Skylink HA-318T Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor
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Product Description

Wireless motion sensor provides instant alerts. You don't need to run wires or install an elaborate system in order to receive an immediate alert if motion is detected inside or near your home. When motion is detected, the Household Motion Alert Sensor sends a wireless signal to the Household Alert Receiver (not included), which in turn notifies you immediately with both audio and visual indicators. The motion sensor requires a 9-volt alkaline battery, not included. The Household Motion Alert Sensor can be purchased together with the Household Alert Receiver as a kit. Since the Household Alert Receiver expands to accept signals from four sensors, the Household Motion Alert Sensor can also be used to expand the Household Water Alert System, the Household Garage Door Alert System or the Household Door/Window Alert System. A Combination Set is also available, which includes both the Garage Door Alert Sensor and a Motion Alert Sensor to trigger its Household Alert Receiver. Mount the motion sensor indoors or outdoors, anywhere you fear security may be breached. With its motion-sensing range of 40 feet and its signal range of 300 feet, you'll be able to place the receiver in any convenient location in your home.

  • Alerts you when motion is detected surrounding your home or business
  • Supervised Sensor: monitors the sensors and their battery condition automatically.
  • Motion detecting range: 40 feet.
  • Operating range: 300 feet.
  • Easy to set up.
Customer Reviews:
    I have no idea what the other reviewer on here is doing wrong, but this unit saved my life!

    My husband and I have put these all over our house and garage, and they work.

    If it wasn't for these units, our alarm wouldn't have gone off when a man on drugs broke into our home in the hopes of finding a few dollars for more drugs. Whent he police questioned him, he said he was prepared to kill us for our wedding rings!!!

    Anyway, I love these units and recommend them to all of my friends!
    ...more info
  • Lousy Product
    I bought this unit to monitor my backyard. It kept on giving false alerts even after adjusting the sensivity level to low and relocated it to different areas/positions. I gave up and tried the unit in the enclosed garage. Same different !! This unit is a piece of junk. It will desensitize you due to the amount of false alertd that it gives. ...more info