LANCOM 1711 VPN - Security appliance - EN, ISDN, Fast EN, PPP - 1 x ISDN
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Product Description

The LANCOM 1711 VPN serves as a central firewall and VPN gateway for smaller and medium-sized sites. Equipped with 5 VPN channels as standard, the LANCOM 1711 VPN can be combined with the 25 channel VPN option with the activated VPN hardware accelerator that has an encryption throughput of up to 17 Mbps; this provides sufficient reserves for 25 simultaneous VPN dial-in connections (e.g. LANCOM Advanced VPN Client) or for site coupling with demanding applications such as VoIP. LANCOM Dynamic VPN, IPSec extension, offers the active establishment of connections at any time over standard DSL connections (dynamic IP address) even when the remote site is not always on.