Crosley Varsity Stack-O-Matic Record Player (Brown/Tan)
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Product Description

Crosley Radio reintroduces the Original Record Changer. This classic spin onan old time favorite takes you back to the days when listening to records was as easy as stacking them tall and walking away. The Varsity features a traditional vinyl cabinet with subtle accents such as the mesh chrome grillwork. Considered a luxury to their parents, but a necessity to the average teenager, the oh-so-memorable record changer quickly became a staple in every American household. Crosley's Stack-O Matic Technology ensures you'll once again be able to enjoy your favorite hits uninterrupted, one after another. With a fully automatic swinging motion, as the arm reaches the stack, your next favorite album gracefully drops on the platter. Exclusively from Crosley Radio, Stack-O-Matic Technology is sure to amaze you with this new twist on an old favorite.

  • Plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM Re
  • Fully Automatic Return Tone Arm
  • Stacks Up To 6 Records at a Time, Stack-O-Matic? Record Changer
  • Adjustable Tone Control, Vinyl-Wrapped
  • Includes 6 Plastic Inserts to Play45's, Use Replacement Needle # NS-1
Customer Reviews:
  • It was great... until it broke
    I had been a big fan of this product and sang its praises to many people, although it had some minor issues. I received this as a gift for Christmas 2006. It sounded great and was very easy to use. It did exactly what I needed and I had been satisfied with it.

    From the beginning though, I did notice a few problems. When pulling the automatic/on switch, it felt pretty unstable. It seemed flimsy and I was worried it would break. Additionally, the records sounded a little off when I used the Stack feature. For whatever reason, the records sounded sped up when one record was on top of another, so I always had to listen to them one at a time. The point of the Stack-O-Matic feature is to eliminate this, but I still was fine with that.

    Well, in early December, I went to turn on my record player to listen to some new records that I had bought. To my surprise, nothing happened. While I did use my player with some frequency, I really did not listen to such a large amount of records that would justify its breakdown. It had completely failed - it acted as if it was not plugged in. Calling in to the manufacturer (Crosley), I discovered that I had two options: pay the company $45 plus whatever it would cost to ship it to them, or they would send me parts (at a cost of $35) that I would take to some local repair shop to fix (who knows how much they would charge). With a lousy 90-day warranty, there is not really another option. I'd much rather invest in a new unit than pay almost as much for a refurbished one that did not work well to begin with.

    Keep this in mind before purchasing this product. If there is a way to buy a service plan for this player, I would recommend doing so. It is very disappointing to have something like this break after only 11 months of sparing use....more info
  • Excellent product!
    I give this Crosley CR84 (The Collegiate) turntable a 5 star recommendation. I spent several hours examining other Crosley turntable models in various stores and found them to be of inferior quality and mediocre performance. The CR84 is well made,sturdy,attractive (in a retro-50's mode), and has a very pleasant sound. After reading reviews of other models (Crosley and others) I am very pleased that I purchased the CR84....more info
  • All right by me !!!
    Crosley scores a GOAL with this wonderful, faithful reincarnation of a 1950s/1960s record player that allowed people to stack up to six records at a time for play. The record player is well constructed and rather good looking even with its mesh grillwork in the front.

    The stack-o-matic proves easy enough to use. Just place up to six records on the top using the upper arm holder to keep them in place. (There are instructions just in case this sounds somewhat vague.) Then just turn on the record player and after the first side of the first record plays, the first side of the second record will be gently dropped onto the turntable for its play--and so on, up to six records at a time. I would not load more than six records at a time.

    What's more, this single record player can handle a lot. You can use it to play 7 inch 45 rpm records (use the red plastic 45 rpm adaptors that will come with the record player), 10 inch and 12 inch 33 1/3 rpm records and even 10 inch 78s! Caution: I would NOT stack 78 rpm records using this record player. 78 rpm records are EXTREMELY fragile and the drop onto the turntable, even though it's only a few inches, could accidentally break the 78rpm record. Play your 78s one at a time for safety, please!

    The tone and volume controls are controlled by knobs on the outside of the record player; the other knobs for setting record size and speed are inside the record player just adjacent to the actual turntable. Not bad.

    Another reviewer on this page states that the two speakers are close together which sacrifices true stereophonic sound--and they are right. The two speakers ARE too close together because they are enclosed inside the record player. I also agree with the other reviewer when they state that many records were released in mono so you won't miss the stereo effect anyway. Besides, if you're as diehard a fan about old records as I am you won't mind this one drawback.

    The record player also comes with a great needle and cartridge--no worries there! If ever you need a new needle or cartridge, I would advise that you contact Crosley directly to find out if they recommend any specific model number for the needle/cartridge.

    Overall, this is an excellent record player that I have enjoyed over and over again. The sound is really quite good, especially considering that the two speakers are so close together. The retro look thrills me with its great design; and the fully automatic arm with its needle works wonders to give you long periods of music if you use the stacking records feature.

    Use it and enjoy it in good health!
    ...more info
  • Not bad at all !!!
    I had mixed anticipations over this player when i bought it, having read critics from other customers on Amazon, but was happily surprised! This record player has a beautiful retro look to it, with a sturdy made case and safe clasps for closing! The changer deck is of much better quality than expected with a good needle/cartrige. The sound is surprisingly powerfull due to the wood casing! However, due to the fact that the two speakers are next to each other, the stereo effect is not present. Having said that, most players of this type back in the 50's-60's were mono anyways, so it did not bother me. When the top lid is closed the bass notes are more pronounced. The only reason i won't give this unit 5 stars is the tone control. It actually just cuts the treble, not adding any bass like the original versions. Overall it is a great player with a lot of nostalgia! If i would have bought a second hand original on Ebay etc, there would likely be worries to find replacement needles and valves! All my records sounds great on this player, including my 78's!! I got the advice from a customers review on another Crosley Stack-o-matic, to buy the "Omniadaptor" for my 45's, and it was a great investment, saving me the trouble with the 45 inserts! I love to watch the records drop automatically as i listen!!...more info