Mustek DV-DOCK Docking Station with Wireless Remote
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Product Description

Mustek brand has been globally well known for its excellent quality, professional support, and extensive service. Mustek has been recognized by many international magazines and professional organizations for its excellent innovative technology, production capability, and product quality.PRODUCT FEATURES: Instant Link to TV or PC; Remote Control Operation (TV); One-touch Print & E-mail Buttons (PC); One -touch Buttons for Mass Storage, PC Cam, E-mail & Print Operations; Recharging Function.

  • For use with the DV-5500
  • Easy stamp and play on TV and PC
  • Remote control for TV and one touch print and email button for PC
  • Mode button for mass storage and PC cam
  • Acts as a battery charger for the DV-5500
Customer Reviews:
  • What a waste
    In my honest opinion, this is a piece of junk. Its ok to get pictures uploaded to your computer but I have hooked this up to 3 different t.v.s and it wont work on a single one of them. I would rather just hook the camera directly to the computer threw the USB port....more info
  • docking cool
    i'm really happy with the docking station, i think that the it's important to resupply the space shuttle and i hope to be an astronaut one day...more info