Cloud Dome Infinity Board Digital Lighting Kit, with Two 5000k Lights & Black Matte Background.
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Product Description

Infinity Matte Board... The light-weight and portable Infinity board is the perfect background matte for photographing a variety of images. The effect of the background is simple, your images stand out, while the board fades away to infinity. (Advanced users: this makes cropping and digitally adjusting color and contrast an easier task.) Cleaning: most cleansers can be safely used with the Infinity board.

  • Cloud Dome Flip Light: 19 inch Folding Diamond Grading Light with Compact Fluorescent Bulb.
  • Energy Efficient 13 watt compact Flourescent Bulb 5000k
  • Automatic Shut-Off When Folded Up
  • In Conjunction with Infinity Board , will Produce "Floating in Air" Images
  • Perfect for 2 Light Macro Photgraphy to Eliminate Shadows
Customer Reviews:
  • so-so
    It's a nice idea, but after a few weeks I stopped using the product and its now collecting dust. The lights still come in handy as modelling lights or continuous light in a small macro setup.

    My main two issues with the product are:

    - The board's surface material is a poor choice. It's creating too much reflection from the lighting which is distracting in the results. It's not creating an even black background. You're better off buying a roll of photographic background paper, even if you just drape it over a chair somehwere.
    - The overall shape / construction of the board requires a few clamps or weights to keep in place, which just requires too much thinking, when you really just want to work on the pictures, not your setup. Also the board is relatively small, making it too common for edges to show up....more info