Elmo CC431E Camera Control Unit
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Product Description


The Elmo CC431E Camera Control Unit is a control unit for the family of Elmo color remote-head cameras including the QN42H/HL, the MN42H, and the CN42H. The CCU (camera control unit) is the part that allows video signals to be transferred out to a monitor or recorder. The various automatic and manual settings of the camera/CCU can be changed via an on-screen display feature. Camera functions such as white balance or shutter control can be customized to the needs of the shooting environment from the monitor display menu and the CCU's function buttons.

The Elmo CC431E operates on the NTSC signal system and achieves a S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio of 46 dB. For video connectors, this CCU includes one composite-video BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman, RF-type) output, one S-video four-pin output and one Sync BNC input connector. The CC431E also has one DC-power four-pin DIN output, one remote-control nine-pin input and one camera-input six-pin Special DIN connector. As well as featuring white balance, shutter and gain control, this unit utilizes anti-vibration and anti-shock circuitry for mobile applications and weighs less than one pound.

Technical Features:

  • Signal system: NTSC
  • S/N ratio: 46 dB
  • Video connections: composite BNC, S-video and Sync BNC
  • Dimensions: approximately 3 x 2 x 6 inches (W x D x H)
The Elmo CC431E Camera Control Unit can add great functionality and control to your compatible Elmo surveillance camera. Connected to miniature-sized cameras with cable lengths from six to 100 feet, this CCU can be placed or mounted just about anywhere. And with the addition of the CC431E's anti-shock feature, installing this unit in mobile compartments, such as the trunk or glove compartment in your car, would present no problem. users should note, however, that a cable from the camera head to the CCU and a power supply are required for functionality. The Elmo AE-E12A 120 Volt AC Power Supply is the power-supply required for this Elmo CC431E control unit.
  • Elmo model CC431E camera controller
  • Designed for use with the family of Elmo color remote-head cameras including the QN42H/HL, MN42H, and the CN42H
  • Includes output connectors for composite video with a BNC connector
  • Also includes S-video with the ubiquitous 4-pin mini DIN connector