GE SmartHome Indoor Outlet Adapter (RF100RXPS)
List Price: $45.99

Our Price: $12.01

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Product Description

  • Use interchangeably with all smart remote plus products
  • 150 range
  • 8 separate channels to control different areas with 1 remote
  • 4 separate house codes to eliminate interference
  • Features:
    • Indoor Outlet Receiver
    Customer Reviews:
    • Useful, affordable
      This device is quite useful. When the 3-way circuit for our stairway light failed, we purchased this and two key chain receivers to toggle the light when we used the stairs.

      It works well!

      The device is pretty big in terms of electrical receptacles. Be aware of that when making this purchase, it's larger than most of those blocky adapters that get a special space on a surge protector. Don't expect this to tuck snuggly behind a bookshelf.

      The device also makes a slight clicking sound when toggled, it's normal and unless you're standing right over it, it's not noticeable, but it freaked me out the first time I used it. ...more info
    • Good but pricey
      Worked well for what I wanted it for once I got the right transmitters. There is SmarHome and SmartHome Plus, don't mix and match. Buy all of one kind, SmartHome Plus is the newer version. Usually sold in pairs 1 each (transmitter and receiver). I wanted one Receiver and 3 Transmitters making it much more difficult to find. I got a mix of SmarHome and SmartHome Plus from 2 different venders, they weren't compatible. So buy all you get from the same vendor and make sure they are compatible before you buy. Stanley makes a similar product for less but is harder to find, around $15. for a pair....more info
    • The Perfect Solution!
      I had a non-working switch in my newly purchased condo. It was terribly annoying to walk into the room, hit the switch and have nothing happen. And before you think of telling me to check the outlets - I did. No outlets worked with the switch either. It simply was there for show only - no wires were connected. After asking some home repair people, I learned that adding wiring after the fact was a large project. This switch solved the problem very inexpensively and with no workmen - only a screwdriver, a wire cutter and about 10 minutes of my time. I did get a friend with a voltage-tester to make sure there was nothing live in the wires. Then I removed the old switch by unscrewing the switch plate and cutting the dead wires. This little switch fit right where the bad one was.

      A note to GE: 5 minutes of the 10 was spent opening the very hard plastic these products were packaged in. Whoever invented that stronger-than-steel, environmentally unfriendly plastic should be taken out to the woodshed and SHOT!

      The second part of this was even easier. I plugged the receptor into an open outlet, plugged a lamp into that and made sure the numbers agreed on the two devices (so they could talk). And Voila! It worked the very first time! I also found the directions easy to follow, which is rare these days.

      This was so much fun, I started getting ideas. I now have a switch upstairs that turns on a light in the kitchen, so I can turn it on at night if I decide to go down for a snack and don't want to turn on the hall light. I have a list of other things I want to switch from unusual places. It works even if there is a chair in the way - totally cool!!!

      I'm always showing it off, because I feel so smart for solving the problem myself for practically no money. I can't think of anything (other than the package) I didn't absolutely love! It was the perfect solution! ...more info
    • great device
      GE Smart Home products are great for the hard to reach outlet like the one behind the refriderator or if you want to contol several outlets together. We purchased several of them for Christmas lights. Just plug any thing into the GE Smart Home outlet and it becomes remote control as long as you also purchase the transmitter device. However, be aware that GE Smart Home transmitters will not operate GE Smart Home Plus devices, but GE Smart Home Plus transmitters will operate GE Smart Home products....more info