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Product Description

Similar in size to a remote car alarm key, the 5804 wireless key offers many of the features of a traditional keypad with convenient fingertip control. This wireless remote gives personal control security system and the added convenience of controlling lights and appliances with the touch of a single button. The 5804 is easy-to-use personal protection that can easily be carried anywhere.

  • User replaceable; long-life lithium batteries
  • 4 completely programmable buttons
  • One button operation with no codes to remember
  • Recessed keys
  • Remote operation of lights and appliances
Customer Reviews:
  • Requires professional installation
    We purchased this for our nanny, thinking that we could easily add it on to our alarm system -- the way you can easily buy a new garage door remote and add it on to your garage door opener. However, we were completely unsuccessful at our attempts to program this alarm remote on our own (and my husband is pretty computer-savvy) and in fact, somehow ended up de-programming our entire alarm system. Ultimately, we had to call our alarm company to come fix our system and add on the remote. I know we did pay less for the remote itself on Amazon though than our alarm company would have charged us, so it was perhaps a little money-saving but overall a major headache!...more info