"T" Harness for GM Applications
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Cuts starter installation time in half Connects directly to factory harness, retaining the integrity of wiring GM - Compatible with: 96-03 Astro, 95-99 Aurora, 95-03 Blazer (S-10), 95-01 Bravada, 97-02 Century, 97-03 Grand Prix, 95-03 Jimmy, 99-03 Jimmy (S-15), 98-03 Montana, 95-99 Pickup (Full-Size), 95-99 Pickup (GMC), 95-03 Pickup (S-10), 97-02 Regal, 95-99 Riviera, 96-00 Safari, 96-00 Savanna, 97-00 Silhouette, 95-03 Sonoma, 95-00 Suburban, 95-00 Tahoe, 97-98 Transport, 96-00 Van (Full-Size), 97-00 Venture, 95-00 Yukon/Denali, 96-97 Hombre

  • GM Applications as on
  • www.bulldogsecurity.com
  • Makes installation easier with plug compatible hook-ups.
  • Reduces installation time by 1/2 hour
  • Fits C/K 1995-99, Van 96-02, S series 1995-2003 Astro 96-03 minivans 97-2003
Customer Reviews:
  • T Harness
    Worked great and saved a significant amount of time on the installation. I would never put a remote starter in without. Price was super and it was on my door step in 3 days. Excellent deal....more info
  • Greatest help that I almost didn't find
    This item is essential if you are to put a JBS Technologies starter into a GM vehicle. It saved hours of labor (I'm sorry, but their 2-4 hour estimate for completion is a bit off), and provides for flawless connections in the most important area of the job. I did a wide search for car starters and chose the Bulldog system. I only came across the GM harness by mistake in an unrelated search. So, if you have a GM car in which this will fit, get it. Otherwise look for one that will fit your vehicle, it is a time saver and a project saver in my opinion....more info
  • 99 Tahoe
    I purchased the GM-1 T harness to assist in the installation of a viper 560. The size of the harness, its bulk and length, does not provide for an easy installation. Tapping into the factory wiring is just as easy and will save you the price of this product. Data sheets with the location, color, and purpose of each wire needed for installation are located online and open to the public....more info