Wireless Keypad Control for AAA Home Security System
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Product Description

Wireless keypad allows arming/disarming of AAA Home Security Systems for any entry. Alarm systems shouldn't limit you to using a single entrance to your home. By installing a wireless Keypad Control for AAA at your back door or garage entry, you'll be able to enter and leave your home from any door you like, arming the AAA Home Smart Center security system as usual. The AAA Home Smart Center (AM-100) is sold separately. This Keypad Control can also be used to arm and disarm the Audio Alarm (AA-433) for AAA (sold separately). The Keypad Control for AAA can do everything the AAA Home Smart Center control panel does, with the exception of programming sensors. Using the keypad, you can select the alert mode or the alarm mode, and you can even send a duress signal if an intruder compels you to disarm the system: Entering the special duress password will stop the siren from sounding, but the control panel will silently call the emergency phone numbers for help. Lithium batteries come pre-installed on the Keypad Control for AAA, which also features a lighted keypad for use in the dark.

  • Arms and disarms AAA Home Smart Center security system
  • Additional keypad for a second entrance
  • Instant panic button sends silent alert