Pyle PWD202 4-Button Vehicle Security System
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Product Description

Two transmitters with labeled rubber buttonsBuilt-in relays for starter disable and parking lights125dB 6-tone siren Electronic dual stage shock sensor Automatic bypass for defective zones Panic mode temper alert valet mode and anti-carjack mode

Protect one of your most expensive investments--along with all the stereo equipment inside--with the Pyle PWD202 vehicle security system. Outfitted with two four-button transmitters that fit conveniently on a keychain, the PWD202 is a must for folks who live in neighborhoods with high break-in rates, or for users who simply want to rest easy when parked in an unfamiliar locale. Once armed, the alarm will trigger if any one of the following occurs: the doors are opened, the shock sensor detects an impact on the vehicle, or the hood or trunk is opened. The 125 dB six-tone siren will keep almost any thief on his or her heels, as will the honking horn and flashing parking lights. Meanwhile, the dual-stage shock sensor also senses light impacts to the vehicle's side. The shock sensor chirps and activates the parking lights to warn away potential intruders before they make the decision to smash a window or jimmy a car door.

In addition to standard alarm functions, the system also offers a number of security extras, such as an ignition lock that automatically locks the doors five seconds after the car is turned on and a remote panic siren that sounds for 30 seconds to attract attention. And perhaps most importantly for car owners, the system offers an optional starter disable feature that makes it impossible to start the car once a break-in occurs. The only way to activate the ignition is to disarm the alarm.

Other features include an LED emergency override switch (lets you into the car even if you've lost the transmitter); a tamper alert that lets you know if the alarm has been triggered; a valet mode that disables the alarm functions; a trunk release button; and a car locator that's particularly handy in large mall parking lots. The system comes with a one-year warranty.

Additional Features

  • Built-in relays for starter disable and parking lights
  • LED emergency override switch
  • 125 dB 6-tone siren
  • Door lock, auxiliary, dome light, and horn honk outputs
  • Panic mode, valet mode, and tamper alert
  • Automatic bypass for defective zones
  • Programmable disarm with trunk-release feature
  • Programmable manual/passive arming, automatic re-arming, passive door locking, ignition-controlled lock, unlock, extended pulse lock, double pulse unlock, car finder, and chirp bypass
  • Temporary chirp mute
  • Remote valet feature
  • Remote sensor bypass
  • Nonvolatile memory

What's in the Box
Two four-button transmitters, system module, shock sensor, siren, valet switch, LED, receiver, all appropriate wiring, user's manual.

  • Vehicle security system with pair of 4-button keychain transmitters with labeled rubber keys
  • 6-tone 125 dB car alarm siren; built-in relays for starter disable and parking lights
  • Dual-stage shock sensor detects light impacts to vehicle's side; LED emergency override switch
  • Remote panic siren sounds for 30 seconds; ignition lock automatically locks doors after car turns on
  • Valet mode disarms alarm functions; car locator function; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • could not be more complicated
    WOW !! i hope you know about working on car electronics. relays, and what they do, how to work a multimeter, etc. i have rebuilt and installed engines that were less complex!! and the instructions are very vague, as if they were made for alarm instalation techs. don't get me wrong, it's a good system, with plenty of options. but i would not try this unless you have a good working knowledge of your cars electric systems, or alarm install experience....more info