edition) itself. It does work OK with most of the web sites I log into, but not several of them. Plus, it's kinda slow to recognize a web site login and to read my fingerprint. And rarely, it seems to just never output the username/password. My older reader and software worked close to perfect with XP and my web sites, but this new MS reader with DigitalPersona 2.0 is only "OK." If you're looking for a reader and software that really serves you well, keep looking. If APC/Omnipass is listening: you had a great reader--PLEASE upgrade for Vista!...more info
  • Works well as described.
    This thing works just as advertised. Makes surfing websites a breeze. Other than few sites that doesn't work(eg. BOFA, ING....because the way those sites are setup) I would say it works for about +95% of the sites that I use. Setup was easy, read all my finger scans on first try(and reads scans on first try 100% of times so far) Works for both my XP and Vista computers. Overall, I am very satisfied....more info
  • No support for 64 bit editions of WinXP and Vista
    Its hard to imagine that MS does not want to support its own hardware on its next generation OS. $39.99 down the drain!...more info
  • Useless toy
    This is not a "goodbye to passwords" device as it's promoted, it is useful for entering passwords into websites, ONLY. It does not function at all with Firefox, Opera, or any web browser other than Internet Explorer.

    It will NOT unlock a locked PC, although perplexingly it will log into a logged off one. It will not log into a remote desktop session, so you sysadmins who think this is going to help you do real work, think again.

    It's for websites only, which makes it largely useless since any modern web browser will save website logins anyway.

    The reader itself seems to work very well, I didn't find it missing a fingerprint read once while I was trying to find something useful to use it for. ...more info
  • microsoft is selfish
    if you use mozilla firefox as your browser, you're going to have to download an extension. it only works with internet explorer and windows applications.
    but other than that, it works like a charm. ...more info
  • nice
    works good but you can't use it for nothing except to log on to your computer. it will not reconize any websites or programs...more info
  • Pretty Cool
    This is pretty cool and it works great. The only problem I have with it is that it will not log me on my computer because I am on a domain. Seems to me that you would want the security this provides on a domain. If you're not on a domain or just want it to log you onto web sites it works just fine....more info
  • Amazing Timesaver!!!
    The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader has done and is doing exactly what I imagined it would, save time by rembering your passwords for you. It is so easy to install and set-up. And the cool thing is, you get cool points from your friends because it seems like I know many people that have never seen one before. You seriously won't be disappointed by your purchase....more info
  • Good concept
    I think this is a great concept but for laptops it is more of a hassle than it is worth. I think if it were in the key board it would be awesome. If you have a desk top it probably wouldn't get in the way too bad, but for laptop users it is pointless. ...more info
  • very nice product
    This fingerprint reader really is a timesaver and convenience. It works very well as specified. I use it to log into my Windows XP account, check email on Outlook, and visit countless websites. One thing to note: it does not work with Firefox or AIM, and certain sites don't work too well either (e.g. bank of america). Overall however, I am really satisfied with the product and highly recommend it to others....more info
  • To make easier the little things in your life.
    This little thing is doing a good job, Make you worry-free about remember all your password, I didn't give it the 5 stars because I manage two different em@ils from my computer from Yahoo or Hotmail but the Fingerprint Reader only can recognice one of each.( one from yahoo, one from Hotmail,one from Gmail.......) otherwise work great, very fast.
  • Good secure times
    I have people in my house who like to bother others things. As well as people who don't know what they are doing and can mess up a pc. So this little thing is great for me. I am running a system with dual boot Vista/XP pro and this actually works on Vista. Nothing seems to come working with vistaa right now. So when I found out this did I was very happy. The setup is fast and easy. All you have to do is let it scan 2 finger prints and then it's done. When you start you pc it will show a pic of your finger print and ask you to scan your print. It has not made my pc start up any slower. I am running a very fast pc though. So it you have things you do not want people seeing. Or you have kids, brothers, sisters or even wives you do not want messing with your stuff I say get this then have a drink on it....more info
  • Works great!
    Bought it because my persona wouldn't work with Vista. This one worked as soon as I plugged it in!...more info
  • It's OK
    It works most of the time for me. If your hands get very chapped it doesn't recognize your fingerprint. Also, be careful when you delete your temp files and cookies....on some computers you have the option of deleting all cookies, temp files, saved information, will delete your saved passwords for this unit. I have to refer to my typed password list when it decides not to work so don't rely on it to remember your passwords and keep a seperate written list close by....more info
  • You will wonder how you ever did without one
    Item initally seen in a kiosk at a mall. I immediately went home and ordered three for the office. This fingerprint reader installed on Windows XP units without any problems on three different office computers. Most of the software and websites we access require password entry, so this is a great time saver and provides greatly improved convenience.

    I am so impressed after using it in the office that I am getting three more for all the computers. It's like broadband: once you have it you will wonder how you did without one....more info
  • good product, but limited
    nice product, but it is limited for only password applicaton. you cant use it for other purpose. but good....more info
  • lattimore43
    when I purchase this reader I thought I could use it for my web pages. but when Got the unit there was a warning in the package that said not recommend for use with banking on-line or any web that require high level of sec. also software only works with i.e. browsers some time
    please skip this item....more info
  • Bought one for each of my computers!
    Bought one for my office PC and it worked so well I bought one for each of my home PC's. I no longer have to remember all the logins and passwords on websites. I use a piece of clear tape to clean the dust off it once every couple of weeks. Works great!...more info
  • good value for money
    good item, simple to install and use and performs well. If you really want to just use this as a fancy gadget, it can slow down the start up of ur computer....more info
  • Great time saver
    Easy to use, easy to set up, saves time and was, for all that it does, cheap. There is an update on Microsoft's hardware website. Liked it so much I bought one for each computer. Buy it, you will like it.

    Rich...more info
  • this works flawlessly and makes things easier
    this thing is awesome--best thing i bought for my pc in a while.go to sites and program this thing to log in for you--then when visit the site touch the fingerprint reader and boom--there it is logging in for you.then anythng else that requires a login..i highly recommend i have vista and update for it was ready to download..unlike other fingerprint reader i had might love this thing as much as i do...more info
  • The best buy I have ever made in computers accesories
    The best buy I have ever made in computers accessories

    Don't hesitate and buy it right now. As soon as you start using it you will wonder how you could have lived without it.
    ...more info
  • Amazing little gadget
    This reader is perfect for everyday use, it stores passwords for every site that needs one and it never fails to recognize your fingerprint. Would recommend strongly!!...more info
  • Good
    It works great, i dont like the fact that you still can type in windows passwords with it, but none the less it works great, you can set it up with every account on windows so its not just set to 1 set of fingerprints. ...more info
  • It works fine
    I bought this at Best Buy a few months back, it does what it says. I have it working fine wuth Windows Vista Ultimatr right now, you just need to getb the update from Microsoft. I love just using my fingerprint and not having to use passwords or anything to login to my account or to websites. Works great, and on amazon is a very very very good price, I paid $50 for it at Best Buy....more info
  • This Product Fails to Deliver as Promised
    I bought this thinking how easy it would be to log into websites. It doesn't work. There is some software that is interfering with installation. I called Microsoft help and they tried to help me fix it but couldn't. They said someone would return my call. They didn't. I will have to keep trying or be out $33. What a bummer!...more info
  • Only XP or newer! Will not work with Win2K.
    Make sure you click on the "See more technical data" link. This device, as well as the Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint reader, will only work with Windows XP and it's variants.

    Nowhere in the "Product Description" or the "Technical Details" (unless you click the "more" link) is there a mention that this will only work with XP and not Win2000. That's a bummer. The compatibility should be one of the first things mentioned in the primary technical details. Shame on me for not digging deeper and discovering the OS compatibility issue. I simply assumed (yes, I know) that a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader would work with most, if not all, 32-bit MS OS. That's what I get for assuming...

    That being said, when connected to a WinXP machine it works great! I've used this on an XP Pro pc and a Media Center Edition pc and it works every time. There is, however, the issue of not working with Firefox/Mozilla browsers.

    Not being compatible with Win2K is why this rating was not 5 stars. Otherwise, great product....more info
  • Very convenient, but potentially dangerous
    This is a very convenient device for saving website logins and passwords so you don't have to enter them all. However, if you replace your windows log on with the finger print log on, BEWARE-- it replaces that menu both in regular boot up and in safe mode. Somehow my logon menu got corrupted, and would basically lock the computer up after it booted up. Even after unplugging, even in safe mode, I couldn't log in. Also, I couldn't find a way to boot with another device and edit some ini file or replace something to get windows to default back to the normal login pad. I work in IT, so I'm not the average computer user, and still ran into some "gotchas" with the device. I had hoped to boot in with safe mode, uninstall the software, and reinstall it. That was a no go. Even in safe mode, you can't use the old control alt del to get in if its software gets corrupted.

    It was accurate at scanning my fingerprint and did add conveniences, at a risk....more info
  • finger prints
    I bought this for my mother and she thinks it is the greatest. ...more info
  • Well worth the money!
    I purchased this fingerprint reader for my husband as a Christmas gift. I had waited 3 months to get this and no store carried it any more, all of them said the popularity was not high enough for them to keep stocking any fingerprint readers. My husband has Epilepsy and this causes him to forget his user log-in name and password quite frequently. Becuase of this, he changes them all of the time, then can not remember them, then when I need to access an account, I can't. I was able to program one of my fingers as well as his and now either one of us can take care of anything on the computer. This is great for anyone who is suffering any kind of memory problems....more info
  • Works Great!
    I've never had a problem with it. It does what it is supposed to do. I recommend this fingerprint reader. I don't know if it is better than any other brand but it works great for me....more info
  • Very convienent
    Not high security but a major time saver. Only problem is that i have touble remembering my passwords when using computers other than my own....more info
  • Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
    A good component for those tired of remembering and typing in user names and passwords for web sites and other programs that require a login.

    It's easy to set up with the included software CD, including registering of multiple fingerprints if you wish (there are spaces for all eight fingers and two thumbs, so you could share it with more than one user if you use the same login).

    Once in place, it guides you to set up logins without a lot of fuss. The first time you visit a site or open a program that requires a login (following Reader installation), it prompts you to create an auto-login if you wish. The Reader logs both the User Name and the Password for the login and can identify the button that needs to be clicked (such as "Login" or "Go"). Next time you visit the site, a prompt will remind you that you can login using the Reader, at which point you can put the correct finger on the Reader and you're in.

    Microsoft doesn't recommend using it for secure programs... but since most of us don't work for the NSA, I don't worry too much about it.

    I don't have long-term experience (more than a month) with the Reader so I cannot vouch for its reliability....more info
  • Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
    The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader works well and is easy to setup. one touch and your logon info is inserted into the proper fields. It is important to keep the lens clean in order for it to read your fingerprint properly. Cleaning is done with a piece of scotch tape to lift any smudges off the lens. This should be done once a day (more often if you are eating greasy or sticky finger food while computing)....more info
  • waste
    This is a waste of money. I does not work with other internet browsers other than ie. Like most of microsofts products it is fustrating

    ...more info
  • Microsoft Finger Print Reader
    I love this little gadget!
    I no longer have to remember all my passwords and email addresses.
    Just one tap of the finger and I'm IN!
    Works 9 times out of 10.
    If it doesn't read your print it's probably just oil build up from your fingers. I just take a piece of scotch tape and it pulls dust and oil right off!...more info
  • Software is slow to respond and soon becomes a pain to use
    I though this would save me a load of time when I logged in and out of different websites and I'd look cool while doing it. I actually look stupid while I wait for the software to figure out if my finger is correct, then fill in the fields and click the confirmation button....more info
  • Fingerprint and Pray!
    I've had this for over 4 weeks now. Its a good idea, but poorly implemented. I'm using Windows XP Professional with the latest device driver that comes with "Password Manager 2.0", and the main issues:

    #1 Doesn't work for Windows logon if your machine is in a "Domain"
    #2 Even with just 3-4 times a day use, the lens gets dirty every 2-3 days, and cleaning it is non-trivial
    #3 The performance is slow, especially for non-IE applications
    #4 It tends to hang the browser/application if you multi-task while its trying to logon.

    Overall poor: Its like the earlier buggy releases of windows "plug 'n play". This is "fingerprint 'n pray"!...more info
  • Not quite practical...
    This item was a cool gadget that i had to at least try. I got it in, and figured it would be easier than typing my password everyday. I was planning on using it for websites, and wifi, but i soon found that this wasn't as universal as i thought. The item was good, worked well, and all, but for everyday use, i found that i don't log into my computer enough to use this. For those who forget passwords, this would be great, or if it wasn't so bulky, or built in to my notebook. I guess that for corporate offices, that log in many people over a day, or for a family computer (desktop only) this would be fine, but for me, it was no good. I'll keep the product and try to implement it into a flash drive or something, but for regular use, it's not worth the price....more info
  • Huge Time Saver
    This fingerprint reader is the best product since sliced bread! It gets me into my PC's password to open Windows and most all other programs & sites. I use a different password and user-name for every site I have ever set up a "log-in" for. It was always a hassle to get my password /log-in book to look up my information. There was NO way I could remember them. And of course the "book" was never with the PC I was using at the time. And I found that my "reader" was the same way! So, I just bought another one. Now I'll have the "reader" whenever I need it.
    There are a couple of sites that the "reader" won't work with. But they are those sites that are extra secure; like SOME banks. Other than those type of sites; which are few in number; it has worked for me most all the time.

    I do recommend cleaning it like the instructions suggest with a piece of tape. I clean mine every few weeks. I also record 2 fingers on each hand. This way when the reader has a hard time reading your print (occasionally happens) use a different finger and you're right in! When it does have trouble reading your print, it's usually due to being dirty where you happen to "lay" your finger. Using another finger corrects this because you automatically position your fingers in a slightly different position each time you lay one on the reader. Then give it a cleaning the next chance you get.
    I give this little gem from Microsoft 5 stars! I would give it 6 if I could. I have had my first one for about a year and have had NO problems other than being dirty. Of course I haven't dropped it or "banged" it around either. It's like anything else. If you take care of it; it will take care of you! I'm not a computer "geek" by ANY means! I am just the opposite if anything. So IF I can set up the software; (piece of cake) and plug it in and have it work the first time around; Anybody can! Just follow the directions and you'll be using the fingerprint reader within minutes! Definitely buy it! You'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

    ...more info
  • Very easy to use! Saves time in remembering various passwords. Recommend!
    I bought one for each computer so far. It works very well with no problems encountered. Bought this in mid-2006 and had this for about 6-months with no complaints....more info
  • It is what it is
    Low end biometrics.... works when it wants to. I never got it to work as a login device for Windows and my many attempts to use it as a way to save myself from logging into websites didn't prove to be any better than just loggin in using the keyboard. Save your money and buy another toy to play with......more info
  • Excellent
    The microsoft reader works great. As an insurance broker I'm in an out of secure/password protected sites all day long and with my fingerprint reader I don't have to remember all the different passwords....more info
  • This product doesn't work with Windows Vista RC2
    I have the product because I just love the idea of being able to log on, switch accounts or sign on multiple web site with the simplicity of a finger touch. My goal was to use it with Windows Vista RC2.

    The packaging very clearly states that the requirement is to have Windows XP. A friend of mine told me that all the software needed to run that nice piece of hardware was probably already available in the operating system. This is not correct: the package comes with a CD-ROM and you have to install the program before you plug-in the device.
    Because Vista has reached RC2, and because the product is designed by Microsoft, I thought I would have no problems using it with Windows Vista.

    This is plain wrong. At this stage of development, the product doesn't work with Windows Vista. The operating system does recognize the hardware but the software fails to install. I have seen some forums mentioning that a Beta of the software was circulating for a limited number of beta testers,

    If you want to use it with Windows Vista, you will have to use a bit more of your patience. This will probably be fixed in the coming months.
    I give it a 3 stars rating to be neutral....more info
  • No Firefox or Windows domain support - deceptive MS marketing
    I bought this product on the cool idea that I could log on to any Web site with the use of my fingerprint. It says on the box that this product "should" not be used in corporate networks so already I was feeling suspicious, but since the store I bought it from has a good return policy, I chose to try it out. Well, the product simply does not work if your PC a member of a Windows domain (so "should" as stated above is misleading). Also, as some other reviewers pointed out, if you don't use Internet Explorer (a smart thing if you care about security), then you can't use this product as it is hard-coded to work with IE making this product useless for non-IE users. This is a cool concept gone sour by stupid / stubborn product compatibility policy and bad software design.

    If you are comfortable using IE and only intend to use it in a home environment, by all means, otherwise, stay away from this product.

    Thanks for reading my review.

    -Charlie...more info
  • Great Idea, time saver, but...
    Pros: I gave this item a 4 out of 5 stars because like many of you have so many sites that require logins now a days and some are not atonomous enough to remember your login info or password. This thing really comes in handy when logging onto your bank account website or other frequently viewed websites. So far successful programs that have worked which are non Microsoft programs are, Yahoo Messenger 8.0 and Gmail Notifyer. Logging into Hotmail, other sites like are a breeze.

    Cons: While the hardware is a great product, Microsoft rather slacked on the software side. Yes it is intuitive to a point of recognizing your fingerprint but it is not smart enough on some websites that have a search bar before the login :(. The software program that manages the thumprint registration & manager lacks security in itself. You'd think a program like this would have a password protected login prompt but unfortunately it doesn't. If you have a strong and reliable internet security suite, I highly recommend this product.

    Final notes, i've read other reviews that say identity theives can steal your thumprint but if your really that concerned about it just clean the the reader surface as instructed by the product regularly and you should be good to go. I agree, this product works very well with recognizing your fingerprint almost effortlessly, and with a price this low you cant go wrong with peice of mind and its ease of use....more info
  • Awesome!
    This thing is really cool. It is very easy to use and works very well....more info
  • Does not encrypt fingerprint!
    A nice device, but Microsoft didn't include software that encrypts the fingerprint image. Although very difficult to do someone *could* steal your fingerprint. To be safe I would not use this fingerprint reader for password protected websites that contain sensitive information or for network admin or computer BIOS privledges....more info
  • MicroSoft only
    Nice concept if it worked with all software. I don't know if its a hardware or software issue. Doesn't matter but this device is a microsoft only product. I have tried the firefox patch but it still doesn't work....more info
  • Great gadget !!
    I've been after one of these for months as you all know in todays world we have so many usernames and passwords to remember. Most people have system or use the same passwords but then you get to a site that wont except you normal combination ! Well this little device has worked every time for me. Easy installation, one reboot and you are ready to go. Use it to logon to windows (not domain though) and then open up internet explorer and start registering sites. The other major disappointment with this reader is that it doesnt work out of the box with firefox, which is bad as this is what I use most of the time but..... the good news is that there is an extension (plugin) for firefox that lets you use it, its by no means full proof but its a step in the right direction. info
  • Woks great except ..........
    I am using for last 2 years, works great; I don't think It would be difficult to manage without it.
    Easy to use.

    Software needs some improvement some time it hard to change password, that leave lots of duds in the list.
    ...more info
  • Extremely handy
    I have a lot of websites with password access and this thing allows me to bypass the process of trying to remember each and every one. Also logs you into windows if you follow the directions correctly. I have NEVER had a problem with it recognizing my fingerprints. Some people say it works only 70% of the time but not for me. It works 99% of the time, and that last 1% is human error when I don't put enough of my fingerprint on the reader. It reads in any direction, so you could put your finger on it upside down or sideways. You can input all 10 fingers, which I did, and it makes it that much easier. I live in a dorm setting with lots of practical jokesters so this thing is very useful for locking Windows when I leave the room with the door open and just pressing my finger to unlock it. The problem is that it doesn't work with mozilla, but it really isn't a big problem for me. It DOES work with the newest IE7 Beta 2. I have also found that it works with some of my non-microsoft programs that require passwords. Overall, extremely useful....more info
  • Firefox Glitch
    This finger reader is good. All the websites I access that needs logging in, I have bookmarked and I use my finger print to log in. Saves a lot of time. But this works only with Internet Explorer. When I tried using it with firefox, the software does not recognize the page as one requiring a log in. But otherwise its a time saver if you access a lot of websites requiring logins on a regular basis. The fingerprint reader works well with windows login and microsoft office files that you have set to be password protected. The product does not work with computers on a domain. ...more info
  • Good product, doesn't work with the screensaver
    It is a good product, and work well. You can log in to your Windows session, MSN, Yahoo Msn, Websites, but... not when you get the screensever protected with password, what you have to do is type you password so you can work again....more info
  • Another Microsoft product compatible only if you're all Microsoft, all the time
    Install failed first two attempts (wouldn't read my fingerprint at all, even after the apparent successful recognition of the device.) The integration between the Microsoft device and the DigitalPersona software is, additionally, horrid at best. (I needed to go the DigitalPersona website and download the newest version of its "Password Manager" software, conveniently absent from the install disk. I suspect, though, this is because I bought an old inventory item which has since been corrected.)
    Now the fun part: it basically works ONLY with Microsoft applications. Try using it with Firefox. I navigated to 7 different login pages, all of which produced the "error" message "This is not a login page."
    If you're logging in to your phone bill, bank and local electric company once a month, this product is for you. Otherwise, I'd try the fingerprint reader by APC, a company whose vested interests may only prohibit you from plugging your computer in with a competitor's power supply, but not from actually using it. ...more info
  • Only work about half the time on first try
    This fingerprint only work about half the time on first try. Other time I had to touch the reader 2 to 4 times before it would log into the website. Sometime I think it has more trouble than its worth. If you have oilly finger, you would also need frequent cleaning. Be very careful when register your finger print on the first visit to any website. If you type in the wrong password, there appear no way to correct your mistake and you can't use your fingerprint reader for that website. The only way I can fix it was uninstall the software. ...more info
  • Only as convenient as it is compatible
    Since this device is being marketed as a "convenience" product, it needs to take into account the habits of end users. Obviously, the value of this device is to simplify the logins for the dozens of web sites we visit daily. However, how many people use only one browser exclusively? Despite the form factor and price, if this reader isn't compatible with a browser I often use, that pretty much nullifies the "convenience" factor for me. Personally, I won't buy a product that makes my life more difficult for the sake of some theoretical "convenience" pitch. Microsoft take note: if another company builds a device that's compatible with both IE and Firefox, your product is pretty much obsolete. How hard could it be to improve on this product? I was ready to buy this device until I learned of its shortcomings....more info
  • Never forget your passwords anymore
    I was tired to remember and to put all my password around all the web sites that I need to access, with the fingerprint reader, now I can save my time and my brain space :D...more info
  • microsoft fingerprint reader
    The fingerprint reder works fine, the only complaint I have is that I have inadvertently added several passwords to my sign on with the reader and don't find any way to remove the excess pass words??...more info
  • Great Tool
    This device enables a person to log on with strong passwords. Upper/lower case, numbers, symbols, ect., And many digits long.
    It's easy to use. I bought a 2nd one for my laptop. I believe the passwords are encrypted in 128bit. Not 100% sure. The disclaimer says not to rely on this device for sensitive material. But with litigation the way it is today, product liability is in overkill mode, I think.
    ...more info
  • Does exactly what the package says.
    First, I want to list the system requirements printed right on the bottom of the package:

    Windows XP Home/Pro/Media Center/Tablet
    128 MB Ram
    45 MB HD Space
    Pentium 233 MHz or faster processor
    Internet Explorer 6.0 or later OR
    MSN Explorer 8.0 or 9.0

    The package does not mention support for other browsers such as Firefox or other operating systems such as Mac OS or other versions of Windows (x64, 98, etc).

    As for the performance of the device, it works great so far with my e-mail account, yahoo account and the student websites for my university. I am having some problems using it for messengers like AIM and Yahoo, but the package and documentation doesn't mention that this item could be used for such. The finger print reader works on the first try 8 out of 10 times, but it doesn't take much effort to just lift your finger and replace it on the reader no big deal as far as I am concerned. It is still faster and easier than trying to remember all my passwords and type them in every time I go to a site. It is also much more secure than just leaving your cookies on your computer where anyone who brings up a browser can read your personal correspondence. All passwords managed by the software provided are encrypted so they are secure as well.

    To change or remove passwords all you have to do is click on an icon that appears on the upper right hand side of your browser right next to the "closeout X".

    On a final note, I know that some people may have a poor opinion because the unit has the "Microsoft" name on it but Microsoft actually has nothing to do with the manufacture of the item. It is co-branded with the MS name but it is made by a company called Digital Persona. So, Microsoft had nothing to do with the production of this, they just paid the company to make some with their name on it.

    ...more info
  • Waste of Money
    Pros: Looks cool, touch pad has nice feel to it

    Cons: This product FORCES you to use IE. It does NOT work with firefox. Does not always accurately read fingerprints all of the time and is not compatible with all websites.

    Bottom line: Save your money. Set up your cookies to remember your passwords. This is $60 down the drain. ...more info
  • Great little device! Works as advertised!
    Bought this as more of a novelty item and it has yet to let me down! Works great with Windows XP login/screen lock as well as web pages. The only caveat that I can see, and the reason for only 4 stars, is that it only works with IE. Which is hardly a surprise as it IS a Microsoft product. Hello? Microsoft product. Microsoft OS/Browser.....get it? Although it would be nice to see other browser support in the future, its most certainyl NOT a big deal. Works 100% as advertised. ...more info
  • Doesn't work on all computers
    i love new gadgets so i bought this item and gave them as gifts. I knew this would only work with internet explorer so it didn't bother me that it didnt work with other browsers.
    It works with 95% of internet explorer log in pages and is very cool. The software is very limited without many features but it does get the job done(BUT SEE BELOW).
    However I bought multiple of these readers as gifts, and it didn't work on all the computers. On the computers it didnt' work on, the problem was that it would stop working after 30 minutes unless the user logged off and then relogged on. I have e-mailed microsoft back and forth, and apparantly this is an issue with certain computers. Microsoft is still trying to resolve this issue, however being this is the 5th e-mail back and forth with them, I am having doubts it will be fixed.
    If this item worked on your computer(most computers are fine) I'd give this 4.5 stars out of 5.
    Unfortunately if you decide toreturn this item when it doesn't work you have to pay 10 bucks restocking fee plus shipping, which made me just keep the ones that didn't work with the owner's computer....more info
  • Great for quick logins and works well
    This is great time saving device. I like the fact that I can just tap my finger on the unit and im logged into whatever page requires a log in. The initial web site login setup takes a few seconds and your done. The next visit its already saved and tap away and your in no more typing all those passwords and logins.

    It does have a few flaws though but nothing major. The editing of sites needs a bit of work as its a bit of work if you need to edit a sites login information. Also, when you reboot your pc the device takes a while to initialize and sometimes its just faster to type in your xp login.

    This device works as promised and for the most part I am very pleased with it.

    ...more info
    Yeah, I bought TWO of these MS fingerprint gadgets thinking to myself, "WOW, this thing is really cool." Set up was very easy (plug-n-play). Well, the thing worked well for a while, but then things began to decline. Some websites don't let the fingerprint reader at all. Sometimes the reader is responsive, and other times is does not respond well at all (despite cleaning with tape). Sometimes a menu pops up in the bottom right-hand corner of the computer screen and doesn't log you on at all. Now for some reason, the the reader has stopped working on my home computer altogether. The initial coolness factor has worn out. Im back to typing in my passwords and log-on names.

    ADVICE: Save your money for a better gadget because this is not worth the hassle over the long-haul....more info
  • Pretty Cool... if you use internet explorer
    This piece of equipment is very cool to have, if you like your computer toys... I use it to log onto my computer and AIM and a few other things but it DOES NOT work with Mozilla Firefox. IT will only work with internet explorer or crazy browser.. I use firefox. IT works great most of the time. Can be sluggish and also has a hard time reading fingerprints sometimes... Most of the time it works though. I highly reccomend if you use internet explorer. Other than that you are kind of wasting your money....more info
  • Good product with strong caveats
    Having not tried another fingerprint reader yet (am going to purchase the APC Biometric Reader) I can't say how much better/worse this product is than others. However, though it is easy to install and setup, it:

    - reads my fingerprint correctly 7 out of 10 times

    - doesn't include a utility to easily modify previously setup logins

    - will not allow you to use it to login to a domain network

    Now, I can deal with having to scan my finger more than once, but the other two issues should be corrected. The program comes with the ability to create quick links that are shortcuts to websites you've setup to use the fingerprint software. However, if one of these links is setup incorrectly, there is no simple one-stop utility to edit or remove them.

    Additionally, I purchased this unit as a test for moving our office to biometric fingerprint readers in place of standard passwords. Nowhere in the documentation, here on Amazon, does it state that this unit will not logon to a network domain. Microsoft apparently believes we still need to type our password to logon to Windows, which is one of the main things we wanted this unit to do for us.

    APC's Biometric Reader will logon to a network domain (called and confirmed with them).

    Simply stated: Good product worthy of 3 - 4 stars, but since they decided not to advertise its inability to logon to Windows, knocked down to 2 stars.

    A good product for home or workgroup use.

    ...more info
  • Does what it claims, but crippled by software
    It scans your fingerprint and does a pretty good job at recognizing prints. Not using IE, I use it mainly for Windows login. I couldn't help feeling that with the right software it could be much better.

    This is essentially a tiny scanner for reading fingerprints. The red light stays on all the time the device is plugged in, which can be irritating to some people. The software, as Microsoft did warn, only works with IE and for Windows login on XP.

    When I installed it the first time, it warned me that I don't have a password on my account (true). So I immediately went and changed my password, and subsequently it wouldn't log me in through scanning my fingerprint. Going through the Wizard again didn't help. I finally had to uninstall and reinstall the DigitalPersona software that came with the scanner.

    It would be so cool if it comes with an API so that other applications can easily integrate fingerprint recognition into themselves. It'll also be good if Microsoft actually put some thoughts into the security aspect of the product (encrypted USB communications, etc). But it does work pretty well at what it is supposed to do, and it's much more convenient unlocking my screen after I've walked away from it....more info
  • Good but with drawbacks.
    Overall a pretty good product. Very convient if you have a lot of passwords. Only problems I see are that if you have a lot of duplicte passwords, the cite you are trying to get will not take the the duplicate password. Sometimes I have to repeatedly press my finger on the reader to get it to read. This is my second (broke the other one) and if need be I would buy another. There are other ones out there but they are more pricey and they all do about the same job. If you want real security and encrypting you'll have to put out a good bit more than you do for the Microsoft product....more info
  • Crap
    Only works, sporadically at that, with Microsoft programs. Most of the time will NOT recognize your fingerprint or log-in information. An expensive piece of light and plastic. If you love the headache, glitches and freezes that Microsoft is notorious for providing....add this $50+ to that list! If you work hard for your money, then investigate a competitor's product. This is a piece of garbage. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Perfect inexpensive security!
    I am an IT Professional, been in the industry for 15 years. I would not hesitate to install this unit in small offices which require little security or homes.

    My wife and I share the same computer at home, and we both setup the unit in 10 minutes and had all of our favorite login enabled sites entered in the software for painless login.

    Hotmail, gmail, amazon, craigslist, ebay... a single finger press and we were logged in to any of them. You dont even need to turn the unit ON... it knows when your finger presses down and automatically signs you in.

    I was worried about latency, but logins happen in about 1 second (faster than I can log into hotmail).

    Get the unit ! Only downside is you have to use the fast user switching... which is a small security risk, but at home or a small office is no big deal.

    ...more info
  • Very Nice Tool
    Works very good...have not been able to fool it yet. The software could use some tweaking as it is hard to edit sometimes and there is no overall interface that allows you to edit each password (instead you must navigate to the login window and click on the icon - this causes loops sometimes). Otherwise this is invaluable for folks that have alot of log ins....more info
  • Kiss "passwords.txt" goodbye!
    DigitalPersona the leading software/hardware provider in PC fingerprint recognition technology has teamed up with Microsoft to produce a great time saver. This device allows you to easily log in to a WinXP machine and all of your favorite websites with a little configuration and a touch of a finger. Its great when paired with the Fast User Switching capability of WinXP - if my wife forgot to logoff I just touch the fingerprint sensor and I am logged into to my profile. Meanwhile, everything my wife was working on stays intact. We do a lot of online banking and bill paying and this thing is a real time saver!...more info
  • Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
    The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is a nice way to be able to log into your Windows Account and to various websites using Internet Explorer. Overall, the product is very easy to use and works well. There are currently three small issues that reduce the rating to 4 stars: First, the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is currently only compatible with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Firefox and Opera users will need to wait until the compatibility has been addressed. As far as Firefox is concerned, I do know of a few add-ons that can be used, but I have not found any to be really easy to use for recommendation here. Also, on some rare occasions, the fingerprint reader does not recognize the user after turning the computer on from hibernate mode. Simply unplug the device and then replug it back in if this should happen. Lastly, the Fingerprint Reader software does not allow the user to turn the Windows XP Switch User functionality on or off after the software is installed. The entire DigitalPersona software must be uninstalled before log in changes can be made. Users who continue to use the classic log in screen (Windows XP Home or Pro) and have not wished for such Switch User functionality for security reasons need not worry, as this will not affect your usage....more info
  • Only works with MS Internet Explorer
    Works well with Internet Explorer (I only tried it on one site) but absolutely is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox browser which I use nearly exclusively. ...more info
  • Average Computer Users Dream
    The set up is simple and the use is even more simple. Anyone who rated it below 3 stars is either not using it properly, an advanced computer user who expects Pentagon technology from $40.00, or a person whose computer specs need working on. For the average user, this thing is great. E-mail, websites, Windows accounts...all covered. I have one on each of my home computers. The only problem is the LED light does get annyoing at some points, but not enough to make me hate it. A BEST BUY!!...more info
  • Garbage Software
    - The hardware itself is very slick. It is actually much slimmer and more stylish than in the pictures you see on the internet.
    - Fingerprint registration is straightforward and seemless.
    - Logging into websites is very very easy once setup.

    -Only works with IE
    -WILL NOT work with active directory
    -DigitalPersona Password Manager (included) is complete garbage. Almost a complete scam IMHO
    -Digital Persona has awesome biotmetric software that is more expensive than the average PC.

    This product is shipped to you with basically no software whatsoever. It can fill in usernames and passwords very very well on websites but that's about it.

    You are NOT able to log into Windows XP, you are NOT able unlock your PC. You are NOT able to do pretty much anything except log into websites. Most of which support cookies and remember you anyway.

    Without any real software the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is a very expensive and very useless toy.

    The good news is that you can purchase the software from Digital Persona, the company that actually produces the MFR.

    The bad news is that the software costs more than the device, more than Windows XP, and quite possibly more than your PC.

    Borderline scam if IMHO....more info
  • Worked Perfect . . But It has Little problems
    This is really good fingerprint reader, it is fast and it reads from the first time when you put your finger on the reader, it has 3 problems, let me explain in details,

    Problem #1: Any change in web address will require to put the username and password again so you will be able to access it with your fingerprint.
    Problem #2: If you have like 2 email address on yahoo, hotmail or email server. The device won't know which email do you want to access.
    Problem #3: If you format your computer you have to do again assinging usernames and passwords there is no BACKUP for what you have assigned.

    Hope this review will be usefull for you...more info
  • Nice Concept/ But dont buy Microsoft
    I bought this thing thinking that it would be perfect for at home security from family members and freinds. It is really good at recognizing individual print and logging into Windows. However, Microsoft has done it again. The device is made by Digital Persona.

    Microsoft stuck their name on this edition and made it so it is only good for use of Microsoft products. In example, I use Mozilla FireFox and my roommate uses Opera. The device does not work for either browser. I thought it was broken. My friend suggested using it on Internet Explorer and low and behold it worked like a charm.

    In conclusion, if you like IE, it works good. If you like security, don't buy it....more info
  • Entry level capability for an entry device
    Microsoft Fingerprint Reader (DG2-00002) this product was developed by Digital Persona web site - They won't support the Microsoft labeled device.
    My experience is that it works approximately 80-85 percent of the time on the first touch, the second touch raises the reliability to 95 percent (once it did not work at all --I had to reset my computer possibly because of other Windows software conflicts, then it worked).
    In all I believe that the reliability for this inexpensive device is good.

    The problems are:
    The passwords you enter in with it are locked - you have no way to access your passwords for future use on another computer or if you reset-up windows (every 6 month for me).
    The LED lights are always on (allows ready use) but it drains battery life on a notebook computer.

    ...more info
  • Absolutely Useless
    This product basically is used for home users. Things it does well:
    1. Pretty accurate at reading your finger.
    2. Easy to install
    3. Keeps track of passwords for websites (Just what we need :( another password manager)

    Things it doesn't do:
    1. If you are a business and want to use this as another authentication to logging in, forget it. Cant login to a domain attached computer.
    2. Doens't provide any extra security, which you would think it would.
    3. the LED that is used to read your finger is ALWAYS on and it's pretty annoying. You have to turn it over when you are not using it, especially in a dark environment.

    For a company that is supposed to be more security aware this product from microsoft is a complete failure....more info
  • Precise! Hassle-free! Very convenient and easy to use!
    The Microsoft Fingerprint reader is superb! It is precisely what someone like me needs badly (using the PC all the time, sitting in front of it most of the day every day, slightly varying passwords to numerous sites). With that said, I do not recommend this to someone who uses their PC on occasions, or simply does not have to put up with multiple passwords.

    This device is very accurate. Scanning and registering my fingerprints was very quick and easy. I did not have trouble the first time at all, which surprised me due to a couple of complaints about mis-accuracy in the scanning; however, this is not true--scanning is incredibly simple. It's small, sleek, and it matches and compliments my desktop. It is very much compatible with numerous programs (Netscape Mail & Newsgroups, Internet Explorer, obviously, Netscape browser, G-Mail Notifier, and many online games such as C&C Generals, LOTR: Battle for Middle-earth, et cetera) and almost every site with log-in screens.

    Simply put, this device is perfect. It is highly compatible, no technical problems, no complicated installation, and it's very easy to clean (simply stick a piece of Scotch-tape on the optical sensor and gently pull it off, only on occasion). Again, I highly recommend this to people have many and great uses for their PCs, along with wanting a complimentary addition to their desktops....more info
  • Nice, but a few drawbacks
    This is a simple, easy to use device that does exactly what it claims to do: type in your passwords with the touch of your fingerprint. It definitely works. However, there are a few drawbacks, many of which have already been mentioned:

    1) No Firefox compatiblity. Actually, a device like this really isn't needed with Firefox because that browser has an excellent, built-in password manager.
    2) Installed Persona software will slow down your computer a tad, especially during boot up.
    3) No encryption of stored passwords.
    4) Red beam that emits from the Reader screen is somewhat distracting, especially in a dark room. It would be nice if the device only lit up when you pressed your finger on it.

    If you use this device a lot, the screen will require an occasional cleaning. A piece of scotch tape worked fine for me.

    ...more info
  • Not a gimmick - Very useful
    software for fingerprint works flawlessly and VERY robust
    the fingerprint pad needs to cleaned (towel + water) REGULARLY or it wont sense your fingerprint anymore
    ...more info
  • Useless Device
    I am very disappointed with this device. It is just piece of junk. It will not let to see your finger print. I want to analyze different finger prints, but no option. If you buy a printer, it should able to print, but this junk device not gives you any option. The cost of the sdk is about $1000, but I want to develop myself. I wish there was -1 star on this web site. ...more info
  • Only works with Micrsoft Internet Explorer
    If you use a browser other than MSIE (as many of us do for security & feature reasons) the fingerprint reader will NOT let you log into ANY websites. Thus, unless you're a 100% Microsoft fan, the fingerprint reader is of limited value. Also had to use a specific USB port because it said the one built into my Dell keyboard wasn't supplying enough power! This is the first & only USB device that complained about my USB port....more info
  • A must have gadget
    This little device is great, it saves me time you can't imagine.
    Not only the software recognize any password field on the web but also with any application on your computer. Microsoft Persona rocks! on top of that it looks cool on your desk, and a nice conversation piece with your co-workers....more info
  • takes time to recognise
    i really liked this device, easy install and good performance but i don't know why it takes a minute to act after using the device for some hours and i need restart to get the normal situation!!!...more info
  • Poor software support
    Although the reader itself works very quickly and does not fall for attempts to trick it using tape and silly putty, the software support for it is meager. Those of us using Firefox are out of luck as Microsoft surely has no plans on providing support for non MS browsers. Also, as other people have mentioned there is a bug with the logon functionality. You can use the reader to log onto your computer when you first turn it on, but not to regain access after a password protected screensaver locks you out.

    As for making this a truly useful device, a built in password manager that just plain stores passwords would be a helpful add-on. Encryption/decryption as a shell extension (right clicking in Explorer) would be invaluable.

    I have a reasonable expectation that since this was rushed to take advantage of the Christmas season and the software is only on version 1.0, the third party contracted to provide the software will improve its functionality. Otherwise I refuse to entrust IE for anything when Firefox is so much more efficient and productive.

    It's worth the low price it's at now, but mostly due to the hope of better future support. If you are among the great unwashed IE users it's great for you. I plan on implementing this for PCs with multiple users since it does a reasonably good job of switching users on the fly....more info
  • WARNING ---> ONLY works with Windows XP !!
    I read all the reviews I could find and no one mentioned that it only works with Windows XP. Found out the hard (and depressing) way when I went to install the software on my Windows 2000 PC. Can't say how it works and I don't plan on moving to XP just for this....more info
  • Nice a little week
    I just bought this and it is a very nice idea. Didn't realize it until I got home and installed it that it would lead to a bit of work. Before installing this thing, my wife and I simply shared a single account on our computer. After installing I discovered the Fingerprint Reader would only reconize my prints. The fix was to create another user account on the computer before we could register my wife's prints and she could get to her stuff. Even when I tried the "add" feature for multiple accounts on the same web site it would use the person logged-in access info regardless of the "different" fingerprint. They designed this Reader where the person who is logged on in Windows has too much influence over the functionality and behavior of the program. I wanted something to manage our passwords and not make a system's administrator out me. It would have been nice to be able to manage this thing from within the program itself by being able to select the current user by name or fingerprints. In other words my fingerprints my web-sites...her fingerprints her web-sites without having to switch between accounts in Windows. (Some software packages allow this without having to have multiple accounts in Windows by basically acting as a password vault). For those of you who do not share a computer this device will probably do okay, though there is a bit of a problem with it letting you set up a log-on and then not being able to log-on again later. This could be the web-site itself causing the problem, but this weak software that drives the Fingerprint Reader won't even let you just delete the poor working log-on, at least I haven't found a way. I'll keep it and hope they improve the software. ...more info
  • Makes my life easier!
    Excellent product. Just installed it in my office. Setup was a breeze! Some days I check the bank account, VISA, AmEx, cellular bill, 401k, stocks, etc. Those days are easier now! Only drawback so far: can't use it to log into a domain. I highly recommend this product to anyone who finds him or herself typing tons of passwords everyday. ...more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread!!!
    I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband and he absolutely loved it! He said this is the most convienient tool for a computer he has ever had and say's it's very idiot proof to set up, SUPER EASY! After the initial set-up of this product, it is a very safe and secure method to access your accounts. No more typing user id's and passwords, just "fingerprint it" and, in the words of Emeril, "BAM" your there. He say's he highly recommends this product! Good job Microsoft for this technology!!!!!...more info
  • Does not install
    This product did not install on my brand new Dell. I tried plugging it into every USB port on the was never recognized. I put it right in the trash...more info
  • Small gizmo with lots of tricks
    I saw this thing at CompUSA and as a good shopper I went and did my research on line. I think this is an excellen X-Mas gift for any people who like computers and such. I got mine installed in 5 minutes. One reboot and ready to go. This gadget is easy to set up and to use. Definitely a lot of fun. Now, why didn't it get 5 stars you ask? Two things, does not appear to work well with Mozilla Firefox browser and it is not 100% secure. Right in the manual it is written that this gadget is not to be used for sensitve web sites like say your bank account. Well, all the sensitive web sites have these password rules, got to have a "-" or something in your password. Who is to remember this nonsense? I was hoping this thing would do like a super duper encryption and allow me to store passwords on like a USB flash memory drive so I can unplug it when I am on vacation or something, but nope, no such luck. Still quite a cool gadget, I can get the browse opened and be logged into Amazon just by putting my finger down on the gadget and clicking on account ;)...more info
  • good but has same problem
    works great but same problem with passworded screensaver. I think ms pushed this product out for the holiday season before the software was complete. I am in contact with ms support about this, since its a new issue they are researching it. Hopefully a patch will come out soon to fix this.. all in all its a cool product though, just hope they fix that little problem...more info
  • OK, but can't handle password for screensaver
    One of the main reasons I bought the reader was to eliminate the constant typing of my password when returning from a screensaver (password protected return).
    For some reason, the fingerprint reader is ignored for this "locked computer" situation. The only way back in that I've found is to type the password.
    And I've found no support at Microsoft or the software maker.
    Everything else works fine, though.
    ...more info
  • Not bad for the price....
    This is only great for convenience. You should still need to keep track of all your passwords in case your PC crashed or your hard drive dies. The biggest drawback I see is that this does not work with Netscape. Geez, I wonder why... It also does not work with password protected excel spreadsheets. It's great for logging into websites as long as you don't mind using Microsfot Internet Explorer. The Quicklink feature is very nice too. If you set up a quicklink to sign you into a website that requires a userid and password, this will be a great tool to have. All you have to do is let the reader read your fingerprint, at which point a menu with all your quicklinks appears on the bottom right screen and you just click on the quicklink that you want and it will automatically load IE and signs you into the designated website....more info
  • Excellent, accurate
    This fingerprint reader from Microsoft is very accurate. Setup is very easy. To set it up, you install the software and restart, now the screen comes up. It recommends you have it read at least two fingers. It reads each finger four times. Then it is finished. Logging into website's is so easy! All you do is place your finger on the reader and it logs you in. The only downside I see is if you have multiple accounts for the same site. You can only use the reader for one account(or register a different finger as a different person), but that is negligible. For only $49, this is a great buy!...more info