Kensington 64196 Security MicroSaver Computer Lock with Alarm (PC)
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Product Description

MicroSaver Alarmed Computer Lock with audible alarm. 6-foot aircraft-grade steel cable attaches computer securely, and patented T-bar lock provides most secure locking. Fits into Kensington Security slot in computers and other devices.

The Kensington 64196 Micro Saver Alarmed Lock protects your laptop computer from theft with a patented cable-and-lock system, and is a sound investment for any notebook owner. This Kensington 64196 is constructed of a six-foot, aircraft-grade steel cable for super strength, and a patented, T-bar lock that provides superior lock strength and theft protection. And as if that weren't enough, the cable includes an audible alarm unit that will automatically sound if the cable is cut, and can be heard up to 50-feet away. Easy to install and use in the office or when traveling, this system locks into the standard Kensington security slot found in 99-percent of notebooks, as well as many flat-panel monitors, CPUs, projectors, printers, docking stations, tablet PCs, and other devices. This unit features a sleek styling and design that won't block notebook ports or lift a notebook off the desk, and a low-battery indicator that will chirp when your alarm battery is low. The Kensington 64196 is backed by a manufacturer's one-year warranty, and requires one lithium CR2032 battery for the alarm, which can be switched off to preserve battery power when the locking cable is not in use.

  • Industry leading Micro Saver (R) computer lock with audible alarm to secure your computer.
  • If the reinforced cable is cut, the alarm sounds immediately and can be heard up to 50 ft away.
  • 6 ft. aircraft-grade steel cable attaches to computer.
  • Fits into the Kensington Security slot found in almost all notebooks, desktops, flat panel monitors, tablet PCs and other portable devices.
  • Patented T-bar lock provides most secure computer locking option.
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice product - not many like it around
    This is a realy one of a kind product
    I tried to find it in a retail store to see it before purchasing on-line, but I couldn't find any alarmed computer locks at any "brick and mortor" stores.
    The quality is good on the Kensington. I think the alarm siren could be a bit louder....more info
  • Worth the extra buck
    The reason why anyone should get a notebook security cable is to deter people from stealing a laptop. In this mentality, it really doesn't matter how good a lock is or how cheap it is as long as it looks like a lock. If someone wants to steal your laptop that bad then they probably will regardless of the lock. Now when it comes to a security lock with an alarm thats a different story. Like I said if someone wants to cut the cable they no is no reason they wold be unable to, but they won't know that there is an alarm attached which is the feature that people should be getting this product for. Both physical and audible security.
    I've have been very satisfied with this lock. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is very stiff. ...more info
  • laptop lock
    My son has been using this lock for his laptop in his college dorm and says he is very happy with it. he likes the idea of having the added security of the alarm....more info
  • This product is okay, but it could use improvements
    I bought this lock with an alarm because I teach a college course and bring my laptop for displaying class notes on Powerpoint. As far as I know, the alarm feature on it works, and it's handy enough to anchor around a table or chair and lock to my computer.

    It would be nice if the cord was a little less "stiff" so it could more compactly wrap and pack into my carrying case. As it is, it's a bit bulky. I wind up hanging it on my closet doorknob when not in use, because I'm afraid that if I force it to wrap more tightly for storage, it might damage the alarm.

    The other element that would be nice as an improvement is in reference to the sliding alarm latch. If left in one position, the alarm is shut off to spare the battery, which is very practical for nonuse times. Unfortunately, that lid slides extremely easily, which means it's almost always using the battery. ...more info