Sony NVR-IP 500 GB Video Server Workstation with Nine Camera Licenses
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Since most businesses and institutions already have a high-speed IP network, adding an IP video surveillance system simply leverages the same infrastructure to include video functionality. The Sony NVR-IP 500 GB Video Server Workstation with 9 Camera Licenses offers your network a fully functional surveillance system without the need for point-to-point configuration and cabling. Once this system is configured and running, the only fine-tuning you will need to do is to decide which of the following functions you'll want to operate:

  • Motion Detection: Offers real-time alerts of significant events such as unauthorized entry and suspicious movements
  • Alarm Handling: An interface with access control and alarm systems, along with e-mail notification upon alarm trigger
  • Time Stamping: Makes searches quick and easy
  • Local Programmability: Each camera (or group of cameras) can be programmed for a specific requirement
  • Digital Sensor Inputs: Triggers the transmission of images upon alarm tripping
  • Digital Relay Outputs: Can be used to remotely or automatically open or close doors, turn lights on or off, or a number of other possibilities
  • Camera Controls: You can pan, tilt and zoom to better secure a large location
The NVR-IP 500 comes with nine camera licenses and Real Shot Manager video recording management software. With Real Shot, a PC can effectively become an advanced, yet simple-to-operate "command center" for your network cameras. From your PC you can facilitate the control of up to 32 video cameras. Sony's Real Shot Manager supports Sony's IP addressable network cameras as well as analog cameras with video network server adapters. This software features an enhanced alarm function that activates detection/alarm trigger and pre-/post-alarm image storage as well as e-mail notification. The Dynamic Masking function enables the administrator to mask unwanted or prohibited areas within an image by adjusting the pan/tilt/zoom position of the camera. Dual monitor setup allows multi-monitor viewing with a second monitor, providing a larger detailed image of select screens from the primary monitor. Application program interface supply provides application developers or system integrators with the ability to integrate other application programs or systems, such as GUI design software, access control and alarm systems. AVI File Export uses the supplied file player software to play back recorded images with embedded metadata, such as recording start and end time for export and easy exchange.
  • Fully functional surveillance system with nine camera licenses
  • Includes motion detection, time stamping, alarm handling, email notification and more
  • Offers pan, tilt and zoom capabilities
  • Bundled Real Shot Manager software offers full control of monitoring capabilities
  • Works off of existing IP networks, eliminated need for costly cabling and installation