GURL Watcher for Windows
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Product Description

GURL Watcher for Windows? Now you can take charge of what your children, employees or anyone else is doing while they are surfing online, without resorting to usually futile attempts at censorship or using complicated filtering software. GURL Watcher helps you to establish a system of trust and responsible use, rather than trying to impose filtered access that may inadvertently cut people off from perfectly legitimate sites. GURL Watcher silently watches the web sites displayed in a browser. Just install, configure, turn it on, and that's it. Every time your machine restarts GURL Watcher will automatically watch any browser activity and report it. GURL Watcher works completely in the background to record all the sites visited by a computer's users. You can either save these URLs in a designated file known only to you, or email them to a designated address. No filters, no subscriptions, just plain and simple browser monitoring.