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Product Description

  • Park your car in the right spot everytime with the Garage Laser Parking System.
  • This easy to install system, will put a stop to dented walls, fenders, andtaillights.
  • The system is automatically activated when your vehicle enters the garage.
  • A red laser beam shines at the spot of your car you've assigned so you you know exactly when to stop.
  • Powered by a 9 volt battery (notincluded) or by the included 110v AC adaptor.
  • Includes hook and loop tape, screws and hardware for easy installation.
  • Features:
    • Wireless (9V) or use AC/DC adapter!
    • Installs in minutes
    • No more guessing where to stop
    • Automatically activates when car enters garage
    • All mounting hardware included
    • Dimensions: 4 3/4 x4
  • Easy garage parking for everyone! Yellow and red light tells you when to stop.
  • Installs in minutes!
  • No more dings and dents in walls and on cars.
  • Park perfectly everytime!
Customer Reviews:
  • Proceed with caution!!!
    The reviews I read linked to this device describe a laser dot locating device. The picture shows a distance sensing device. I bought the distance sensing device and installed on a cold January day. It worked fine at first, but when it got really cold, the device just stopped working. Then when it warmed up to 30 degrees, the device started working again. Probably not the best for a cold climate....more info
  • Laser
    The laser was easy to install. It is battery powered or you can plug it in. It is light weight and adjustable. ...more info
  • Excellent device, easy to install, nice bright red laser light

    I decided to install this nifty little device after our "Park Smart Yellow Parking Mat" shifted and my wife bumped our garage shelves.

    I was able to plug the power adapter into the receptacle for the garage door opener and had enough wire to run around a steel beam and mount the laser on the ceiling above the car's windshield with the supplied screws. After mounting, the laser light swivels and can be adjusted in a straight line (front to rear) to where you would like it to point. (I picked the center of the speaker on the dashboard.)

    The motion sensor spots the car as it is entering the garage and the laser is bright. (When parking a car in the adjoining bay, the sensor in the laser bay does not go on until a passenger exits.)

    I then replaced the dented vanity plate on the car.

    ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    It works as advertised. I purchased 2 of them. One is to help my wife park her Prius. The other was for my PT Cruiser however I always back in and the overhead door would block the device so I'll have to think of some clever place to put it other than beaming down thru the windshield. The only negative is the very poor double sided sticky tape they provide. It failed within one hour so I used some industrial strength velcro. I have a steel I beam right where the device needed to mount otherwise I would have just used screws and anchors into the drywall ceiling....more info