Sea Spies
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Witness how technology, commerce and conflict have shaped the struggle for supremacy of the seas - not on the surface, but at the very bottom of the ocean. Hosted by Dr. Robert Ballard.

Customer Reviews:
  • History of Submarines
    We did not enjoy this documentary anywhere near as much as we did Steel Boats, Iron Men. Way to much dialogue with Dr. Ballard and not enough boat film. ...more info
  • How We Spied on Soviet Submarine Movements...
    A benefit of ending the Cold War is the release of previously classified information. Sea Spies provides an insight into how our technology tracked the Soviet submarine threat and unfortunately, how the loathsome traitor John Walker compromised it to the Soviets. Ballard does a great job narrating the film with supporting input from US, British, and Soviet submarine experts. Well worth a viewing!...more info
  • Good but maybe not what you expect
    The title and description of this video is very misleading. It is NOT about submarine spy missions, submarine operations, or even really about submarine technology. The video is about the history of SOSUS and the technology of sound transmission under water (and how we used it to track Russian subs). It briefly covers a few historical uses of SOSUS such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is short at 50 min but has some extra footage of Cold War era US training films and news reel footage. Ballard was a US Navy submariner during the Cold War....more info