Kensington 55310 Privacy Glaremaster Premium +
List Price: $311.95

Our Price: $143.00

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Product Description

Are all eyes on your computer? Due to special laminate on optical-quality glass Kensington's Privacy GlareMaster filters limit viewing range to a narrow 25 degrees so you must stand directly in front of the screen to read it clearly while on-lookers see a blurred, cloudy picture. Glass has multi-layer anti-glare coating for image enhancement and contrast, helping reduce eyestrain.

  • Reduces 95% of the eye-straining glare from your computer.
  • Drains away 99% of ELF/VLF E-fields and dust-attracting static electricity.
  • Special coatings help improve contrast and enhance images.
  • Prevents on-lookers from viewing confidential data by blurring +-25 degrees from either side.