Sony Ericsson P910a - Cellular phone with digital camera / digital player - GSM - ambient silver
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P910a Mobile phone, PDA and digital camera - with video. Writing e-mail on a mobile device has never been easier. P910a has a fully featured keyboard on the back of the flip for easy text input. And what about taking pictures and sending them to your friend's mobile phone or e-mail - this is easy too. Press the camera button, tap the send button on the P910a touchscreen, choose a contact and your picture or video clip is on its way.P910a has the most impressive combination of mobile phone, PDA, camera and entertainment features you will find anywhere. One device. Every possibility.

Customer Reviews:
  • One of the best
    I have had more than 15 mobiles in the past couple of years and nothing came close to the SE P910i. I changed my mobile from SE P910i to Motorola A1000, but gave it back in a week and got another P910i. Its so good. It gives a nice feel when in hand or at the desk. It gives a luxurious feel. Not to mention the unlimited features it has and the unlimited softwares available for it. I definitely recommend. ...more info