GE SmartHome FRS Radio (GE5811WHH)
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  • High expectations...Low results!
    This is a copy of my review of the SmartHome Intercom/Hand-held review as this radio is a part of that package...

    I was thrilled when GE came out with a base/intercom station and rechargable hand-held radio conbination. Being an owner of previous GE models such as the GE 35840 (see my review about that one here on Amazon) and the GE 35810, I was enthuastic to try the new model. Was I disappointed!

    I expected the SmartHome line of radios would have similiar features as the previous models of GE radios, but it was nothing like it. No weather broadcase reception. The scan didn't scan the CTCSS codes. No programmable memories available. Features that made the 35840 a great little unit were left out of the newer model.

    The base station didn't have a rechargable battery back-up option. It will let you put AA alkaline batteries in them, but who wants to waste their money on replacing batteries when the base station could have been designed to use the same rechargable battery pack as the hand-held unit. Poor design!!!

    Well, maybe the performance will be good!? NOT!!!!! The sound quality was terrible. Sometimes it was difficult to make-out what the other person was saying. Man, was I REALLY disappointed!

    I know what you are thinking..."Hey, you just got a bad unit." I thought of that, too, so I bought a second set. Guess what? SAME STORY!

    GE really bombed on this one. Their previous radios worked great and were, in my opinion, one of the best deals on the FRS radio market. This new "SmartHome" stuff just was not a SMART idea on GE's part. They should have built on their previous successes and utilized a great platform like the 35840 and made a rechargable unit and base station based on that platform. Why re-invent the wheel?

    Anyway, don't waste your money on the SmartHome setup. The older GE's like the 35840 and 35810 are a good buy and you can still find them.

    Randy A. Hefner ...more info