"T" Harness for GM Applications
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Product Description

Cuts starter installation time in half . Connects directly to factory harness, retaining the integrity of wiring . GM - Compatible with 9903 Alero,9799 Cutlass (FWD), 9703 Intrigue, 9703 Malibu, 9904 Grand AM

  • GM Applications as on
  • www.bulldogsecurity.com
  • Makes installation easier with plug compatible hook-ups.
  • Reduces installation time by 1/2 hour
  • Fits Impala 2000 up, Malibu 97-03, Monte Carlo 99-05
Customer Reviews:
  • Works Great
    My installation wasn't plug and play, so be ready to bust out your solder iron or crimper. I must admit that the wires are a bit long, but as far as limited connections go, that just doesn't make sense. When installing this on a gm car be aware that there ARE two accessory wires and two constant power wires. I give it 4 stars because It didn't take but 30 minutes to solder the connections, unplug original harness, and interface with new harness. If you don't have much room, tip ties are your friend....more info
  • T-Harness is over-rated
    There are limited connections made with the harness, you have many others to do in addition. On top of that, the harness is large so in a car with limited room behind the dash you have problems getting it all stuffed back in there....more info