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Product Description

ADEMCOs 5809 wireless fixed heat and rate-of-rise temperature sensor offers expanded fire detection and installation flexibility. It is ideal for hard to wire locations and applications that require more than smoke detection. With no wires to run, the 5809 is fast and easy to install. The 5809 combines both rate-of-rise and fixed temperature sensors. Fires typically cause a rapid rise in temperature in the surrounding area. The 5809s rate-of-rise thermostat senses the rise in temperature and signals an alarm if the increase is 15 degrees or more per minute. A built-in fixed temperature sensor will also signal an alarm if the environmental temperature rises above 135 degrees F.

  • Tamper switch
  • Also trips when the temperature rises 15 degrees F or more per minute.
  • Wall or ceiling mountable.
  • Requires one 3V lithium battery for operation.
  • Built-in transmitter