Geiger Counter Kit with Wand-- Assembled and Tested
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Product Description

Analog Geiger Counters are useful for detecting radioactivity and performing nuclear experiments. The model GCK-01A is an assembled and tested kit. These Geiger Counters primary indicators are an audio click and an LED blink each time a radioactive particle is detected. Count Rate VS Dose Rate chart on front of counter provides an indication of radiation based on clicks per second. The model GCK-01A has an external wand that houses Geiger-Mueller tube (GMT-01) and provides a easy to use probe for checking radioactivity. The GM Tube is a Ne + Halogen filled, with a .38 effective diameter 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2 mica end window. It detects the following radiation: Alpha above 3.0 MeV; Beta above 50 KeV; Gamma above 7 KeV.

  • Includes: Headphone / Analog Meter Jack
  • Includes: Digital Output Jack - The digital output jack provides a TTL logic high pulse each time a radioactive particle is detected. The digital output may be interfaced to a Personal computer (PC) or a microprocessor.
  • Includes: Printed Circuit Board (PCB-06)
  • Includes: Printed and drilled enclosure case
  • Includes: Assembled Wand (GCW-01)