Sony LAV Microphone w/Bodypack Transmitter & Portable Wireless UHF Receiver (CH 62-65)
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Product Description

The UWP-C1/6264 consists of a lavalier microphone, bodypack transmitter and portable tuner. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from newsgathering and interviews to talk shows and conferences.

  • PLL Synthesized System To achieve stable transmission and reception. (Avoid interference with other frequency channels and to allow the selection of a preferred channel from multiple frequencies.)
  • Tone Squelch Circuitry Prevents the output of unwanted signals or noise from other signal transmissionsin the air, as well as the RF noise and popping noise that occur when the transmitter is powered on or off.
  • Space Diversity Reception System Reduces the occurrence of reception interruptions (signal dropout).
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Operation Users can easily choose intermodulation-free frequencies for the transmitters and tuners, simplifying the task of system set-up.
  • Pre Programmed Operating Frequencies
Customer Reviews:
  • lav mics
    product was cheaper than in store and shipped in no time.
    the problem in using it is to attach it to a camera if you want to carry it around. there is no good adapter and you end up with a lot of single pieces dangling from their cables.
    if you want to use more than one you have to change the transmitting frequencies which is a bit tedious. sound quality is very good unless your hair or clothes touch it.
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