DC-2 Super Dog Chaser
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Product Description

Using the latest ultrasounic technology, the SUPER DOGCHASER uses two ways to repel a dog. One is the discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound (20,000Hz-25,000Hz), audible to dogs but not to humans. And, the second is a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog. Helps stop the approach of unwanted dogs up to 40 feet. Also has a traning setting. Requires on 9 volt battery. Can be used as a flashlight.

  • Works 2 Ways
  • Ultrasonic technology high frequency sound
  • Super bright LED flashlight
  • Also has training setting
  • Can be used as a flashlight
Customer Reviews:
  • Useless and waste money
    I tried on big dogs and also small dogs, none of them had any responses. It claims it has a 135 dB sound,and this is ridiculous. How can a 9 V battery can make 135 dB sound. Jet plane taking off makes about 135 dB sound. This is just no more than a flash light....more info
  • Wakes Up Dogs, Cats Still Coming
    So far, my Dog Chaser has managed to wake up the neighbor's dog when it was sleeping. The dog woke up, looked around, and barked a lot, so the device seems to generate some sound dogs don't like. I was hoping that when I aimed it at a dog, the dog would run the other way. I was also hoping that it might discourage the neighbor's cats from climbing my fence, but so far they're still in my yard. Maybe they have deaf cats....more info
  • dog chaser
    This worked wonderfully on helping to stop our dog and a neighbor's dog from constantly barking at nothing....more info
  • It is not sold for Chile, ¿why?
    I have been looking for this product on the web in order to buy it from Chile through Internet. Finally I found it in Amazon... but it is not sold to Chile!!!...more info