Clock Radio Color Camera (2.4Ghz Wireless System)
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Product Description

This is a truly plug and play system, simply plug the clock radio into any standard wall outlet. We've already integrated the camera and wireless transmitter into the radio. To videotape your subject or room, simply attach the included wireless receiver into your VCR. It's simply that easy! To view your subject just attech the wireless receiver into a cable-ready television or monitor. The range is approximately 300 feet line-of-sight (LOS). The AM/ FM alarm clock radio is fully functional.

  • This AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio is equipped with a high quality 2.4 GHZ wireless camera and 4 selectable channel transmitter.
  • Miniature Color camera and wireless transmitter isnide a Radio Clock
  • This is the largest seller of all of the covert devices as it can be brought into an office, easily plugged in the wall as it is impossible to tell that the unit is a covert camera.