Lorex QLR-0444C-A Expandable 4 Port Capture Card w/4 Cameras
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Product Description

LOREX QLR0444C Digital Monitoring System (With 4 color cameras) System features: ; Remote or local security monitoring from any PC via the Internet or modem dial up ; Digital recording of live video to a PCs hard drive ; View up to 4 locations simultaneously ; Individual selection of security alarm features ; Password security protection ; Compatible with Windows(R) 98/2000/ME/XP ; Continued, free online upgrades available ; Computer not included; System with 4 color cameras; Ability to connect up to 8 cameras with additional LORQLR0440 PCI capture card (sold separately) Digital Monitoring System (With 4 color cameras)

  • Remote or local security viewing from any PC via internet or modem dial-up
  • Digital recording of live video to your PC hard drive
  • View up to 4 cameras simultaneously, scalable to 8 camera with optional second card
  • Software allows individually setting and configuration of each camera
  • 30 fps record speed with Quad or sequential viewing
Customer Reviews:
  • Inexpensive, simple, and powerful!
    I was initially a bit leery of this product; it was considerably less expensive than other comparable products. Since my customer was on a tight budget, I decided to take the leap, and I am very glad that I did so. The product is top-notch in all respects. The cameras are extremely compact, yet are day/night, with built-in motion sensors. The multi-axis mounts came with screws, and camera installation was a breeze. Power and video for each camera are combined in a single 60-foot cable, which made running the cables a bit less painful. The DVR card fit fine; I did not realize when I bought the bundle that this card comes with a multi-I/O expander, allowing the software to detect external events (doors opening, etc.). What a bonus! The software installed with no problems on Windows XP Home Edition, and was so intuitive, the only reason I had to open the instruction PDF was to find out what the default password was. On an older hyperthreaded P4, constant recording on all four cameras keeps the CPU utilization at around 48%. Compression is very good; a 120GB partition can hold many months of recording, which is automatically split into directories by calendar day. I have recommended this bundle to several other clients, two of which have requested that I install one for them ... two thumbs up!...more info