Mississauga Goddam
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  • music is my boyfriend
    after being pleasantly surprised by The Hidden Cameras' debut album; i was excited to hear this new record. the more i listened to The Smell Of Our Own, the more i grew to enjoy the sweet and gentle harmonies and delightfully perfect pop songwriting...and the lyrical focus just made it more unique and charming overall. i was hoping for more of the same with this new album. and thankfully, the band applies the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to this new batch of tunes. alot of these new songs seem to have a little bit more of a small theater play feeling to them. i can imagine a few band members standing on a stage in a little community, doing their own rendition of songs from "Our Town." there's something quaint and homey about the tone of this band's music. just like with their first album, one song jumps out and grabs me...on Mississauga Goddam, that song is "Builds The Bone." it's a simple song with minimal instrumentation, but it has a strong impact. really gorgeous and strangely moving in it's haunting simplicity....more info
  • Superb album from a superb band
    I saw them live in Cardiff last year, and there were literally more in the band than the audience! (Not their fault, it was not promoted at all, and I just happened to hear about it by accident)

    This album is a lovely piece of work, and works better, on the whole, than its predecessor. The lyrics seem to have been toned down a bit, making a bit more accessible to those that aren't "that way inclined" (if you get what I mean).

    A couple of songs could have been a tad better - for example "That's When the Ceremony Starts" promises something great, but somehow doesn't fully deliver. And I really don't get on with B Boy.

    Overall, it's a great album, although it is missing a replacement to that killer track that now seems to define The Hidden Cameras (Ban Marriage).

    If you get a chance to see them live, do so. They put on a fantastic show - and even play an entire song blindfolded (and we're talking 8+ people here, cellists, keyboards, guitars etc)....more info
  • Goddam- this is a fun band!
    I saw this band live opening for Arcade Fire in Boston and they almost blew Arcade Fire off the stage (not to say that Arcade Fire was not fabulous live!).

    This band was so much fun- revolving, multi-tasking musicians switching off from one instrument to the next, candy-throwing keyboardist, they even wore blindfolds and played their instruments for god's sake...like the B-52's meets Devo meets early R.E.M. Loud and percussive. Stupendous.
    So I picked up this CD as a result of that live show. Could they possibly repeat that fun circus in the studio?

    Well- not really. Now if this CD could only live up to that live performance it would be a 5 star production all the way. A little over-produced, however this is still a fun and gorgeous CD.

    Pretty pop with lyrics about deviant sexual practices. How can you go wrong?!

    Pick up this CD- you shall enjoy it. And go see them live if they ever play in your area. It will be one of the best shows you ever see...you'll never forget it and you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face for days.
    ...more info