Astek Wirless Night Vision Color Camera for Baby Monitoring
List Price: $89.00

Our Price: $65.99

You Save: $23.01 (26%)


  • Wireless weatherproof night vision color video camera
  • Built-in 12 Infra-red LEDs to provide night vision.
  • Professional quality and durable design, just connect to your TV or VCR, transmission distance: 150-300 feet
Customer Reviews:
  • not even adequate
    I bought this camera to enhance the audio baby monitor we already have. This camera started out OK, we then noticed that the signal would fade in and out at times as well as flicker on the monitor screen. In all fairness to the product, the infrared/nightvision part of the camera works well, the hardware in package was a little shabby for installing the camera on a wall, was forced to purchase my own hardware. As if the flickering was not enough we also noticed that there were times when the entire picture would vanish for a long while. After some slight detective work we figured out that the camera transmits on 2.4 Ghz band and so does the cordless phone in our house, which interfered with the signal. I also get a lot of interference when the microwave is running as well. For what I paid for this camera I will live with the inconveniences that this thing offers. I also looked into purchasing an agcam, but its quite pricey. If you can deal with the flickering from time to time this is not a bad purchase, otherwise KEEP LOOKING!!!!...more info
  • Night Vision Junk
    This is the worst camera of any kind I have ever tried, even for the money it's not a bargain. I ended up buying an AgCam from a local dealer, it's a lot more money but it was worth every penny. This is junk and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, but the one I have is the best I have ever seen, go to and see what is available in real hardware....more info