GE SmartHome Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm with Remote #51207
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Product Description

Easy to install, no wiring necessaryConvenient keychain used for arming and disarmingDoor alarm delay feature to avoid false triggering120dB alarmMotion detection up to 20Operates in chime mode and alarm modeRequires 3 AAA batteries (Not Included)

  • Easy to install - No wiring necessary
  • Convenient keychain used for arming and disarming
  • Delay feature to eliminate false alarms
  • 120dB alarm sounds when pin is removed
  • Motion Detection up to 20'
Customer Reviews:
  • Simple Protection
    If you are looking for a budget security system, this is really the one for you. The siren is too loud for such a small device.
    The only default is that when you enter the perimeter, it will give you a beep alert with a flashing light (Easy to detect by a burgular) for a 40 seconds till you de-activate it (The burgular can just break it). If the timer of the alert was 20 seconds which I think should be enough for you to enter and de-activate and not enough time for the burgular to think. It could be used only if you are living alone since it comes with one remote. I think it will be best used in your shop if you own one....more info
    The GE SMARTHOME Sensor is OK for general home use. Its distance/range,with a new battery is less than 20 feet ( 6 meters). The angle of sensing is also less than published - and most any object blocks it--lamps, to chair tops. Best to have up high and pointed down--if that is possible. For our home I needed three such units to cover front/back doors ways, and the celler door. Number the alarm key so you know which one shuts off which alarm.
    ...more info
  • A "GE Smart Home" product Dissapointment
    I have other GE Smart Home products and am impressed with the function and quality of those products. Because those items work so well, I was expecting similar function with this unit. In the end, I was a bit dissapointed. It works OK, but I don't think you can count on it 100%. You can sneak past it if you move slow. The motion sensor also seems to be easily confused when sensing motion. I'm not sure what confuses it. It could be any of the following: walls that are painted white, heat, fans blowing, AC, any bright light [sun or electric], etc. The remote is IR rather than RF technology. That means "line of site" transmitting. You MUST be facing the front of the Alarm and it does not work well if the alarm is sitting on a table, etc. It works best mounted to the wall where the IR sensor will be unobstructed.

    If I had a chance to try it before I bought it, would I still have bought it? Probably not and I'm glad that I only bought one. Still it is about worth $22-$23 [including shipping]. I wouldn't pay more.

    I think the "Driveway Patrol" type alarms [sold at Amazon] are more practicle and reliable for indoor use. Of course, with that product it's "transmitt channel" can be an issue if more than one operate in the same area. The transmitt channels are fixed/ non-adjustable. So, if you want to use two and want to know which one is going off [say front vs. back door] you may not be able to do that. It would be more like an alert telling you that "one of the units is sensing some sort of movement". That is why I think they are best used indoors as well. Wind can cause many false alarms from items or trees moving around outside.

    If you only need a door chime, I think this style item [driveway patrol] is a better choice. It has a seperate sensor that you can easily place/ relocate and a base with the chime in it. You can place the base where you want, choose Hi-Lo chime volume, and turn it off as well. It's also about half the cost.

    Both items have pro's and con's. You have to choose what is best for you. As I mentioned earlier, I find the "Driveway Patrol" style more useful.

    What impresses me most are the numerous choices and feedback you can check out at Amazon before making your choice. I find these reviews help a lot....more info
  • Very poor product
    This alarm functions as stated in the instruction book (inside the package), but is severely useless. There is actually a 30 second delay before the alarm sounds once motion is detected. To make matters worse, once motion is detected, there is a brief (1/4sec) chirp that gives away the position of the device. So...effectively, if an intruder can take out the batteries in 30 seconds, your alarm is disabled and your security system compromised. What were they thinking when they made this? I can not believe this product is on the market. When a company like GE puts their name on a product like this, one must ask, "where have all the people with brains gone?"...more info
  • Too long of a delay
    I thank C. Perez for pointing out the length of delay. 30 seconds is way too much, if an intruder gets in while I sleep he/she could get to me before the alarm even sounds. I want an alarm that goes of instantaneously -- it has a remote so there's no need for a delay. I had bought this at WM, will return it unopened....more info
  • Nice and easy to use
    I had installed it just a week ago and I'm very satisfied by now. This device is easy to use and install, have good range and loud alarm. If I could, I'll only change the 30 seconds to active the alarm after it sense any movement. Using a remote control 15 seconds could be enough to disarm the alarm when you arrive home....more info