D-Link DCS-3220G CCD 2-Way Audio 4x Zoom 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless Internet Camera
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Product Description

- Product Name: Securicam DCS-3220G Internet Camera - Marketing Information: D-Link is pleased to introduce the latest product in Internet camera technology. The D-Link Securicam Network DCS-3220 Internet Camera is a full-featured surveillance system that connects to an Ethernet or wireless broadband network to provide remote high-quality video and audio. Using the latest 802.11g wireless technology, the DCS-3220G communicates at a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 54Mbps. - Product Type: Surveillance/Network Camera Display and Graphics - Sensor Type: CCD - Video Resolution: 704 x 480 @ 10 fps MPEG-4 - Video Resolution: 352 x 240 @ 30 fps MPEG-4 - Video Resolution: 176 x 120 @ 30 fps MPEG-4 - Illumination: 1 Lux - @ f/2.0 - Color Support: Color Network and Communication - Connectivity Technology: Wireless - Connectivity Technology: Cable - Wireless Technology: IEEE 802.11g - Protocols: TCP/IP - Protocols: HTTP - Protocols: SMTP - Protocols: FTP - Protocols: Telnet - Protocols: NTP - Protocols: DNS - Protocols: DHCP - Protocols: UPnP - Protocols: DDNS Interfaces/Ports - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX - Interfaces/Ports: 2 x Antenna Connector - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x Audio Output - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x Input/Output - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x DC Power Input Power Description - Input Voltage: 12 V DC Physical Characteristics - Dimensions: 2.12" Height x 3.25" Width x 6.25" Depth - Weight: 8.5 oz Warranty - Standard W

  • First to Market 802.11g Wireless Internet Camera
  • 2-Way Audio Communication
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Captures Video in Low Light
  • Audio Output Enables connection to powered speaker (Not Included)
Customer Reviews:
  • Terrible, very dissapointing!
    The Camera is very hard to install. It is not possible to do it yourself unless you are very familiar with getting free dns service configured. It is not able to work with my main stream wireless router from Netgear. The wait for help over the phone was over 30 min. It is not possible to view it from computers not on your network without free dns service, no instructions on how to do it in any case. The bottom line, stear clear of this mess unless you plan to hard wire it. That is what i will try next....more info
  • Beware, Camera Dies After Fireware Upgrade
    Camera died after firmware upgrade using the ethernet port to perform upgrade as Dlink recommends. I bought from Ebay new and Dlink refused to replace or repair. So beware if you pay several hundred dollars make sure you buy it from a authorized dealer or Dlink want work on it or even attempt to help you get it repaired. Think twice about buying Dlink because down the road you may have to throw it away regardless of the price you paid. Need to research other brands and see what their repair policy is after warranty, from unauthorized seller, or buying used.
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  • No problems with the camera, despite an unusual application
    Fortunately, I'm not having any of the problems others have listed, such as network dropouts, item DOA, or initial network connection issues. To these people I would recommend they contact the person who installed and configured their wireless network, because they'll need the WEP code and SSID (Wireless network name) to connect their camera.

    Installation was pretty straight forward with the right information about the network. Signal strength is fine wherever it may roam (more on this later), and while the audio is a little scratchy, it's a bonus feature I'm just tickled to have at all. Color is OK.

    Some people have said they have problems accessing it over the Internet after a period of time. I don't use the camera this way so I can't comment on this. I should point out that I use the camera in what is probably an unconventional manner. After I tested it out, and knew it worked well (the other reviews had me nervous), I removed the antennae and hooked up a signal booster (basically a stronger, powered antenna), tossed the AC-DC adapter and replaced it with a battery pack (to make it truly wireless), and connected it to a servo controlled pan/tilt bracket, then screwed the whole thing onto the front of a robot (think Martian rover). Just for kicks, I plugged in a small set of old speakers to make the audio 2-way. The audio/video stream can be added to any webpage with some JavaScript code, and with this it can be incorporated into custom control software for any electronic devices (like robots, or pan/tilt brackets) you might have in use with the camera.

    For really basic features, you don't even need to install the D-Link software, you don't need more than the A/V stream, because all the essential controls are built into the JavaScript (video zoom, audio volumes/mutes, and a PTT button to talk through the speakers). So once you have the D-Link software installed on one system, config the camera and get everything working, you can access the A/V stream from another computer with minimal fuss.
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  • Do not buy this camera
    My 3220G died as soon as I applied the latest firmware. I had first tried the 6620G ($750!) and it froze up constantly, lost its wireless grip, didn't return reliably to location settings... All in all a great concept but D-Link doesn't deliver. No tech support. Don't waste your time with these cameras. I had to return both the 3220G and 6620G to Amazon.
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  • sadly- it's been relegated to the junk drawer
    I'm not a system analyst, so I need really clear instructions for any new device. I bought this camera 1 year ago to use as a home security camera which I could view from the Internet at my office.
    Troubles I encountered:
    1.) Set up was impossible. I finally figured out that I had to disable the wep on my wireless network thus inviting all my neighbors to free Internet connection. I wasn't willing to do this.
    2.) I could view from the Internet within my home network, but not from my office.
    3.) Had to convince one of my company's IT system analysts to visit me at home and trouble shoot the camera's system. Took her 3 hours of guess work but she successfully set it up and keep my network secure-- which worked until I had to reset my router. 2 weeks of use in one year.
    4.) I have never been able to have the camera send "snap shots" to my e-mail or ftp folder. D-Link tech support confirmed that I was setting it up correctly... but the feature doesn't work. I was told by D-Link tech support that I may need to disable my Internet security program. No can do.
    5.) D-Link tech support may not have access to this product- they are not able to respond to my inquiries. They would send me answers- but not to the questions I asked!
    6.) The weather protection cover is not designed for wireless antenna and has been out of stock each time I have tried to purchase- so I have not been able to install on the outside of my home. It therefore must be used inside which is not what I need. I could have paid < $80 for an indoor camera.

    Every so often, when I have a few hours to burn, I drag it out and try to make the thing work. For the couple weeks it was viewable on the Internet it provided a nice view of my home, but it wasn't useful without snapshots or any type of archived image documentation.
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