Telephone Voice Change II
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Product Description

Now you can answer the telephone without anyone recognizing your voice. Press a button and completely change your voice. There are 8 different voice changing settings. A man can sound like a stranger, a women like a man, or a grand-dad like a child. Unlike most voice changers, the Voice Changer 2 connects to your handset, making it compatible with most telephones, even office phones. Travels anywhere, measures just 5" x 3" x 1/2"! Voice Changer II operates on 3 AA batteries and includes handset connector cable. TVC-2 Will not work on cordless phones or phones with dialing buttons on the handset.

Customer Reviews:
    First off, you find this thing all over the web, from $30 to $100 depending on the company selling it. They all call it the Telephone Voice Changer II, but when I got mine, even though it looked close to the one pictured, it was a MODEL TC-A and the buttons are slightly different laid out.

    But I ordered the Voice Changer II, and have never seen any other version advertised, so I don't know exactly what the deal is on this.

    One one phone, the volume when speaking in bypass mode so you can talk normal, it really cuts down the volume of my voice, but on another phone it seems to be ok. This is with trying both positions on the switch for different phone types, which you don't see on the unit in the picture for some reason.

    As with other voice changer devices I have had and used, this one is exactly the same. There are only TWO positions that I ever use, and only FOUR that are worth using, not EIGHT as the others are too hard to understand.

    But you can have fun with the two positions, one makes you sound like Satan, the other like Alvin the Chipmunk.

    These voice changers do NOT make a man sound like a woman, but can make a man sound like Alvin the Chipmunk, and a woman sound like Satan.

    It is really just chaning the pitch of your voice, like you could by changing the speed on a tape recorder, only it doesn't speed up or slow down the rate of your words, it maintains the speed, just changes the pitch.

    Don't get this to try and fool someone into thinking you are of some other gender, but if you want to sound funny and drive your friends crazy, leave annonymous messages on friend's answering machines for fun, then this is a neat toy to have.
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