Ikelite Dome Port for Olympus WCON-08C Wide Conversion Lens
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Product Description

This optional dome port allows use of the Olympus WCON-08D Wide Conversion Lens, or it can be used with just the standard lens for increased coverage underwater. The design mounts the lens in the port without using the Olympus CLA7 conversion lens adapter tube. This allows the camera to be removed and installed freely in the housing without removing the wide angle lens. The back portion of the port body is screwed onto the housing, the WCON-08D lens is placed in the port body, then the dome lens front and shade assembly pushes into place. "O" rings provide dependable sealing of the assembly, and removal of the lens when desired is simple and quick. A dome is incorporated into the design to maintain the angle of coverage underwater for this lens, and to provide maximum possible sharpness.