Emergency Dialer for AAA Home Smart Center Security System
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Product Description

Emergency auto dialer gets help quickly. Would your loved ones be able to get in touch with you in case of emergency? What if they couldn't get to a phone? By setting up an emergency dialing system, your loved ones will be able to send a preprogrammed message to up to 9 phone numbers with the press of a button on the wall-mounted unit or on a wristband transmitter (sold separately). Record an emergency message of up to 40 seconds in length. When the panic button on the Emergency Dialer for AAA is pressed, it will begin its sequence of calls, dialing up to 9 phone numbers and playing your message as many as 9 times during each call. If the line is busy, the Emergency Dialer for AAA will redial the number up to 9 times, waiting for a user-selectable length of time in between attempts. Program the numbers to be dialed using the Emergency Dialer for AAA's backlit keypad. The automatic dialer supports both tone/pulse dialing and PABX systems. You can even use this system to dial a pager number, inserting pauses when necessary. You won't need to worry about dialing out with the transmitter if they phone is in use: The Emergency Dialer for AAA will automatically override the phone line for an emergency call.

Customer Reviews:

  • Leaves a lot to be desired
    The Skylink AD-433S dialer came with conflicting instructions, and despite three phone conversations with their tech department, we could not get this to dialer to work properly. I finally sent it back to their "repair" office, and it cost me an additinal $19.00 in postage. I still waiting for some response from the company....more info
  • pilot
    The first time I was testing, it quit and the screen went blank. I had to take the battery out and start again. Skylink should not include batteries because half of them arrived DOA. The casing is cheap ...more info
  • Emergency dialer Skylink AD-433S
    If you need high quality dialer then stay away from this device. You will have hard time and frustration with it, but at the end it will work (from testing).
    Nothing is high tech in this device... the antenna is cheap, just a hard wire that is bent and comes off easily.
    Emergency message is hard to record, i never able to play it back. In my situation, I set emergency number as my cell phone number so when I see the call from home, I know something happens at home. But the emergency message never kick on, so if you want it to call 911, make sure you have caller id.
    I have success to call out by using Skype VOIP, but I have to change Skype send key from * to # because Skylink AD-433S uses * as pause.
    I got the whole system SC001 setup, and it works ok, but I am not giving it to my parents, or someone I care because I don't think it's 100% reliable.
    ...more info
  • Automatically overrides the phone line for an emergency call
  • Sends an emergency voice message to pagers and phones of relatives and friends
  • Triggered by the press of a button on a wrist-mounted transmitter or on the unit itself