Power 2000 ACD-243 Rechargeable Battery ( Canon NB-4L Equivalent )
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Product Description

Substitute or extra rechargeable lithium battery pack for specific Canon Powershot Digital Cameras / Canon NB-4L Equivalent

  • Compatible with Canon Powershot SD200 and SD300 Digital Cameras
  • May be compatible with other current or future models as specified here or by the manufacturer
Customer Reviews:
  • Battery works well.
    The camera runs and doesn't run out of juice in 5 minutes. I'm a happy customer....more info
  • Garbage - Complete waste of money
    I bought two of these and NEITHER of them holds a charge for more than a few hours EVEN WHEN NOT USED. DEFINITELY stick to the OEM batteries.
    ...more info
  • Only equivalent in shape and color
    Battery is rated at 900mah as opposed to OEM Canon NB-4L (760mah). You should theoretically be able to operate the camera for longer periods. However with the same camera (Canon SD300) settings and flash operation, the OEM Canon lasts considerably longer for a given full charge. Good emergency battery for the price, (you can't use AA's in an Elph) but stick with the OEM for performance....more info
  • As good as Canon's $60 battery for one-third the price
    I have purchased two of these for when I have more shooting to do, and they work great. I haven't measured the number of shots I can get between this and the Canon battery, but they seem equivalent in how long they last....more info