Lorex CVC-2032 CCD B/W Dome Camera
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Product Description

1/3\ CCD B&W Dome Camera - Polycarbonate housing provides high impact protection against possible vandalism- Smoked camera housing provides unobtrusive appearance- 1/3\" CCD B&W image sensor with polycarbonate dome housing- Rotate camera 360 degrees and/or Tilt camera 90 degrees for optimal angle selection- Built-in automatic back light compensation- Includes 1/3\" CCD B&W dome camera, housing, extension cable, regulated 12V DC power supply and RCA/BNC connector"

  • 0.33-inch B/W interline-transfer CCD image sensor
  • Polycarbonate housing provides high-impact protection
  • Smoke-colored dome provides unobtrusive appearance and hides camera direction
  • Allows 360-degrees of panning and up to 90-degrees of tilt
  • Built-in automatic gain control and backlight compensation