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Product Description

The NetBotz 500 is the next-generation NetBotz monitoring appliance. The NetBotz 500's pod-based architecture gives the user tremendous flexibility and expandability. Camera pods and sensor pods can be located as far as 340 feet (104 m) from the base station, allowing coverage of multiple rooms or cabinets. And, the base station itself can be wirelessly connected to an 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN. The Camera Pod 120 boasts a surveillance-class camera and audio recording, with multiple resolutions up to 1280x1024 and frame rates as high as 30 fps. A microphone is built into the camera pod for recording audio clips associated with the picture clips-if desired, an external microphone can be used for placement closer to the sound source. The NetBotz 500 comes with a 35?W by 28?H C-mount lens with included CS adapter (field of view up to 64?W x 53?H, depending on imager mode and image resolution). Can be replaced by any standard CS- or C-mount lens. SSL encryption is standard on the NetBotz 500, providing secure transmission of alerts to prevent potential interception and misuse of camera and audio clips. Customizable thresholds and alert polices include specialized threshold types such as rate-of-change and above-value-too-long. Alerts can now include sound clips and graphs as well as pictures, and separate alert actions can be triggered at different alert severity levels.

  • Expandable via additional Camera Pods and Sensor Pods connected to USB ports on base
  • Add-on CCTV Adapter Pod 120 (not included) enables CCTV camera to be used with NetBotz 500.
  • IP-addressable, integrated web server .
  • Alerts via E-mail, SNMP, Text Messaging, FTP, HTTP and Web Services .
  • PC Card adapter slot for optional Wireless Ethernet (802.11a/b/g) or GSM/GPRS modem.