Oregon Scientific DS6628 ThinCam 1.3MP Digital Flash Camera (Gray)
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Product Description

At only 3/10" thick, the world's thinnest 1.3 megapixel camera is no bigger than a credit card. This ultra-portable camera utilizes Autobrite technology and a detachable flash module to ensure perfect pictures in all lighting situations.The DS6628 has an ultra-low power imager chip set, optics, and 0.8mm thin, USB-rechargeable, lithium-polymer battery. By using Autobrite technology, the DS6628 automatically adjusts the exposure so that details in both bright and dim areas of a picture are clear - even in difficult scenes such as those with backlighting or glare. The selectable Macro mode provides further versatility for up close photography.Weighing in at a mere 1.4 ounces, the DS6628 packs 16MB of internal flash memory that stores approximately 21 high quality photos at SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution or 91 fine quality photos VGA (640x480) resolution (for small prints). The camera also contains an SD external memory card slot for additional storage. The self-contained rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides enough power to capture approximately 500 shots and recharges automatically while the DS6628 is connected to a PC or Mac. You will never worry about or need to replace the battery, thereby eliminating the additional cost and inconvenience associated with most digital cameras in its class.An audible tone can be silenced as per user discretion, and a state-of-the-art LCD display informs you of the remaining image count, battery level, and status of various operations.

Never miss another spontaneous moment! The Oregon Scientific DS6628 ThinCam 1.3MP Digital Flash Camera fits snugly in the palm of your hand or in any pocket. With battery life for up to 500 images between charges and a sleek design, the camera is perfect for the person on the go.

At just 2.1 inches tall by 3.4 inches wide and .3 inches deep, the DS6628 is the world's smallest 1.3-megapixel digital camera. With an attractive gray design, this compact camera is great for taking pictures anytime to post to your Web site or e-mail to your friends. Included among its many features are:

  • 1.3-megapixel (1288 x 962 pixels) resolution
  • 16 MB of internal memory (21 high- or 91 low-resolution pictures)
  • Built-in li-polymer battery recharges via USB link to PC
  • Detachable flash module
  • Supports SD and MMC cards for extra memory
  • Pop-up/focus-free lens pad
  • Optical viewfinder
  • PC and Mac compatible
What's in the Box
DS6628 digital camera, flash attachment, software, USB cable, carrying case.
  • World's smallest 1.3-megapixel digital camera
  • Battery life for up to 500 images between charges
  • 16MB of internal memory (21 high- or 91 low-resolution pictures)
  • Detachable flash module and pop-up/focus-free lens pad
  • PC and Mac compatible
Customer Reviews:
  • DS6628 Review
    Seems that these cameras have been plagued with battery failures. Since the Lithium Polymer batteries are built in, it's necessary to return them to the seller. Most sellers are discontinuing them for just that reason. If you MUST have a super light camera for your application, I recommend the MUSTEK SmartMini. Roughly same price or lower, with almost same specs. Their battery works OK....more info
  • I love this camera!
    I purchased this camera because I wanted something inexpensive with which to send pics over the internet. I am very surprised at how good the pics are, and recommend this camera because it does an excellent job doing exactly what I want it to do....more info
  • I love this camera!
    I got this camera because it is the smallest in the world, and I was just curious just how good could the quality be for being so small. It was really good. The pictures came out crisp and clear, and though you really can't compare it to the pictures from the top of the line cameras, but for its price, it is really great. And it is really portable. You can fit it in your pocket and not worry about anything, and take pictures wherever you go. Definitely worth every buck that I paid for, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy to use and portable digital camera....more info
  • A really great camera for a cheap price!
    I was very reluctant when I saw so many rant posts about this camera, but I decided to go with my guts and made the purchase anyway. To my dismay, the camera worked great! It took good and bright pictures outdoor, and when indoors, you just attach the flash and voila! It takes great pictures indoors too. The people who are complaining that this camera isn't good just needs to read the manual. I read the manual, and it worked perfect for me.

    For such a low price, this camera is worth every buck. And PS, because i am always on the go, so this camera being so small is really convenient....more info
  • Worst Ive ever seen!
    I ordered this camera for my son for Christmas, with the information provided on the product I thought it would be great for my teen. After he opened it and got excited about such a cool looking small camera, we had him take some pictures. Everything was washed out and out of focus. We tried everything in the instruction book to see if it was our error. This camera is not worth the time or money it took to get it. My 8yr olds get better pictures from a cheap camera from Walmart. This is on it's way back!!! Dont even bother with this camera.
    Hope everyone had a better holiday than my kid did! ...more info
  • looks arn't everything
    When I first got this camera I thought it was a great camera because of its looks, size, and price. Then after trying to take pictures, I realized it was a piece of crap. It was missing a major part of a good camera- photo taking. The pictures it took were washed out by the flash and almost everything about the camera was bad quality. I tried everything to get a good picture out of it, but it never took one good picture indoors. I'm currently returning it and will never get another Oregon camera. I have two words for that camera "bad quality"....more info
  • Not even worth the shipping fee
    This "suck-it-all" camera is of lower quality than my old 35 mm camera.
    It's worth twenty bucks at best. So cheaply made, you can hear the camera clicking on the inside when you turn it on.
    You can't even view an image after you take a picture, which to me, is the whole point of a digi cam.
    Before you waste cash on this, I suggest you look at 35 mm for the same price.
    I'm currently seeking a refund on this piece of crude....more info
  • Good Camera
    This camera was perfect for me. It was very easy to carry around and it took great photos. I suggest it for just about anybody. The camera had only a slight problem with charging the battery but I got past this easily, and it did not affect my satisfaction with the camera. ...more info
  • Great Camera!
    This is a great camera. It is very small but still takes high quality pictures. I suggest it for those woh are fairly new to digital photography. The camera was perfect for taking any kind of pictures, and it fits everywhere. I recomend it for anyone who is interested....more info