Mustek MDC-6500Z 5 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
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Product Description

Mustek brand has been globally well known for its excellent quality, professional support, and extensive service. Mustek has been recognized by many international magazines and professional organizations for its excellent innovative technology, production capability, and product quality.PRODUCT FEATURES:Multi-function Camera (Digital Still Camera, Digital Camcorder, Web Cam, MP3 player, Digital Voice Recorder, Video Camera, USB Portable Disk);Up to 6.5 Mega Picture Resolution (2912 x 2208);Built-in 5 Scene Modes;Digital Effects (B&W, Sepia, Negative Art, Solarize);Auto Image Rotate;12 X Zoom Ability (3X optical x 4X digital).

  • 3x optical zoom lens combines with 4x digital zoom for 12x total zoom
  • Captures digital video with audio; plays and stores MP3 files
  • Store images in 32 MB of internal memory or on optional Secure Digital (SD) memory cards (SD card not included)
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included with in-camera charger)
  • 5-megapixel sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality 13-by-17-inch prints; hardware interpolation provides even more resolution
Customer Reviews:
  • C*R*A*P* You don't even get what you pay for...
    Don't waste your money. Pay a little more for better quality. In 3 years I replaced this camera 3 times. They keep sending me a new one, and each time it stops working within months. The batteries don't charge. I can't even use the thing. I bought my husband a $50 digital and got way more life out of it. After trying to charge this camera for a few days, it won't even turn on anymore. Bought new batteries, and nothing. Don't waste YOUR money....more info
  • I'm on the fence about my camera-
    I've had my camera for over a month now. It comes with ONLY a rechargable battery, & the battery seems to die within 10 minutes after using the flash too much- then you have to have a place to re-plug it in to recharge- that's my main problem- Pics do come out fuzzy/blurred sometimes, but that could be due to a non-steady hand. The video does come out great, daylight is best, or well lit situations, and the sound is great also, doesn't sound like a cheap "underwater" mircochip recording. I don't like the fact that each time you turn it on, the lens fully extends and stays that way weather you zoom in or not- The camera on the outside seems cheap- the first day I used it, some of the lettering on the top rubbed off- and it came with a real cheesy, non-protective camera "pouch". I have taken some really great indoor pics though- you can choose which size pixels you want and the camera has room for an extra memory chip- the one it comes with can take about 90 pictures (at 3 mega pixels)OR 4/5 minutes of video.( you CANNOT zoom while video filiming-you have to stop and then zoom in or out then record again) It's not slim- kinda bulky, compared to other cameras on the market now, but seems okay for me- Came with a table top tripod, battery, cords for recharging and for usb hook up to computer- Also comes with a cord to hook it up TV for better view of seeing and taking pics, and the quality was great on the tv-and you can set it to take from 2 to 50 pictures between 30sec to 30minutes each- You can change the ISO from either 100, 200, or 400.(you can also choose the mega pixel size on the camera- there is 0.3- 3.- 5.- and 6.5 )
    If I had the chance to return it for a refund or store credit- I totally would- READ ALL REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING! Thats what I didn't do-Cheaper AND Larger mega pixels doesn't mean better!(I would say there's more bad than good on this one)Good luck and happy hunting!...more info
  • A Piece of CRAP!!! Do NOT Buy!!!!!
    I bought this camera in January- it is now April and its barely working!

    *** What attracted me to this camera were the supposedly great features that it offered- 6.5 mp, mp3 player, voice recorder, video/ camcorder, webcam

    * The video feature is nice- videos are clear enough and the sounds are clear enough as well.

    * Takes ok pictures- but you have to know the camera though.

    * The camera will NOT charge the batteries at all. I thought that the batteries were dead so i bought a new battery AND an external charger and fully charged the new battery- when I put it in the camera, it was still saying the batteries are dead! When I use the adopter, it works fine- BUT I CAN'T USE AN ADOPTOR EVERYWHERE!! Defective! Defective! Defective! Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this thing.

    * When you snap a picture, the screen blanks for waaaaay toooo long!

    * All of a sudden, the webcam feature stop working- you are welcomed by a BLANK screen! (The webcam is not being recognised!)

    * Sometimes when I think I took a picture- its not taken.

    * Any little shake causes the pictures to come out blurry

    * Too bulky- many times I had to change my hand bag because its too big to hold inside.

    I am VERY much disappointed in this camera- Just a few days ago I had to go and spend more money to buy a new camera after owning this one for just 3 months! Where I am, returning it to the manufacturer to fix may eventually cost me just as much as I spend to buy it.

    My advise- buy name brands you are familiar with!!...more info
  • great pictures, awful construction
    This camera takes wonderful pictures, especially for the price...that is however if you can get the piece of crap to work. After this camera, I would never buy another mustek product. The outside casing is bulky and doesn't work half of the time. The dial wheel thing next to the lcd screen is supposed to be used to scroll through menu options and photos. It will only work when pushed down and to the side, and that only works about 30% of the time. The shutter doors get stuck closed and I have to use my finger nails to get them open. I have taken pictures that appeared to work, only to find out that they never took, this without any indication (I had plenty of memory and the battery was charged). I have never had these kinds of problems with any other type of digital camera I have used....more info
  • Great camera for the right price
    A good one from Taiwan...maximize your money.

    Wonderful still images in 3, 5 and 6.5Mp quality modes, also you can take video for the long of the SD card inserted in 640x480, can reproduce the pictures and video in your TV set directly from the camera (cable included). Easy to use, great menues (and manuals in five languages,!great translation), fast usb port when transfer pictures to your PC and viceversa, excelent software bundled, comes with everything you need to start inmediately, can play MP3 files and could be used as card reader (sorry only SD or MMC).

    Poor sound in movies, a little slow to AF and AF lock, also slow to raster the image, the LCD screen is almost impossible to be used on direct sunlight or highly iluminated places(use the viewfinder instead), the battery is a piece of scrap it shuts off the camera when switch to flash mode, you must recharge it every day or buy a new good one, and finally, you loose the configuration of the 12x zoom mode every time you shut off the camera.
    ...more info