D-Link DCS-2100G Wireless Internet Camera, Built -in Mic. 802.11g, 54Mbps
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Product Description

The D-Link SECURICAM Network DCS-2100G Wireless Internet Camera is designed for office and home users who want a full-featured surveillance system that provides remote, high quality video and audio monitoring over the Internet. It connects directly to a wireless 802.11g or 10/100 Ethernet broadband network to enable remote viewing and management of the camera from anywhere in the world using Internet Explorer version 6. With its own IP address and built-in web server, you can place the DCS-2100G anywhere on the network without requiring a direct connection to a PC. As you watch and listen remotely to video and sound obtained by the DCS-2100G, you can instantly take snapshots directly from the web browser. Witness enhanced viewing capabilities with its ability to digitally zoom in up to 4 times on specific areas for close-ups. It can also capture video in rooms with minimal lighting, making it ideal for use at night.

By signing up with one of the many free Dynamic DNS services available on the web, you can create a personal web address for your camera. This allows you to remotely access your camera and monitor your site without having to remember the IP address, even if it has been changed by your Internet Service Provider.

Full-featured software is included to enhance the monitoring and management of the DCS-2100G. You can simultaneously view from up to 16 cameras at once, set up manual or scheduled video/audio recording to your hard drive, and set the camera to record or send e-mail alerts whenever the motion sensor is triggered. With simple installation procedures and a built-in web-based interface, the DCS-2100G offers easy integration into your network environment. Get all the surveillance features that suit your needs, and most importantly, peace of mind.

  • UPC - 790069274008
Customer Reviews:
  • Wireless fails a few months after purchase
    I bought this camera because I travel quite often and would like to see my infant son while on the road. At first the camera works as advertised. As others have reviewed, it is not the best camera, but it did what I needed.

    After a few months, the wireless connection fails all the time. It would connect and then disconnect. Even if I move the camera next to the wireless router, this happens, so it is not a signal strength issue. After that, the camera simply fails to connect at all wirelessly. It still works when connected by cable, but I paid for a wireless camera. Now I'm on the line with technical support, which is in India, and getting the run around....more info
  • Mixed Results
    The camera works well when connected via Ethernet cable but falls short when used as a Wireless camera. The problem is very evident when one applies WEP security. Performance falls to unusable with frequent disconnects. Too bad as the camera does fairly well otherwise....more info
  • Not what I expected
    Let's start with the documentation. The initial setup didn't seem too difficult. There was one screen that came up during installation that didn't appear anywhere in either the quick installation guide or the full manual, but I thought it had all gone well. After another 3 hours on the phone with technical support completing the setup items that were not in the manual, I finally had an operational camera when using it from home. I've yet to successfully access the camera from an outside computer, but while it appears this is a configuration error on my part, it again highlights the inadequacy of the user manual.
    The video quality is mediocre, with rather poor contrast, but since I don't have any experience with other internet camera's, I can't say whether or not there's a better one out there for a comparable price. It's pretty much the quality I would expect from a $30 or $40 webcam, so I was less than impressed. Still, the camera would be usable, except after 2-3 hours of operation, it loses connection. The only way to regain connectivity is to physically unplug the camera and plug it back in. I called tech support, and they've assured me that it's a defective camera, but I've read similar reviews, so I'm not sure. If it is indeed just defective, I would say a properly operating device would be a marginally good camera for the price. On the plus side, their customer service has been excellent. You can talk to someone 24/7, I haven't had any long wait times, and the staff has been very knowledgeable and helpful....more info
  • Like my Linksys better
    Dissapointed. Not very user friendly. Picture quality is only descent in perfect lighting situations. Does not like sunlight nor does it like low light.
    I've had a Linksys for 2 years and is much more user friendly. Also Linksys sends via email, streaming video instead of a snapshot.
    Hoping I can return it to Buy.COM. ...more info
  • DCS-2100G Image quality is only fair
    I purchased two of these cameras.

    -- Access the camera wirelessly (within your network) and through the Internet (within or outside of your network.)
    -- Moving the camera to other locations (within your wireless network) is easy. Just unplug, move, and replug into AC outlet.
    -- Has nice features regarding IP assignment, email alerts, motion detection, etc.
    -- A comprehensive manual (148 pages.)

    -- Fair image quality (inferior to webcams that cost $40.) DLink should have spent the $10 or less in additional build cost for a better camera.
    -- Does NOT "capture video in minimal lighting." Much less sensitive than webcams that cost $40. In typical indoor room lighting, image is very very dark.
    -- Fair focusing adjustment. The focusing ring is not easy to use in getting the image focused (yes, I had my laptop nearby so I could view the image while adjusting the focus.) With the center of the image focused, the outer edges are slightly out of focus.
    -- Firmware (the internal camera software) is not upgradeable. One of my DCS-2100G cameras has firmware v1.0 and the other has firmware v1.03. The camera with firmware v1.03 allows you to turn off the bright blue flashing LED on the camera; the camera with firmware v1.0 does not allow you to turn off the flashing LED (there is no physical switch on the camera.) This is an important feature, since there are situations where I do not want to bring attention to the existence of the camera, or just find the flashing LED annoying. The installation software provided by DLink has a firmware upgrade option, but requires you to have a copy of the firmware. I tried contacting DLink technical support (both through telephone and email) and the last response was, "Unfortunately the D-Link support site does not have any firmware upgrade available to download." You decide what that means.
    -- Setup is complex. (The manual is 148 pages.) And with a non-DLink router, it is slightly more complex. Note: this is probably an issue with any wireless camera. Setting up access, in particular from outside your network, is a complex process.
    -- Camera occasionally resets itself, requiring one to "reprogram" features.
    ...more info
  • Good design features, but not all can work well
    I have set up my first 2100G camare, although i am happy with all designed features, but I could not make "motion detection alert email" working properly after 3 weeks of frustrated testing, with all sort of try and erro effort. The local d-link support also could not figure out the solution except giving me a replacement set. However the problem still exists....more info