Monster Cable AI-AIRCHG-IP iAirPlay Charger for iPod
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Product Description

Did you know you can charge your iPod on an airplane? With Monster iAirplay just connect it to the armrest of certain first and business class airplane seats. You can charge your iPod on the long flight without needing to worrying about it running out of power. Flight delayed? Just wait it out with your iPod music and when you get on the plane, recharge it. The iAirPlay comes with two different adapters. One for the 15v airplane power jacks found on commercial airlines. The other is a 15v DC cigarette lighter power socket to power your iPod using an outlet type that's available. Your iPod will be charged for after you've landed.

  • iPod power charger for use during long airline flights
  • 15-volt adapter plugs into armrest of many commercial planes
  • Alternate 15-volt DC cigarette lighter adapter fits some planes and cars
  • Duraflex jacket and strain relief collar offer flexibility and durability
  • Corrosion-resistant 24k gold contacts; 3.3-foot cord
Customer Reviews:
  • FM I-Pod Transmitter
    Better than most items I have tried to use for my I-Pod. Less static but not totally clear reception. I would probably buy another for my other vehicle....more info
  • Should be called "Miracle Cable"
    This cable is awesome!!! This is a "must have" for anyone on a long flight. I was on a 17 hour flight and this cable charged my ipod the entire time. It worked perfectly. The cable plugged in right under my seat and was long enough for me to place the ipod on my food tray. Keep in mind that the pilot only turns on the power to the plugs under the seats after achieving the cruising altitude....more info
  • Does not work on Boeing 737 or Airbus 320
    Before you read this, please note that this device includes a cigarette lighter adapter so you can still charge your iPod in your vehicle. The plugin clip is wider than most other connectors I own so if you have a case on it then it could be difficult to fit on and off. (iSkin owners be cautious. It will fit, but it takes a bit of work to get on and off.)

    I had purchased this device to keep my iPod charged during a recent trip. Flew on Southwest (Boeing 737) to my destination and then United (Airbus 320) back home. Both planes did not have the appropriate plug for the charger. The flight attendants were not aware if the plane had this plug. Either it was located in an obscure location or the attendants just didn't know.

    If you can find this item for dirt cheap then it isn't that bad. I paid $7 (w/ S&H) so I didn't get burned too bad....more info
  • Didn't wok
    This did not work on the plane. The jack that was required to connect to the plane was not supplied. I was very disappointed....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This product worked exactly as advertised. I ensured that I had a seat with the power port on it. However the flight attendants do not seem to know where these are, search under the seat. But this kept my iPod nice and charged during the flight watching movies.

    I only purchased this Monster Cable product because of the low price, otherwise I would have ignored the item, because of the manufacturer....more info
  • Monster iAirPlay rocks!
    Perfect solution for in flight recharge or car use! Works flawlessly on my 5G iPod Video.

    Seller OverStockSells is a great retailer. Prompt shipping, great pricing! $80 retail item for $8.90! Come on now! I expected bulk/loose packaging. Came new in Monster retail packaging...but in Japanese! How cool!

    Typical Monster quality at a rock bottom price! I bought two!

    ...more info